200TH Post Spectacular!

Actually, this is my 1000+ post in my entire blogging career, but my 200th here at WordPress. My mind is going in 300 directions at once, so strap yourself in and feel the G’s!

Some Thoughts and Observations:

~The oil companies are gleefully pillaging our wallets. It has occurred to me that we are indeed living in a feudal state, with the corporations taking the place of the lords and barons of old. And you can guess who the serfs are. Us. Anyway, the oil companies know that Bush (an oilman himself, surprise, surprise) is on the way out and they also know their days as an energy source are numbered.

Even Saudi Arabia says current oil prices are unjustified.

I say that we, or as many Americans that can do it, boycott the oil companies for a week. Find alternate transportation. Take a bike. Carpool. (Yeah, I know Europe has worse gas prices, but that continent has a better mass transit system set up.)

Most importantly, let’s get our cars off gas. It’s bad for the environment and bad for the checkbook.

~Credit cards are inherently EVIL.

~Dreams are messages that the subconscious tries to send. Whether it be a warning, or just some silly message, it’s fun to try to decipher them.

~It continuously amazes me that people assume that if you like an artist’s product, you must also like the artist. I may be weird in this, but I can detach my appreciation for art–or other products–from the person that does it.

Mozart would be a good example. And Mozart—although he wasn’t exactly mean, he displayed an astonishing immaturity despite his musical genius. He loved a good fart and/or sex joke. There are theories of some bodily chemical imbalance that he could have suffered from. I’m inclined to admit the possibility. Anything is possible

Unfortunately, as he grew older, job opportunities were far and few between, and he eventually died and destitute. His talent and life wasted and gone too soon. His body was tossed in a pauper’s (read: mass) grave. His end makes me both mad and melancholy about the futility of life.

I’m rambling. My point is that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an artiste whose music I love and adore, even if I think his personality left something to be desired.

What say you? (Not a rhetorical question, btw.) 🙂


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  1. i don’t like classical music.

  2. i liked your post though.

  3. I remember reading that F. Murray Abraham had trouble getting job offers because “he killed Mozart”. I also remember him as the worst “Star Trek” villain ever, in that movie where the stretched his skin. He was the worst, until the lame “Dr Evil” clone appeared in the next movie. That was much worse.

    About oil, I read that the oil companies only make a few percent on a gallon. As prices soar, the actual profit amount goes up, of course. But I don’t understand enough to know who is making the lion’s share of the money from this increase. Speculators?

  4. I love credit cards. They allow me to never have to carry cash. I hate getting that big bill at the end of the month, but we pay it off completely every month and have never pd interest on anything. It is convenient for us.

  5. Regarding the composer (Salieri) that F. Murray Abraham played…there WAS a rumor that he had poisoned Mozart. He lived the rest of his life in ruins…his career destroyed and he had some nervous breakdowns.

    Somehow I doubt he killed Mozart. Mozart’s bad health killed Mozart.

    I don’t like much classical music; most of it too boring and pretentious sounding for me. But Mozart…his music is simply beautiful.

    I guess credit cards can be useful, but they are too easy to abuse.

  6. I told my dad on Father’s Day that I thought the cost of gas is a good thing for the planet, and he said “Oh, you’re one of THOSE”, and called me a treehugger. I guess I should have known better to think a neocon could be evolved enough to understand the concepts of sustainability, saving the planet, and economics.

  7. P.S. Fart jokes?? Bring ’em on…

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