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Boredom Stagnates The Soul

Life is never boring but some people choose to be bored. The concept of boredom entails an inability to use up present moments in a personally fulfilling way. Boredom is a choice; something you visit upon yourself, and it is another of those self-defeating items that you can eliminate from your life. WAYNE W. DYER

If anyone does a certain thing for five years, in my case blogging, ennui is bound to set in at some point. It’s part of the bad side of human nature and I happen to agree with the quote above: Boredom is something that we choose.  But we can unchoose it!

We choose what we feel and how we look at situations–for the most part. I choose to go to work and not be a slacker—to be a responsible (mostly) person. I choose to remain at home and do my socializing on line. I guess I’ve elected to remain in my rut, chosen not to ‘evolve’ myself. Ouch! That simple truth hurt. Sometimes, self-realizations can be painful—but worth the pain in the end.

I choose to not be bored with life. Or blogging. But it’s time for me to grow into something else, to try new and different things.


“COMMENTS” are back

Disclaimer: The conversation below has been fabricated entirely from my imagination. Do not take any (OK, most) of it seriously.

Democratic Party:  We’d like you to quit your campaign for President, Hilary.

Hilary: But I want to be preeeesident!  I deserve it!  Only I have the solutions that will save our country.

DP: You’re doing us more harm than good by putting up a fight.  I bet McCain is taking advantage of the situation as we speak.

Hilary: I’m not giving up! This fight to be president is for all the little people, the women, the minorities trying to make a decent living in our country.

(a pause)

I’ll take on every single one of ya if I have to!

DP: See, Hilary, that’s kind of why we want you to gracefully bow out. You’re so full of indignant anger, you make us look bad.  You’re starting to make us look like neo-cons.

(end scene)

I don’t have an axe to grind with Mrs. Clinton–it’s just that the country needs someone to unify us…and she’s too…abrasive to get the job done. I think she’d be too busy arguing with Congress to actually “get” things done.

She’s a competent politician except for that, though.  Her “passion” is an admirable trait.  It’s just not suitable for the political arena.

I’ve also decided to reactive comments.  The spammers still spam….on my older post. I HATE spam! But, oh well, what can I do?

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I have decided to remove comments from my blog, not out of any sort pique over comments themselves…but I have got a lot of spammy ones in my dashboard filter…and I don’t want to deal with them anymore.

Sorry. Here’s my email addy: Feel free to send me a line, but don’t forget to put something in the subject line, or I might delete ya.

I guess I’ve also been putting pressure on myself to write “comment” worthy post. Maybe I’m an attention hog. Maybe I write for all the wrong reasons. Maybe I’m just stressed out too much at work to put more effort in on my posts.

But all I know is that I gotta keep on. I have to be persistant, not be a wuss. Just take it a day at a time.

It’s hard to wait for life to get better, though


5 (Only 5?!?) Things that Tick Me Off

5) Homeless people don’t bother ask me for “change”.  I don’t know if there is a particular “air” of poverty I give off, but they don’t ask me…they ask the guy behind me.  Granted, I don’t carry cash in the city, but somehow I feel affronted that they ignore me.

I would give a little if I could, though.  I believe it a moral imperative to help the poor and it always strikes me right here when I see people living on the street.  (Those that really do look like they live on the street, that is.)

4) Hilary Clinton.  She’s hard. She’s fake. She’s already had her 2 terms as prez.

3) Gas prices.  People are going to start a revolution if the price continues to rise.  Good.  We need one.  I don’t how many people are aware that we practically live in a feudal state…with the corporations taking the place of the old barons.  It’s time we shake things up.

2) I’m tired of all the overtime.  I’ve been doing it since before November, and to be honest, on a fairly consistent basis when I first joined up with the unit. And that’s going on 3 years.

1)**Some** bicyclists tend to think they can go everywhere…sidewalks, going the wrong way on a one way street, weaving in and out of MOVING traffic.

I, as a walker, hate it when bikes are on the sidewalks. I think bikes should be on the road, with the other non-pedestrian friendly vehicles.  They should have to obey traffic laws like everyone else. 


I Wish I Knew How To Quit You!

Unless you’ve watched Brokeback Mountain, you won’t know what I’m talking about.  But you can enjoy the picture below!

Gotta Have Faith? OR This is not a George Michael Song

Have faith.

Easier said than done.  These two words tick me off, depending on how they are said–usually condescendingly, by the way. Another fashion in which it is used is by people who rely on their belief to see them through problems.  I’m not belittling that kind of optimism; I just want to make people aware that it also takes hard work to overcome challenges.  Not just hoping it will “just” go bye-bye.

Have faith.

Is trust a foundation for faith? Or is it vice versa?  How important is having faith?  Is faith supposed to be given blindly? Read the rest of this entry

This is actually my childhood home. I miss it. I loved the house when I was growing up. It offered security and shelter. It offered a modified sense of family. I guess I felt loved when I lived there–when I wasn’t railing at either myself or my step-mother. Or at the crappiness of society in general.

I can’t tell you how much time I spent in my bedroom, writing and doing other anti-social activities until my step mom told me to get my butt outside and do some gardening for her. (Bleh) Or scrub down the shower with some toxic stuff that made my eyes water up. Or just get some fresh air.

I digress.

I wish I could buy it and make it mine again. I wonder if I would feel as safe and loved if I had the house again.

There is a local paper that is looking for writers to work for them. I would say they are searching for “journalists”, but it’s a small, conservative, somewhat biased town. Journalists implies a sort of neutrality, or at least is supposed to, and I doubt the paper wants that.
Still, I’m thinking I want to apply for the job. It’s part-time, and for less pay, so maybe I can work my Blue Cross job too.

What I’d need:

  • Ability to write.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Love to work with people.

That last is true….when people aren’t being primitive screwheads. Hmmm. I’ll have to consider it.

My Hero!

 (Sorry, had to work Bruce into this post somehow.)


I know. I’ve been gone. Why?

No electricity. It got cut off on Tuesday for non-payment.

It’s time I start thinking about a new roommate or a new place to live.  I’m still mad about the whole situation, and I’m trying to not make a decision hastily.  It’s just not as simple as kicking someone out.  There are bills I’d need to find money for.  There would be loneliness.  There would be a destroyed friendship.

Life’s decisions aren’t easy sometimes.