Daily Archives: October 6, 2007

In the air there is a feeling…of horror.

There are some movies I’m going to see over the next few weeks:

Resident Evil: Extinction (love Milla Jovovich) and Saw IV.

I’m going to see RE tomorrow and Saw IV when it comes out on October 26th. (Sorry, Dustin, for not waiting for you.) Even though I like the Resident Evil series, I must say that I am more intrigued with the Saw franchise–mostly because the antagonist is extremely twisted and the plot is complex and challenging. (More so than a movie about a bunch of zombies anyway.) What makes this movie NOT a slasher flick is that there is somewhat of a “different” motivation: the villain picks his victims and puts them in a trap. Technically, the villain never kills them, they do it themselves trying to escape.

Oh, incidentally, this series is not for the faint of stomach….the gore is employed rather heavily.