Daily Archives: February 2, 2008

I’ve Had It Up To My Big Fat Head

If people don’t like fat/obese folks, fine. Their loss. If they can’t see beyond the superficial, we have no need of them as friends anyhow.

Sure, we make easy marks. We’re rather hard to miss after all, and most of us don’t want to fight back due to lack of self-esteem. Eating for many of us is a comfort issue. We eat out of boredom, sadness, loneliness, out of insecurity.

And, although some people might believe in tough “love”, yelling at us to put down that bag of Doritos before our cans get any bigger isn’t going to help. I know it’d make me eat more. For spite, if nothing else.

It really makes me see red (although you’d rather I see red than see black. Yes, I’ve been so furious that I just blacked out.) when I see the “thinnies” think of fatties as nothing but cows. Do they realize they are devaluing people? Do they realize they are contributing to the devastation of a PERSON’S self-esteem?

Probably not. Humans are notoriously insensitive to the needs of vulnerable individuals.

Here’s two points when dealing with the fatties in your life.

  • Don’t devalue or humiliate us.
  • Don’t coddle us, either.

I’ve got a suggestion. Instead of telling your plump wife/SO that they’d be better in the sack if they lost 20 or so pounds, a remark like that wouldn’t get you any sack action with me for awhile, play the “concerned for your health” card.

Offer to exercise alongside them, everyone needs to exercise so get off your booty too, with your loved one. Learn to shop and cook healthy.

In other words, don’t be a jerk.  Don’t make me shove my foot so far up your behind that you’ll need to use my toes as teeth.   Fat people deserve to be treated as people. Not cattle.