Odds and ends…

This isn’t going to apply to Facebook, but I’ve linked my blog to Facebook so that it updates Facebook with my latest blog post. I am cleaning out all the old links that have not been active in months and are unlikely to return. They will always be welcomed back, of course, if they become active again. If any legitimate blogger wants me to link to them, let me know.

(It’s a good thing you returned today, Manuel. I was about to dump your link.)

In real life news…

Mom is sick, she sleeps 20 hours a day and doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t cook, clean….NOTHING. She knows what’s wrong but won’t tell anyone.

I have to say, and this may sound harsh, but that is an entirely selfish thing to do. I love my mother, but it is selfish. If she wants us all to BE family, she needs to let us know what’s going on. Even my Dad doesn’t know. I realize she doesn’t want us to worry, but how can we help if we don’t know?  It is really frustrating.

Her mom did the same thing when she was diagnosed with cancer; she shut everyone out and my mother was devastated. My mother found out she had cancer only after she died from it.

Thanks for continuing the cycle, Mother.


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