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The Day The Earth ….Stopped Coming up with New Ideas

Please don’t ruin this classic movie for me by remaking it. What movie, you ask?  The powers that be have decided it would be a wise move to redo The Day The Earth Stood Still.


Ok, so I never really liked TDTESS, but I recognize it as a good classic movie.  Hey, just because I dislike something doesn’t mean it is bad.

Guess who’ve they got playing Klaatu? (He’s the alien.)  Keanu Reeves. That could work, since he’s the master of “non-acting” acting.    He’s hot, he was great in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but his acting is generally wooden and unexciting.

Hollywood already ruined War of the Worlds by reinventing it, they don’t need to wreck this film!



My love of vigilantes is well known. There’s nothing I love to see in comics than a villain getting his comeuppance.

Which brings me to these two fine fellows….



The Punisher

Let’s discuss them. First of all, Frank Castle has a far cooler codename than Bruce. The Punisher. Just saying that name lets you know that he means Business and it becomes abundantly clear that he does not take crap from anyone. He makes sure that these bad guys do not hurt anyone else, either with a bullet or an inventive way of getting the baddies out of the picture. On the minus side of things, he’s sort of dead inside. All that’s really left of him is the killing machine part of what Frank used to be.

Batman….he’s smart, he’s rich, he is more noble than the Punisher. Of course, he wasn’t traumatized by the Vietnam War, but he did lose his family in similiar circumstances. He does charm the ladies, once in a while, but like Frank, he’s almost consumed by his part time job.

I guess the main difference between the two of them is that all of Frank’s attention is focused on vengeance while Bruce is forced to have to relegate vigilantism to a hobby. Which one seems to want his revenge more? Which one wants justice done? I’ll let you draw your own conclusion.

Which one do I prefer? Well, I always do like a good sociopath that is able to punch a polar bear in the face.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to tune out the negative voices in my head that tell me that no one likes me. It gets so hard to keep up the “everything will work out for the best” mentality, even though I want to be more of an uplifting person rather than the curmudgeon that brings everyone around them down./Be careful to not let others see the real you./

/Be quiet and not obnoxious./

/That outfit makes you look fat./

/You weigh 260 lbs. You’re gonna die. Fat. Alone. In a mobile home park./

Ok. That’s enough. I know I’m too hard on myself. I know I vowed to treat myself more gently. I do. Mostly, I am kind to me, but sometimes…

Still, doubts are like cochroaches….a pain in the ass to get rid of.

Time to go get a boomstick and some napalm.  I’ll be back tomorrow.

I’ll be honest.  The lack of comments bugs me.  I began blogging to reach out to other people, and it seems I’m right back where I started–nowheresville.  I know I said not having people comment is fine by me.  I guess I must have lied.  Comments make me feel listened to.  Like my opinion is valid.

Meh.  It’s not my faithful readers’ fault.  I just need to come up with something more comment worthy!

After all, my motto is, ” Never give up and never surrender!”

All I’ve ever wanted to be was loved.

People who throw love aside are fools.

I. Want. To. Be. Loved. 

What do I have to drawn on for writing? I could find any number of issues to write about, such as the number of neglected children in Oregon, or the number of hungry bellies anywhere in the world.

I could write about the downtrodden, because I feel so strongly for them.

So here a few statistics from my great state:

Oregonians in urban areas had slightly higher rates of food insecurity than those living in rural areas: 14.3 percent vs. 11.2 percent, with a hunger rate of 5.2 percent for both.

Oregonians who moved within the boundaries of one county had significantly higher hunger rates than those who made similar moves in other states: 13 percent vs. 5.8 percent.

Oregonians who rent had higher rates of food insecurity and hunger than renters elsewhere: 25.9 percent vs. 19.4 percent food insecurity and 9.6 percent vs. 6.5 hunger.

Blue collar workers – craftspeople, machine operators, farmers, maintenance workers – had higher rates of food insecurity and hunger than those in similar professions around the country: 20 percent vs. 12 percent food insecurity and 6.8 percent vs. 2.9 percent hunger. –Statistics from the Oregon Food bank 2005-2006

Hunger, or malnutrition I’d call it, is fairly prevalent in Oregon. We’re actually one of the worst off states when it comes to food. Factors are many, but the main one is the ever rising cost of housing.

Yeah, I’ve been there. There has been a week or two where all I’ve really had to eat was tuna fish sandwiches, mac’n’cheese, and top ramen. I make a mean spinach and garlic top ramen dish, by the way. The cupboards were barer than one in a nursery rhyme–nary a noodle in sight.

Today? I’m trying to find a way to cook both healthy and cheap. Some days, I do ok. Other days such as “pizza” day, no way. Still, I think I represent the average working poor household when it comes to groceries and culinary offerings. And that is pretty darn sad

No Wonder I Don’t Like Football

Unless you’ve been trapped in some oubliette,  I hope not, there’s a little story floating around about a moronic football player and his dogs. Seems he got his “kicks” pitting his pit bulls against other dogs.

What kind of sick person does that?  Possibly one with an anti-social personality disorder.  I’m not saying he does have a personality disorder.
But he certainly has no sense of empathy for other living beings and from interviews I’ve heard, he is more concerned with his football career than realizing he did a very Bad Thing with those poor animals.

He’s a very Bad Person not just because he engaged in dog fighting, but he obviously lacks that “something” that lets him know when he’s on thin moral ground.  He lacks a conscious.  That makes him a menace to society, because it is proven that killers often start their “career” by killing and torturing animals.  I’m not saying that Vick is going to pull an OJ (allegedly), but the link between animal and human killings can’t be ignored.

I hope that he never goes back to the NFL. 

On OJ Simpson related news….remember how he was going to publish that “If I Did It” book? Well, apparently the Goldman family has the rights to it and THEY are going to release it. Ugh. That is even more sick than OJ wanting to publish the book.  I was with them up until that.  Now, I’m starting to think they are nothing but gold diggers–even if they do give any proceeds to charity. There are better ways to raise money than to pimp out the novel penned by an accused killer. Personally, I believe that book should never see the light of day.

I tender to my readers this question: What kind of family would even want to profit from the death of a loved one? (Hint, not one I’d care to be a member of.)

Sometimes, I feel like I’m a pseudo-intellectual, and not quite up to pondering the heavy philosophical stuff. I expect a lot out of myself when
it comes to constructing thoughts and concepts. There are times when I do not communicate effectively, when I just ‘shut’ down and stammer all over myself.  There are times I doubt if I have any abilities, and there are times when I rage at myself because of the hurt that my thoughtless actions have caused others.

I still have a moderate/severe fear of crowds, l have debilitating panic attacks and still pull out my hair on occasion.   I wake up (this is a rare
occurance now) from nightmares no woman one should have.

Yet, with all my weaknesses, I can turn them into strengths by using them to reach out and relate to others.  Maybe my purpose in life is to share my problems, to let people know they don’t have to “go it” alone.  I’ve been searching for a purpose ever since I can remember, although I remained unaware of it for a long time.

Maybe, if I help others, I will find some peace of mind in return. What does this mean?  I’m not positive.  Perhaps I’ll end up as a nun or a licensed counselor. (I think it’s possible to be both, actually.)  I wouldn’t mind being a mom if the right man came along, but it all depends on which way I’m being directed to.

Professional writers always say, “Write what you know” to aspiring wanna-bes like me.

Oh boy. I could write about the negativity , but I’ve been there and been through that. I’ve even taken a certain pleasure (why did it feel so good to hurt myself so bad?) in picking emotional scabs. I’m done with that. Read the rest of this entry


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.–Gandhi

That is probably one of my favorite quotes, because it is so true. Change begins inside oneself and as change is intregrated fully, it becomes visible to other people. Kindness and positivity attract people like a lodestone. If I feel good, then the people around me will feel good. Read the rest of this entry