News Unworthy

I know. None of my posts this week have actually been comment worthy. Why? I’ve just been tuning out the news—which is often a source of blogging material for me–it has been just so damn depressing lately.

Sometimes, I think the news is bad for the economy—news anchors joyfully bleating (I swear I can see glee in some of those morons’ faces)  out phrases like, “GM has just laid off God Knows How Many Workers!” Or, “Some local businesses in your area are calling it quits. Find out at five!”

Which, in turn, creates a panic. Especially for those employees hired by those companies.

Plus, I hate hearing stories like the violence in Mumbai or those idiots on Black Friday.

The news is just tends to be so full of negativity, that it is best for me to stay away from the papers and CNN and Fox, until I’ve regained my emotional equilibrium again.


Posted on November 29, 2008, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. good plan… just pound the keyboard for a while, polish off a story… nothing we can do about world stupidities anyway

  2. Reminds me of these lyrics:

    “We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who
    Comes on at five
    She can tell you bout the plane crash with a gleam
    In her eye
    Its interesting when people die-
    Give us dirty laundry”

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