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Hard Disk Failure Imminent

(This rant brought to by the crappiness of computers nowadays.)

Ok. I’ve had this so called “wonderful” computer for 3 1/2 to 4 months. It should NOT be on the verge of losing the hard drive. I’m not sure if the wiring has gone haywire, or if it is a Vista related issue.

But whatever it is, I am very frustrated and if I had the money to go get another one, I think I’d do it. (I’m currently renting this piece o crapola from Rent a Center. The only nice thing about the situation is, if the CPU goes kaput, THEY have to either fix or replace it.)

I do wish I was rich enough to buy a good one outright. I’d save a ton of money.

Here’s hoping I can post tomorrow.


Yesterday’s odd post brought to you by the power of Percocet. Get all your teeth yanked and receive your bottle today!

Actually, I did write that after I had taken one of those white little pills. I remember thinking myself oh so clever and cute. Then I got my drugged up self to bed. I read my last entry just a few minutes ago and groaned.

Writing and prescription drugs do not mix well with me.

I am better,a week after my “procedure”, thanks for asking. (Though I recommend avoiding a full extraction. It is NOT pleasant.) I can almost eat solid food now. Whoopee!

Work. The Final Frontier

Welcome to the work related voyages of one person, valiantly making her way through endless mountains of razor sharp paper. She dodges her boss, an Admiral in the Federation, who tries in vain to push more work upon this hapless employee…

All the while, this intrepid (yet hapless) traveler tackles learning a new system. All that doesn’t hold a candle to her most feared opponent of all:

The Romulan overlord, Overtimus Dreaditis.

Hopefully, this one woman will triumph over these nemeses….or blow up what’s left of her brain trying……

The Definition of Tough

1 a : strong or firm in texture but flexible and not brittle b : not easily chewed <tough meat>
2 : characterized by severity or uncompromising determination <tough laws> <tough discipline>
3: capable of enduring strain, hardship, or severe labor <tough soldiers>
4 : very hard to influence : <a tough negotiator>
5 : difficult to accomplish, resolve, endure, or deal with <a tough question> <tough luck>
6: stubbornly fought <a tough contest>
7: marked by absence of softness or sentimentality <a tough critic>
[courtesy of Merriam-Webster online Dictionary]

I don’t happen to agree with this list.  Well, with most of them anyhow. I see “tough” as more of a attitude than an ability.

Here’s my (un)-biased list:

10. The Thing

9. Wonder Woman

8. Leonidas (300 by F. Miller)

7. Batman

6. Marv

5. Rogue (She’d be higher except that her power that makes her so strong, makes her vulnerable)

4. Storm

3. Wolverine

2. The Punisher

1. The Hulk. (Sorry. I think he’s unstoppable when he really gets going.)

Graphic Monday…sorta

Comic Books that I would like to see brought to the Big Screen:

  • The Preacher
  • The Walking Dead
  • Captain America

Comic Books that shouldn’t ever be made (whether or not they’re already out there):

  • Fantastic Four
  • Archie
  • Jimmy Olson and Pals

Nick Fury–it depends on who is starring and directing it. Tommy Lee Jones would be an excellent Nick Fury.

I think the comic books that translate best (and do the best in the box office) to the big screen are those that have a relevant message for the here and now. But then, that’s just me.  Comic books can be a powerful tool to portray personal issues (The Crow) and complex social problems (The X-Men), and there has to be enough substance there to be able to fill up the big screen.

 I'm all about substance...and punching polar bears

I hate Dentists.

I’m fine. Pulled through. Except there was a slight change of plans. The dental surgeon thought that the dentures would work without the bone scraping–so they went ahead and extracted all my teeth.Pain. Blood. Panic ensued, even as doped up as I was.

Guess what? The dentures rubbed me raw…I can’t wear them.

I’m calling in sick tomorrow. My face is swollen.

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Homeless Part II

Me: What would you like other people to know about the homeless?

Man 1: Homeless people that have mental disorders can’t help it. It’s not contagious. Sometimes, we fall through the cracks and could use some extra help.

Man 2: Just because someone is currently homeless doesn’t make them lazy.

Lady: If we want to fix homeless, we have to fix our society’s ills. We need to make so many more things affordable: education, housing, medical bills. I think we need to start taking more care of people here in America.


(Fake interviews. Trying to address the issue creatively.)

Me: I’m here in downtown [somewhere out on the West Coast]. We have a problem with hunger and homelessness here and I’m going to ask a few people what caused it.

Me: I’ve got three people here and I’d like to ask them: What led you to this point in your life?

Man 1: I grew up normal but when I was in my late teens, I started hearing voices. I started not knowing reality from what was in my head. I became confused. I ran away and eventually got involved in a mental health outreach program who set me up with some professional help and meds. I couldn’t cope even with medication, because all I was able to do was sleep. And believe me, SSI isn’t enough to live on.

One question I’d like to ask religious folk: Why would a higher power create an unperfect mind?

Man 2: I served in the Gulf war. I loved, still love, my country. But I have problems. I wake up at night, screaming. I remember the men I was ordered to kill. I remember the look in their eyes. They wanted to live, that look was seared into me, but it was either them or me.

It scared my wife so she took the kids and split. She got everything. I’m tough: I’ll survive it. I just worry about my son and daughter growing up without me.

Things got difficult and I turned to booze for comfort. Got sloppy, got fired.

Now, I’m trying to get my life back on track. The Vet’s Admin say they’re going to help me, but we’ll see.

Lady: My husband and I were married and had two children before he was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer. Even with health insurance, we were still 120 thousand in the red. We used every last cent to keep him alive.


He died despite the best efforts of the medical staff and there was a lien put on the house. I had no marketable skills, no way to get a good job, so eventually I lost it.

I’ll be fine. My children and I got a place in a family shelter. They’re going to help me get the job skills I need and they will assist us in getting an apartment. We’ll make it. I know we will.

Life is hectic

Been busy this week.

Going to be ultra busy next week as well.

Here’s my schedule:

  • Learn new system at work
  • Sweat while waiting for dental operation
  • Continue learning new system
  • Sweat some more
  • Take a sedation pill and get zonked
  • Try not to forget about all the stuff I learned

I hope I’ll be able to post more, but we’ll see how I feel.

I hate when life gets in the way of my habits.