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Simpsons Sunday–There’s No Disgrace Like Home

Season 1 Episode 4

Synopsis: Due to how his family acts at his company picnic,Homer comes to the conclusion that his dysfunctional family needs intensive counseling. Hilarious results follow.

My thoughts: One of the few times, Homer is more responsible and aware than Marge—who gets drunk at the picnic. He actually tries to get the family to conform to traditional standards, after seeing a supposedly “perfect” (Not the Flanders) family at the company event.

Ironically, viewers see the “perfect” family looking upset while in the doctor’s office, when the Simpsons’ stroll past on their way to the appointment.

Favorite Quote: Homer: Be normal, be normal!

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I have discovered a love for taking snapshots of movies…and putting quasi funny quotes in the stills. Behold, my lamest masterpiece.

My Hero!

The Reason For: Feeling Morbid

Yeah, I know I said I was going to be light-hearted, but I was thinking about my grandfather and uncle.

And how much I missed my grandfather, his smile, the way he ruffled my hair….I never did get to know my uncle much.  My uncle kept pretty much to himself (must be a family trait because many of my clan does the same thing).

They died a day apart, my granddad due to complications of diabetes and my uncle died of advanced lung cancer. Even though my family expected my uncle to pass on, it still was a shock. My dad said that it was almost like Terry (my uncle) waited until my grandfather died, so that he could go.

My family buried my uncle’s ashes with my grandfather.

Feeling Morbid, Feeling Blue.

At the end of the day, what would I inspire others to say?

Would anyone care?

What will I leave behind to share?

Will I be missed?

Will I be forgotten?

Will anyone want to laugh in my memory?

Would I just leave others as empty as the husk I left behind?

Or would my final gift enrich and bless and ease the grief caused?

What will be my legacy?


It has occurred to me that perhaps I’m a little too forceful with my political beliefs. Perhaps I’m redundant, stating the obvious.

Maybe I should just relax and enjoy my blog. Ya know, fill it up with nonsense and fun stuff–like picking apart comic books. Heck, maybe even start posting stories again. I guess I don’t want to really become a published author–would make writing seem like work–and I live to not work. [Insert laugh track here.] I guess I don’t mind distributing my work for free…

One of the lessons that I’ve learned in the past week is to have fun while the getting is good.

And not to act like an idiot when a handsome gent is around. Or not to go into a store with the seat of my pants torn…not that I knew at the time of course.

Be back tomorrow! Live and love life!

Simpsons Sunday—Homer’s Odyssey

Season 1, Episode 3
(Yes, it’s that time again. Time to dread going back to work!)

Synopsis: After acting like a dunderhead when Bart goes on a school tour of the plant, Homer gets fired. He, submersed in despression, searches for meaning to his life–and finds it as a crusader for safety.

My thoughts: I find it ironic that an incompetent klutz, who would go on to cause serious accidents, get hurt almost every episode—would stand up for safety. Of course, this is still the first season and character quirks are being worked out. I also find it touching, that although the family squabbles a lot, they come together when it counts. Usually when Homer is fired.



Also, it’s odd to know that Mr. Smithers was originally black. I don’t know why the producers of the series decided to make him white.

Favorite Quote: Homer: Beer. Now there’s a temporary solution.

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Bonus Trivia: First appearance of Blinky, the three eyed fish.

WoW—Epic Death

Jurassic Park is scary in the dark!

Jurassic Park is scary in the dark!

I took that screenshot just before my character became a Scooby snack for the Devilsaur.  It truly was an epic death.

Just Be

Be the change you wish to see in the world–Gandhi.

I believe I’ve posted this quote before. I’ve always liked the quote but now that I have had time to contemplate and analyze it, I’m not sure I do anymore. Yeah, I do tend to think ideas to a pulp.

There are too many people that want to be the change they see in the world. That is to say, there are too many different “factions” of humankind that want to mold the earth in their image.

Religious folk want everyone under their particular banner, believing and acting as their beliefs dictate. Countries are lining up to be the next Superpower, so they may take over influence the world. PUSHY, militaristic feminists that say men aree bad and inferior. PUSHY gay and lesbians who deliberately force their opinions on others, or try to “recruit”. Ninety-nine point five percent of GL do not wish to foist their lifestyle off on the impressionable and vulnerable…but there are some that do.

Too many people want too much change–in their favor, to deny rights to those that are different or poorer, to try to make others conform. From my experience, coerced anything is not worth squat. In my kinder moments, I almost believe that abrasive people who use their [insert political or faith platform] point of view, truly want to help people. But then, a sneaking suspicion that they are loud-mouth bullies jabs me in my mental gut and back to reality.

I’ve got a better quote: Be part of the change that saves the world, put aside differences and just work on issues that matter.

Best of…. My Brain IS Gone

Work has taken its toll on my central processing unit, otherwise known as my mind.   Enjoy the ‘Best Of”‘

I have no Brain
I think It went down the drain
Or drowned in the Oregon rain
Perhaps it got hit by a train

All I know is that it’s gone
I can’t see it on the lawn
I’m so bored I have to yawn
Can you tell my brain is gone?

I simply want to entertain
With stories of my everyday pain
Nothing pressing me to complain
Everything I write sounds so inane.

No man has the right to call a woman a “stupid b**ch.”, if she made an honest mistake. There is no reason for such name calling. I heard some man yell that at a lady who went the wrong way into a parking structure. It was obvious that she didn’t know what she was doing. He should have cut her some slack.

I’m tired of seeing men treat women with disrespect. At best, they treat ladies like one of the guys. Maybe it’s just me, but I long for a man to address me like a lady. To stand up when I enter a room, to open the door for me, to be polite….. I guess I want a fantasy. Or a man that has long since been extinct.

Anyway, manners aren’t just for the sake of politeness; they are for survival as well. We need good manners. Good manners help oil the wheels of society and help us to all get along.

I’m rambling because I’m beat. I’ll try to post tomorrow…