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Our lives aren’t our own. We share a piece of it with whomever we let into our lives. And we share a part of other people’s lives.So what we do with our lives, doesn’t impact only us, but also the people that we care about. Big suprise, I know. But I was sitting at work thinking whilst I type….and I was hit with that epiphany. A great, life-altering truth, for those of you not in the know.

Our lives aren’t our own. I’ll keep that in mind the next time I do a selfish thing.

I want to:
Be calm *ha!*
Be sweet
Be humble.
Be a good reflection on my loved ones.


Thought For the Day

Just because you can take advantage of someone’s laziness and greed, doesn’t mean you should. –Me.

I think I’ll send this as a memo to D.C, to Wall Street, to the Big Three, to all the mortgage companies that gave out all those sub-prime loans…

Greed will be the death of all of us.

Shake Up

I don’t have anything to say.  Nothing I haven’t said an hundred times before.

I’m beginning to sound redundant. Oh, not that I’ve run out of things to gripe about: the snow, economy, friends, intolerance to religion…what have you. It’s just all been done before. I feel as if I’m just running in a blogging hamster wheel, churning the same notions that a million bloggers have done before me.

Ok, now I’m whining and I don’t mean to.

I’m just trying to find a purpose to blog. I could give into what’s calling me and become a Catholic, turning this into a religious blog…but I won’t give up on my interests. (I am fully aware that there is a Higher Power. I should say, that there is one.) Comics, Simpsons, WoW and writing fan fiction. Oh, and rock ‘n’ roll.

(I’m also fully aware that one doesn’t just BECOME a Catholic, it’s a long process involving much reflection and study.)

I could blog about the problems going on in the world, but that gets me depressed.

I know that I’ve dropped Simpson Sunday (because our houseguest HATES that show.) and I do intend to get around to it….as soon as he finds a place. Maybe Aunt Val needs to make an appearance.

But all I know for certain is that this apathy means I need to make a shake up!

Merry Christmas!



Leave me alone. You are a user. A manipulator. I am tired of it. Just stop using people. We are not a renewable resource.

I don’t like you anymore. There. My secret is out.

Go away.

Just go away.

The reason why Saun and I are on the computer so much? It’s to avoid YOU. WoW is such a good distraction from your soul sucking depression.

Do something with your life. Find something MEANINGFUL with it. Stop pissing away all your chances. But some intuition tells me you already have.

Stop lying. Stop playing on my sympathies because I am fed up with it. I am fresh out of compassion and full up on assertiveness. Oh, what you do feel is so shallow, so superficial, that one good poke can reveal your lack of boundaries… of knowing where to stop or where to start.

One good point that I make when we argue, you don’t bother to defend. You turn it an argument about how I am so anti-social, I don’t have a life. You twist and turn to make it all sound like my fault.

I refuse to play those mind games any more. I don’t care anymore to fight or discuss. I don’t have the energy or desire to carry on.

We’ve done so much for you. We let you stay two weeks, then it turned into a month, now it’s been over two months.

It’s got to end.

We have no more money to support you.

I know. More snow issues. But we have over a foot of it and I’m quite concerned about flooding–especially with us living so near a creek.

Yes. Good times lay ahead for the [Insert Last Name Here] Ponderosa.

It sure is pretty out but cold as Pluto. It almost looks like Alaska: I guess the polar bears can move down here.

What is running through my mind? News. Depressing. People are getting shot. Bones of children are being discovered.

Hmmm. Speaking of bones of children…they finally found Caylee’s bones. I am sure her mother is responsible. One doesn’t report a child missing a month later..without having some part to play in the disappearence.

Here’s how any real mother would act: the second the child disappear, she would not stop until she got her baby back. There would be real terror in her actions, not some “Oh no. My child is gone. She’s been gone a month. Do you suppose I should call the police?”

Someone lock her up in jail now, and throw away the key. If she had any home movies, they should play them in a continous loop for the rest of that mother’s life. Death even by execution is too good for a mother who betrays the ultimate trust that was given to her.

Oh, if anyone leaves a comment, it had better damn well be respectful. This blog is not a democracy. It is written by someone who does not tolerate disrespect. AT ALL.

And besides, I don’t give a damn if I am a fatty. Try using words that really sting next time.

That’s right. I don’t tolerate insulting comments. T. S for you, then.

Also, it’s RANDI not Randy.

Let It Snow

It is snowing so hard up here in ….where I live. We’ve actually been snowed in and told to stay home. It’s so bad even churches have been closed. We have at least seven inches of snow. At LEAST.


Thank goodness that I am vacation this week. I plan on staying home. But my parents (I know. They drive me crazy but I miss ’em.) probably won’t make it down for Christmas.


No Christmas for me. But it will be white around here for awhile.

And I promise I’ll put more…though provoking posts on here. I’ve just felt kind of brain-dead as of late.

Pretty Fly For A Draenei


This is my Draenei shaman, Cerunna.  I’m actually liking her.  She’s not as wimpy as a priest, and packs a punch.

The Symbolism Of Superheroes….And A Correction

First order of business…the correction.


[EDIT: Yesterday’s post made it sound like I did the video. Ooops! It should have said : Yeah. It made me cry. I know. Silly. But it did. Made me cry hard. One teeny little letter can make such a difference. ]

Now, onto the symbolism that I put on superheroes.

Captain America represents what we want America to be; strong, giving, generous but a warrior underneath it all. When he was killed off, it was a definite political statement on where Marvel thought the country was heading. (C’mon, comic book geeks, you know I’m right.)

On the opposite side of the same coin, we have The Punisher. I see him as a symbol of how war leeches humanity away, turning people into shells of themselves. In the MAX version, the Punisher is portrayed as someone who is relentless in his war against the mafia, and we see the cost; He is a lost soul. Lonely. Forever.

The X-Men stand for anyone who feels as if they had been cast out of society. Minorities…the socially unacceptable (like me)…just about anyone can find some character to identify with. From the ever popular Rogue to the stoic leader, Cyclops.

Sorry. I don’t know enough about DC characters. But I like Wonder Woman…

We like superheroes. They represent the best we can be. (Ok, not the Punisher. Unless your thing is polar bear punching.) They represent the nobility that is in but a few of us.

Saddest WoW Video Ever

Yeah. I made me cry. I know. Silly. But it did. Made me cry hard.