Best Simpsons Ever!

Yeah, I got to see the Simpsons movie yesterday. Finally. To my dismay, the movie theater was packed. (Did I mention I don’t like throngs of people?) Noisy boys geeks sitting just behind me, well behaved kids in front of me (Ye Gods, why would anyone let an eight year old watch a PG-13 movie? I love the Simpsons, but I don’t think I’d let any kid in my care watch it. It’s way too sophisticated.)

It was funny. Really funny, intermixed with a important message or two. Gorgeous animation. Homer getting hurt. A lot. Bart—ok, Bart was a little too “exposed” with not enough screen time….but that’s ok. Next movie, more Bart. You hear me, Matt Groening? I want Bart by the barrell full.I think they got away with more antics (i.e bad parenting on the roof) than they would have on the TV show–and I liked it. Yet it had some of the heart that the older shows had–and which I miss. Desperately.

The Simpsons movie was so worth waiting for! I loved it; I thought it was the best movie I’ve seen all summer.


Posted on August 5, 2007, in Film. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. indeed, it is truly a great one, more so than I thought going in.

  2. See, I am ok with not as much Bart. He gets on my nerves. More Homer is what I always want.

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