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Thank you to all the veterans that have kept our freedom ours!

Thanks for your service, veterans. Thanks a lot. I will always appreciate your many sacrifices.

To my great grand uncle, I’m sorry you lost your life at 19, during the Pearl Harbor attacks. Thank you for serving.

To all the vets in the Middle East, I will keep good thoughts in my heart for you. I’ll pray that you come home safely to your family and country.


Halo Conversations

~Boom!~ Sorry! I tossed a grenade. Why are you looking at me like that? You didn’t DIE…

OOH! Let ME have the rocket launcher!

Eat grenade, alien scum!

I love snipering someone with a rocket launcher.

Don’t get your metallic undies in a knot!

Help! HELLLP!!


I love Halo on the regular Xbox, particularily the co-operative play. Though the option to go blow up your friends, or in my case, friend, is fun also. (Too poor to afford the 360. I suck. I know. I blame it on the economy!)

Normally, I don’t really like first person shooters, but Halo is different. It lets me kick butt and take names after! Hmmm. I think I need to play some more Halo tonight, in honor of Veteran’s Day. Nothing honors our veterans more than blowing up invading alien scumbags, right?

(I also might play The Punisher, to further honor their memory.)

Don’t Worry

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” Charles Schultz

Don’t fret. Just live in the moment. Don’t worry about germs (the more you disinfect, the stronger they get), don’t worry about the politics of our country. Economy? Pfft! Who cares?

What will be, will be.

Let go. Breathe. Don’t think too hard. Breathe! Love life. Love simplicity. Unclutter your mind.

X-Men Movie! Redux

In my finite wisdom, I have taken it upon myself to recast the X-men Movie. I want a total reboot. I want it truer to the comic books, and I don’t want the characters to be watery versions of their comic booky selves.

Cast List: X-Men (Blue Team)

Jessica Biel=Rogue
Norman Reedus=Gambit
Paul Walker = Angel (Get him some acting lessons, first)
Angelina Jolie= Psylocke. The English version

Gold Team

Laura Prepon (That 70’s Show)=Jean Grey
Djimon Hounsou= Bishop

John Barrowman= Scott Summers

Bad Guys:

Tobin Bell = Mr. Sinister

James Earl Jones as the voice of Apocolypse.

Special Appearances:

Robert Patrick=Cable (Nathan Summers)
Kenneth Branaugh=Banshee

I have this vision of a planned trilogy. The first movie will set things up and introduce the characters, exploring the “Blue” team in depth (and the X-men universe) as well as bring in the villians, the second movie will focus on the “Gold” team (both will be happening at once), the third will bring the teams together.

Or maybe I’m just dumb.

The importance of a president is not limited to his ability to govern. His importance is also the example he sets both to our country and the world, because the rest of the world judges us on our elected officials, especially the President. He is a symbol of hope and prosperity, a sign of better things to come. He is our leader that we want to believe in. We want to believe that he would never lie to us or mislead us into a war not of our choosing.

A president has to have many different skill sets at once: he has to have a firm grasp on the basics of economics, diplomacy, foreign/domestic policy and compassion. He is a PR man yet he should have integrity. (How many PR people do you know that are honest?) He has to have wisdom to support bills that are fair and balanced. He should understand that the church and state are to be kept seperate and needs not to let his personal beliefs dictate how everyone will live.

What a President can’t (and shouldn’t, even if it were possible) do is save us by himself. It’s still going to take everyone working together, putting aside bi-partisan politics to make this country strong again.

Oh, blog! How I missed ye.

I’ve been busy. Writing for an RPG group, researching, reading, playing WoW, playing XBox, hanging out with lonely friends, commuting to and from work…I am now back! You may all cower and hide in fear, I am here! It is remarkably easy to fall out of the blogging habit, too easy to think of something else that needs to be done. I’m afraid that’s what happened to me. I got way laid by all my hobbies. All my solitary hobbies.

Today, the 4th, is a historic day, no matter who wins. (Please not McCain. PLEASE! Especially not with that airhead as his VP.) I can’t quite shake the feeling the Republicans will do whatever they need to do to get the Presidency—include whining to the Supreme Court if they lose.

I personally will stay away from the drama until tomorrow…my little heart can’t stand it! I do know that if Obama loses—he might, let’s face it—that I will never vote again. (Or start voting Republican so they start losing!)


Go vote! It’s important.  Even the writers of the Simpsons’ think so.

And don’t you forget your propositions!

Happy Halloween!

Sorry I haven’t been around lately, but I plan on posting tomorrow! Been biz-ay!