Daily Archives: November 14, 2008

Fare Thee Well

Another blog has bit the dust. This time, it’s my long time blog friend, Manuel. I’m sad because he’s been my on-line friend for a long time. I mean a LONG time. He was one of the very first people I added to my blogroll.  He has always been a really cool blogger, sweet and personable.

I’m going to miss him. I’m going to miss his writing and his thoughts on movies. He shares the same love for X-men and video games as I do. His quitting almost seems like the ending of an era, to be honest. The end of the blogging era for him. We’ll see what blogging has in store for me. I’m not quite ready to quit, though I have been tempted.

He says he’s tired, and I can understand that. I feel the same way at times, it gets so hard to hang onto blogging. It gets so….hard to come up with new and interesting topics, without falling into the realm of redundancy and stagnation.

I’m gonna miss you, Manuel. Gonna miss you alot.