Daily Archives: October 4, 2007

My Brain Is Gone

I have no Brain
I think It went down the drain
Or drowned in the Oregon rain
Perhaps it got hit by a train

All I know is that it’s gone
I can’t see it on the lawn
I’m so bored I have to yawn
Can you tell my brain is gone?

I simply want to entertain
With stories of my everyday pain
Nothing pressing me to complain
Everything I write sounds so inane.


Babble On!

Enough of my medically or electronically induced woes! Time to bring on my opinions!

Let’s start with Britney…Ms. Spears if you’re nasty. She has to be a truly horrible mom if she had her kids taken away…even as rich as she is. She’s making K-Fed (what kind of grown man names himself K-Fed? Oh yeah, a hillbilly.) look like a reasonable, caring parent!

I blame it on the fact that her parents pushed her into show biz at such an early age. Normal kids are eager to please, eager for approval and it’s dangerous for their general well being to BE in the entertainment industry. Now, I think kids can be great entertainers and still live a fairly normal life—as long as the parents protect them and do not pressure them to succeed.

Obviously, Britney’s parents let her down and now she’s letting her own kidlets down. I hope she realizes that she’s hurting her boys by hurting herself.

She’s in a sorry state. Maybe having her kids taken away will help her. (Or it could send her further along on that psychiatric downward spiral.) If she doesn’t wake up from this, she’ll probably self medicate until she’s dead.

Don’t get me wrong: I am no fan of her disposable music, I just think she’s a sad woman who needs a little compassion and tough love.

On completely different topic, because thinking about Ms. Spears (Yes, I’m nasty) is making me depressed, I think the eschelon of anti-heroes has a new member: Severus Snape.

I’ve always liked Snape for some reason….I’ve always been pretty good at reading between the lines. I’m good at ferreting out obscure details, good at fleshing out things left unsaid and coming to an accurate conclusion regarding a plot or character. And I’m definitely good at analyzing…though some of my thoughts leave something to be desired.

A word to those who have never read the Harry Potter books, but may want to: Nothing is as it appears.