Daily Archives: February 13, 2008

Five People That Tick Me Off

I’m doing a spin-off of Manuel’s 5 things that tick him off.

What am I calling it? Five People That Tick Me Off. I find that people make me mad more often than situations or things. Why? I guess it’s because I’m a people person. It’s either that or I think that people are supposed to be able to control their behavior, while situations usually are out of a person’s control.

I think I’ll go with a political theme.

Hilary Clinton–She has all the warmth of a glacier.

Whats-his-face Huckabee–Besides, the name (although I would laugh every time I had to say President Huckabee), his conservative views conflict with my pagan (I “like” how pagan is said as a bad word. Please insert rolling eyes here.) soul destroying lifestyle.

President George Bush–The tax rebate? Not something I’ll turn down, but if he really wanted to improve the economy, I think the best thing he could have done was do something about the price of gas. (Or you know, restrict outsourcing jobs to foreign lands.) Gas is the lifeblood of the country and the higher up the price goes, the cost of living rises too.

That tends to make us poor schlubs reluctant/unable to spend our dough.

Next election, 2012, write me in as President. Please? Either me or Bart Simpson.

Bruce Campbell–he’s full of common sense and charming in a rough way. I think the first Americans probably were a lot like him, and not like the current idiots polluting the Potomac now.

I’m mad because he WON’T run for public office…which means he’d get things done.

Let me explain. I have a pet theory; the best people for government won’t run because of an inability to tolerate bs. And we need less bs in Washington DC.

Rush Limbaugh/Michael Moore: I’m lumping these two extremists together. Both are slimy and distort facts. They slink around the truth, sniffing at it, hoping for a chance to turn the “truth” into something that makes them look good.

A pox on their rotten carcasses, I say!