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Just Some Words…

Couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to complain about today, so I just wrote.

It was her silent affirmations that kept her from going completely insane.

I will not lose my temper. I will not let other people dictate my actions by making me angry, she thought and her affirmations became almost a holy mantra in the mornings before she took off for work. Alison had begun to dread the daily grind. Get dressed, eat a halfway healthy meal (if she had time), grab a taxi, arrive at work where she’d put in at least ten hours, then come home and crash.

She hated being a lawyer more and more. Allison had her good days, but those were becoming rare. It wasn’t just the dirty looks she got sometimes when acquaintances found what she did for a living or the annoying jokes she heard from people trying to be witty and sophisticated . It was the pressure. The pressure to win a case and to argue–she preferred to call it debating when she was young and pretentious–had been intoxicating when she was twenty-one. Now, at thirty-five and a successful prosecutor, she realized she was only arguing for a legal system that had flaws in it.

The flaws were sometimes big enough to let someone off the hook. Alison loathed to see perpetrators walk away because of a technicality. She wanted to smash one criminal’s face when he heard the “Not Guilty” verdict at his rape trial. The smirk, that crept under Allison’s skin and settled just under the surface, made her want to neuter him with her briefcase. Alison remembered that his defense attorney alluded to the victim’s history of mental problems, and the jury had bought it.

The look on her client’s [Amada…her name was Amada, her mind cried out] face…the clarity in her eyes shattered after the verdict was read. She left before Alison could reach out to her, lost in the streets of New York, drowned in the humanity, the life of the big city.

Amada committed suicide a week later. Allison supposed her death had helped bring her to this state of mind, but the reasons for her burnout ran deeper than Amada’s suicide. Allison wondered, late at night while she poured over her law books, if she really made a difference or if she were simply just filling a need. Read the rest of this entry


Val’s Advice Column — ‘Bout time

Dear Aunt Val,

What do you think of comic book movies? What about women in comics?  What do you consider to be a “good” and “bad” example?

Rabid Comic Aficionado 

Dear RCA,

I enjoy them.  I adore comic books, even if they exaggerate a woman’s figure more than those self image destroyers over at Mattel do.  They, at their best, make people both laugh and and think.  At worst, they still make people laugh–and are excellent for making us appreciate writers like Garth Ennis.

Comic books are also good time capsules on how the writers at that time saw the world; well, I must amend, in a fashion.  I guess I shouldn’t generalize; for instance, I’m sure that in real life (in the fifties and sixties) not all men treated their wives like Reed Richards did.  But comic books did eventually embrace the changing roles of women from matrimony bound to being independent and strong.  Some comic chicks spring to mind: Rogue, Wonder Woman, even Lois Lane graduated from the lovesick, marriage-mined (run, Supes, RUN) neurotic, scheming chick shrew she used to be.

Ooops…I got off track.   This old battleaxe does ramble a bit.  Sorry.

Good:  Sin City, Spiderman 1&2,  X-Men 1&2, Batman Begins. 

Bad:  Batman and Robin,  Daredevil (bleh!) and Elektra (barfity barf barf).

People might leave me hate comments about this particular movie, but I think Ang Lee’s celluloid devoted version of the Hulk is underrated.  I hated it the first time I saw it, but I watched it again when I was bored…and I admit that I ended up liking it.  I don’t know why. Read the rest of this entry

Reason # 89465 Why Big Boobs Bite

Alternate Title: I Got Big Juggies For This?

Ok. I like to cook. What I don’t like is bending over the stove and having one of the “girls” land on the burner. Pain burst through me for an instant…then it sort of went numb.

(Maybe it’s time to consider a breast reduction?)

I burned a hole through my shirt and damn, my breast is stinging even as I speak type. I’ll probably end up with a weird, half circular scar. I’m just glad I avoided (barely) burning my nipple.  It came [that] close.

Did I ever mention that I’m accident prone?

Twas the Night ‘Fore Christmas

And all through the house was spread good cheer

For I know my fellow bloggers would soon be here.

There was Manuel and Just Sayin’ with his biting wit

Watch out for my cat Tiki or else they’ll get bit

Sonja is sipping a virgin mamosa

While Saunya is waxing verbose-a

Nicole’s disserations on life are quite interesting

and someday I hope to be as accepting

I would add more people but this poem is already pretty lame. Have a Merry Christmas!

Ways to Reduce (MY) Stress

  1. Be financially responsible–cut spending for frivolous items.
  3. Save money for a rainy day–start socking the money away in some hard to get to savings account.
  4. Pay off more than what is owed on credit cards.

This month has been hard and long and extremely tiring for me. (Glad it is almost over!!!) One thing has been burned into me: I need to get rid of my spending habits and be more of a saver. I’ve just been cutting things a little too close…and I need to make sure that I have money in the bank for emergencies and/or taking a vacation.

I think I’ve learned my lesson. I’m ready to take finances seriously to improve my quality of life not only for today, but for tomorrow as well.

Work is keeping me busy, busy. Too busy to think. Gotta put in 13 hours of OT this week….before Sunday so posting might be spotty until then. Sorry!

But Christmas, this year, will be a simple affair with simply watching TV and drinking hot cocoa. No presents. No Christmas tree. No surrounding myself with people that I really don’t like.

Nothing wrong with that.

Just keeping it simple this year.

Imagine This

I have a problem with a particular relaxation technique. The one where you’re supposed to envision yourself someplace nice….say, the beach.

I have no problem with imagining the beach….I just keep adding little details such as a shark’s fin or broken glass or lovers smooching up a storm under a tree. Hermit crabs scurry along the line of the waves and kids are pushing each other into the turquoise water.

The heat sinks into my bones and I melt into my towel while I sip at some girlie fruity alcoholic beverage. The kind that has a little bitty umbrella. I barely hear Alejandro offer to oil up my back but I manage a murmur of assent.

His hands do a wonderful job and I don’t notice the ATV barely stop in front of me, until the sand hit me in the face.

Alejandro jumped up to defend me, his voice deepening with his Castillian Spanish accent. I know this hothead will get killed or something…so I step in…

See? My brain always distracts me from “boring” meditation by invisioning a creative scenario.   Practice makes perfect?

(Here I come, Alejandro…) 


Any lingering doubt with Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker, has been throughly disspelled with this clip —at least for me.   He’s nuts, insane, and totally devoid of humanity.  (Click on the download button.)

That’s just as the Joker should be, though I still love Jack’s version of the villain. 

Morals? I’ve got ’em

I think I’m alive. Really. Sure, I may feel and/or look like a zombie from whatever crappy germ it was that I caught, but hey–I’m back.

Excuse me while I go hack up a part of my lung.

NOW, I’m back and ready to talk. About what…


I honestly see morals as a social issue, not a religious one, though religious beliefs do make an impact on how society deals with moral and ethical issues.

I don’t agree with abortion–although I’m ok with the morning after pill for extreme cases like rape. I took one and I’m glad I did–I would have gone crazy if I’d been forced to carry that misbegotten child. I’m a liberal about many topics, but conservative about this. It is disgusting and dangerous for the woman, no matter how controlled and sterile the enviorment is. It [abortion] can affect her ability to carry a child to term in the future.

But then, taking a look at all the foster children who go without, that disgusts me as well. Sure,people can adopt them, but it takes a special person to adopt an older child who most definitely has emotional difficulties from being abandoned and abused. And with in vitro fertilization, who really wants to take in a genetic unknown? Who wants to deal with a potential sociopath?  **Who are, I believe, the saddest excuses for humans in the world.  My romance with them is over.**

A decreasing number of people, that’s for sure. I personally think that for some couples not being able to give birth is a sign that maybe adoption is the right avenue.

I also think, if I’m going to see life through someone else’s religious perspective for a minute or two, that it is as wrong to artificially create or prolong a life as it is to put an end to it. Why? It all comes down to “force.” It is always wrong to force someone to accept anything that is truly against their will. It is wrong to “force” something into existence that isn’t meant to be.  (Reading assignment: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  Hop to it, folks.)

Anyway, that’s just my opinion.  People are welcome to state their own.