What is Your Favorite Zombie Movie?

That is, out of the ones on the poll.  I’m sure there are some great ones I haven’t seen yet, so feel free to put the suggestions in the comments.  Also, due to me not wanting a huge long poll, I’m only putting the first movie out of a series up.

Oh and here’s a little zombie propoganda for you!


Posted on October 26, 2008, in Zombies. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. This is a tough one, but it’s gotta be Night. And then Shaun, cause it’s so damn funny. Another good one is a movie called Fido. Watch it, it’s funny and scary, and reminds me of your little zombie propaganda film you attached to the post. It’s a great Zombie satire set in a 1950’s esque world starring Carrie Ann Moss and Billy Connely.

  2. oh yes, zombie movies, good for the soul

  3. I Walked With a Zombie. Isn’t that the daddy of all Zombie movies. And what being a zombie is really all about.

  4. “Pirates of the Caribbean 3”, because Keith Richards was in it.

  5. Really, I’ve not seen any regular zombie movie, that I can think of. I have kind of wanted to see “The Serpent and the Rainbow” over the years but I haven’t. It is based on a book that I read that is an example of a very rare thing: a zombie nonfiction book.

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