Bad Popular Books and/or Authors

I am a professed and convicted bibliophile, sentencing my mind to forever reading both good and crudtacular novels. I love books. I love good books. I even love good bad books I love learn from truly horrifically written novels.

Like: V.C Andrews. Her first two series, anyway. (The NUMEROUS series written by her ghostwriter are dull and duller. No incest or anything intriguing like that. Please, Gentle Reader, sense the sarcasm in the last sentence.) She cranked out the Dollanganger and Casteel series before she, unfortunately, passed away from cancer. They are rather poorly constructed, and of rather dubious worth in the literature world. Well, other than as an example on awful yet interesting writing.

Yet….there is something compelling about those two series; I think it’s called “morbid fascination.” Like a wreck, it’s hard to look away. I, am sad to say, love reading them. I am not lying when I say they are a good example of poor literature. I guess they give me hope that I, too, can be published and become a much beloved author.

And, off the record, I think V.C Andrews had some serious issues she needed to address with a licensed counselor. She was FAR too interested in half-uncle liasions for my comfort.

Anne McCaffrey/Todd McCaffrey:. I think the Pern (a sci-fi series that features genetically engineered dragons fighting space debris that consumes anything organic. Whew! What a mouthful.) novels were great fun. In the beginning. Before she let her fans bug her for more! More! MORRRE! And before she let her kid come on board as a co-pilot.


Not that he’s a bad writer, but I have the idea that writers need to come up with their own ideas, characters, and worlds. His writing doesn’t quite….fit and it shows. Note to popular authors: Make your wanna-be writer offspring come up with something original! Oh, and my words of wisdom also applies to you also, Brian Herbert. Stop plundering your father’s (Frank Herbert, author of my beloved original Dune books) legacy. Ok? Thanks! Bye!

Thomas Harris. The Silence of the Lambs is probably one of the best fictional crime novels with the most unforgettable and chilling character ever to grace both the printed page and big screen–Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

But, with subsequent novels about the homicidial Lecter, Mr. Harris seemed to be so fascinated with his own creation, he forgot to keep in mind several things.

  • When to let go of his character.
  • Too much development can be a bad thing.

I was happier not knowing where Hannibal Lecter came from, thank you very much.

What say you?


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  1. I worked in a bookstore as the V C Andrews came out, and sold a zillion to teen girls. I was never tempted to read them.

  2. Never did a VC Andrews book. Actually, never read the Lector book either, just read them.

  3. But maybe if they did a book of Hannibal vs Freddie vs Jason vs Alien vs Joker vs Predator vs KISS….

  4. Hmmmmmm……OK…. I’m there!

  5. Terry Green

    I went to a book signing for J.L. Bourne (Day by Day Armageddon). Standing in line it was finally my turn to get my newly purchased book signed. I hand the book to this guy and tell him my name and he looks at me and asks why someone my age would want the book signed. I am fourty years old. I replied that I just bought it and would like it signed by the author. This jerk then proceeds to tell me I am being rude and I should respect his rank. At this point I was quite angry that I was being attacked by an asshole in a book store. My final words to him were that I don’t care what rank you hold in the Navy, I am a civilian and I will make sure to tell everyone what an asshole you really are. I then retuned the book and left. The sad thing is the manager of the book store stopped me on the way out and explained that she was made aware that J.L. Bourne acts like this by his agent before arriving. All I can say is I hope the guy dies a painful and slow death.

    Terry Green

  6. Jenna Kandyce Linch is a horrible author she writes horrible books and should learn how to write

  7. jenna kandyce linch is not the best writer in the world, but her writing isn’t for everyone. I work with her, and like everyone else at work, I thought she was weird until I got to know her. Her writing was just her way to express the feelings she was FORCED to keep bottled up her whole childhood. I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but knowing someone’s reasoning or real life story sometimes helps things make sense. I can’t tell you why she got her writings published, but her writings are what helped her make her past her past!

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