Daily Archives: November 5, 2008

Oh, blog! How I missed ye.

I’ve been busy. Writing for an RPG group, researching, reading, playing WoW, playing XBox, hanging out with lonely friends, commuting to and from work…I am now back! You may all cower and hide in fear, I am here! It is remarkably easy to fall out of the blogging habit, too easy to think of something else that needs to be done. I’m afraid that’s what happened to me. I got way laid by all my hobbies. All my solitary hobbies.

Today, the 4th, is a historic day, no matter who wins. (Please not McCain. PLEASE! Especially not with that airhead as his VP.) I can’t quite shake the feeling the Republicans will do whatever they need to do to get the Presidency—include whining to the Supreme Court if they lose.

I personally will stay away from the drama until tomorrow…my little heart can’t stand it! I do know that if Obama loses—he might, let’s face it—that I will never vote again. (Or start voting Republican so they start losing!)