Daily Archives: October 9, 2007

A Tale of Two Families

I know of no completely different families than the ones I’m about to relate to you in this post. One is conventional….the other would be condemned by neo-cons everywhere. I guess I’ll do the conventional one first.

Family 1#

My sister and her now deceased husband. It hurts to say this, but what remains of their family is extremely destructive and dysfunctional. My nephew is ok, gets good grades and stays out of trouble. My eighteen year old niece runs wild, sleeps around a lot, and has trouble already with the human papillomavirus. She has stolen a car, done juvie countless times, and does drugs. She doesn’t care about anything it seems. I’ve tried to reach out to her but .. All she has done is lie and steal from me. The girl is extremely manipulative and I don’t particularly care for her.

I know. She’s my own flesh, but I can not stand her.

Her mother, my half-sister, is much the same way. Although she’s less self destructive and has found religion. (Rolls eyes) Maybe it’s true.

My dead brother-in-law always treated me nice, but the drugs he and my sister took, the cheating on her (she cheated on him too) led to his eventual diagnosis of being positive for HIV. She’s HIV positive too.

All I can do is send them my thoughts, though I wish those two women weren’t related to me.

Family 2#

I have a gay co-worker that has just now managed to adopt his partner’s fifteen year old granddaughter. Together, they make a good family–I‘ve seen them. They go to church. They are strict with her. They make sure she gets the best education possible. And guess what? They hate drugs and orgies.

She loves them back. She’s *gasp* not gay or promiscuous. She’s well behaved and respectful. I noticed a WWJD bracelet, so I assumed that she has faith, and seems very well adjusted to life.

She is much healthier in all the ways that count than my hellion niece.

So what makes a family functional? It certainly isn’t one man and one woman, as evidenced by my examples. It isn’t the “gays” that are ruining the institution of marriage; it is the “straights”. It takes more than a license to bind people as a family; it takes love and dedication.