Guys Should Shave (Or Trim) Their Armpits Too

Men, I like ya. Guys are awesome as friends for the most part, not being as catty as most of the members of my gender. I love how you apparently feel more free to really be yourselves. I love how guys want to fix problems and not just be a passive listener. I even love the “earthy” noises they make. (I have noticed some Adonis looking ones that are insecure jerks who are unable to put up with neurotically infatuated fatties, but I digress.)

But you sweeties smell at times–and it’s not necessarily a bad smell, just overwhelmingly strong and primal. It’s not your fault. It’s fault of those powerful hormones that flow through your veins–you know what one I’m talking about. It’s the one that makes men feel invulnerible. (At least until guys hit the big 4-0.) And I’ve also noticed (noticing quirks is something that I do a lot) that there is often…say we say, a jungle under your arms. A jungle that makes me crinkle my nose and want to take a flamethrower to it.

I don’t know why it bothers me it just does. Maybe it’s because of the double standard: guys can get away with arm pit hair but a lady? She’d be accused of being “European” or worse: just plain dirty.

We ladies shave our pits for hygiene reasons; deodorant works much better on hairless skin. We shave, wax and put on creme to get rid as much body hair as possible, to be neat and clean, and to be considered attractive. Why shouldn’t guys at least tame the hair under there? If not for the ladies, at least to be more hygenic?


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  1. HA! Not all men. I don’t smell and that is not my wife being biased. I just don’t really ever get B.O. Armpits, feet, etc…they just smell like skin or my cologne…

  2. for you anything…i’ll shave all areas šŸ˜‰

  3. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been saying this exact same thing for years!!!!! Aside from the odor, why should it be assumed that women want to look at hairy, sweaty armpits? Why is it “gross” when woman have hairy pits, but nary a word is said about a man’s? Why do men pose in magazines with their arms up to purposely expose this aforementioned hair?

    Woman have to shave everything these days to be “presentable”…my secret is I don’t shave anything…I wish that would catch on with women. Of course I get away with it because I never wear shorts or bikinis because I get cold easily and the air conditioning is always on in So Cal.

    So let’s see some equalization here…either women stop shaving their pits and legs or men start (and while they’re at it, they can have their hairy old bear backs shaved as well).

  4. IMHO, shaving armpits is very important. Even in some religions, they encourage the removal of unwanted hair such as armpit hair. Men and women are encouraged to do so. There’s no such thing as ‘you’re gay if you shave’. That’s not the idea of shaving. Shaving the arms can benefit a person in many ways. Removing excessive B.O, neater look, and comfortable.

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