Visualize Personal Peas…I mean Peace

I wonder how one lets peace into one’s life. Maybe I should grab peace by the ear and drag it into my life kicking and screaming!—Randi

I desire peace and tranquility. I think. I’m just worried that a peaceful, non-dramatic life will lead to ennui and intellectual malaise. Part of me craves a non hostile “debate” on a regular basis, gets me all fired up on the inside–almost as if I come fully into bloom, but part of me just wants the quiet.

According to the Buddha, desire leads to suffering. (I can see his point. Maybe that Eliot guy can take a page from the wise Buddha.) So…I guess either way I’m in for a lot of suffering. Maybe I’m a masochist. Or maybe I’m selfish because I want something like peace for myself. However; I believe, that’s the Piscean motto by the way, that peace has to begin with individuals, and because we are all into a mob mentality social creatures, it will spread via the Butterfly effect through the world.

Most spiritual paths teach that being meek and calm is a good thing. (I AM shy, though.) I do aspire to it, but something in me just rebels at the thought of becoming as meek and mild as a church mouse. A pox on that notion, I say! I’ve never been blessed with either of those qualities, as my good-natured feistiness generally gets me into trouble. And if anyone sees me in a calm-like state….that’s not good news. It usually means I’m troubled or tired. Or really mad.

I shall see. (Mwah ha ha!)


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