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A New Day

My “news” has been too heavy lately.+ I need to focus on more light-hearted posts for like, say, the next year.

OK, so that isn’t going to happen, as I am (a self labeled I have to add here) a cautious optimist. I prefer to be more positive, but I won’t be surprised if the worst should happen.

Hope for the best, expect the worst is my motto. That way, I’m never take off guard. I know that’s a rather wimpy way to live, but I’ve always been on the wary side, even as a kid. (Except when running and falling down a steep, rocky hill or climbing into the barrel of a dissected washing machine. And then plunging into the neighborhood swamp in said improvised vehicle. Good times.)

So I will make more of an effort to post and post light entries. We’ll see how it goes.

(ruffles around looking for light news. Tosses out articles announcing more layoffs ahead for ’09 and how we’re all going to die, die, DIIIIIIIIEEEEEE. Honestly, people can be so negative.)

Ahh. Here is it. I just read a news article that went like this: Football Bad for the Brain. Ya think? Really? 250 lbs plus men running at each other? Bad for the brain? Nyah. Well, watching it can be bad for the mind, so maybe the journalist has made a point. 😀

Just teasing. Maybe.

+Sidenote: I feel so much better, like a tremendous load has been lifted off my cerebellum. I swear, that friend of mine must be a psychic vampire or something, because I am happy now. Not depressed or anxious or anything like that.


Ding Dong, The Sociopath is Gone

I finally got my “visitor” out of my home. As of yesterday. I don’t know why it took so long. Maybe I don’t like to see people thrown out into the street. ( I don’t, actually.) Especially as cold as it has been up here in Orygun—I recently read about one man dying from exposure. No matter how much I may dislike a person, I would never want to feel responsible for their death.But not so strangely, I feel free. Free to do what I want in my house, without having to worry about waking someone up on my couch, whether it be for work, or just wanting to watch my beloved Simpsons. I no longer have to fight over the use of my computer…and I can actually turn it off at night now.

Three months he was here, almost to the day. I feel nothing for him anymore, except relief that he is gone. Hopefully never to return. I am through with him.

Yet, there is a dilemma. One kind soul, whom I first met through WoW, offered him a place to crash on his couch. I’m thinking I need to speak up with him about my mooching friend–possibly warn him to not let this freeloader stay.

I don’t want this sociopath wrecking my on-line friend’s life. I don’t want him to suck what he can from my WoW buddy.

Is it my business to speak up? Or to remain quiet.

You Are Right, Dmarks

That will probably be the only time you see that up on my blog, Dmarks, so enjoy it!  😀

You know what? I changed my mind about Mayor Adams. Not out of anything said on the blog, but of emerging facts. I had thought his lying was sort of a knee-jerk reaction,but I found out that he got the young man to lie also. Portland is gay friendly, but there are still quite a few homophobes running about.

That’s not cool with me. It proves that he knew that was he did was wrong and he should pay for it. It’s one thing to lie yourself, but it’s a whole nother level of crapitude when you make someone else lie too. Especially to cover one’s political hiney.

I agree with you now, Throw. He should resign. Maybe the auto industry needs a good salesman.

I just wonder why this four year old scandal didn’t come out (pardon the pun) during the election. Seems kinda odd that the scandal would emerge after he was sworn in.

However, I still stand by my statement that a politcian’s sex life is his own, and as long as he harms none, it should not be up for public scrutiny.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

It scares me to think that I might run out of worthwhile things to say. That someday I will close the door (metaphorically speaking) on blogging and never come back. I don’t want to. I’ll try not to.

Well, that day isn’t here yet. Ok, so I don’t live in Portland per se, but I do work there and I am affected by the politics.

Sam Adams, our very first gay mayor, got caught lying about a relationship with an eighteen-year old. Big whoop. So he engaged in sex with a much younger intern. Straight people do it all the time. And fib about it too. Do they resign? Granted, embattled politicians do on occasion, but most of the time, no.

People are saying that he should resign because he lied. I say, keep your damn noses out of his bedroom. It’s not your business.

John F. Kennedy had plenty of extra-marital affairs. Thomas Jefferson loved a woman not his wife and was unable to ever marry. Andrew Jackson met and fell in love with married woman, who eventually became his much loved wife. Honestly, you’d probably be surprised to find out just how many of our beloved politicians/founding fathers had affairs of the heart.

To America: Take a chill pill. Don’t worry about the sex lives of public officials. It ain’t your business, unless of course, it is damaging.

Inspiration Has Not Hit Me

Inspiration? Are you there? It’s me, Randi.

Where are you? I’m trying to find you so that I can write a half decent blog.

Have you deserted me? I hope not.

Please, come back soon.




I don’t know where my mind  has been lately. Certainly not focused enough to pull a post out of my posterior. *sigh*.  I keep trying and I keep failing.

Marley and Me

Lots of people have complained that Marley and Me isn’t really a kids movie because the (SPOILER ALERT) dog dies.

The worse thing a parent can do is shield their kid from the inevitable fact that all life leads to death. Personally, maybe it’s better to learn it from a movie first, then in real life. Besides, Marley and Me is just a movie. Just. A. Movie.

I’ve never believed in keeping life’s secrets and truth from children. Children grow up, ask questions, and when they find out they’ve been told a lie, they begin to disbelieve. It’s better to speak the truth, albeit gently, and get the child used to their ever expanding world, both the good and bad aspects of it.

But don’t be a jerk about exposing young minds to bitter truths. Be thoughtful about it. But don’t be cruel.

It’s important to learn about death, just as much as it is to learn about life.

I have a musical guilty pleasure. A co-worker had let me borrow a….a unlabeled CD. She didn’t tell me who it was. I bugged her, but she said nothing. She wanted to know if I could decipher who it was.I popped it into my computer. Guess what? I actually like a Britney Spears album. (Circus, by the way.) Sure, it won’t win Emmy. It doesn’t have what I’d call insightful lyrics. But it is fun and energetic. It’s a GREAT work out CD.

Yes, pop is disposable music, tending not to hold up over more than five or so minutes. But still. I can’t listen to my beloved indie/heavy metal/nu-metal/alternative music all the time? It’s good to toss some junk music in my MP3 player once in a while.


Working Out Does Not, In Fact, Kill Me

I’m sorry that I haven’t been interesting in a while. I just got caught in a blah post phase. Like every subject and every idea I thought up wasn’t good or developed enough for posting material. Pick, pick, pick…that’s what I do. I pick on this and that. I criticize my weight, the lack of excitement, too much excitement. Ugh. I drive myself crazy, you could say that’s how I roll.

But other than still being sore, I think I like working out. Sure, I can only do 20 minutes in the gym at a time. (I do about 30 minutes of walking to and from the bus stop, too.) But at least I got off my plump butt and am currently in the process of doing something. I’m not whining about how I need to lose this baggage, without making any effort to do it.

I have been noticing, aside from my normal snarky observations, that I’ve been more positive. I have more energy and it’s great. I’m losing weight at a healthy clip, not too fast or too slow.

Working out just has one negative side effect. Not as much time to update the blog. I think I’ll shoot for every other day to post.

I feel sorry for John Travolta. I’ve actually always liked him, especially in Grease. He’s famous, rich and generally well-liked. Seems like a sweet man. But I think he’d give up everything to have his son back.

But there’s quite a few people who are bitching that it is their (aka Scientology) fault for not making sure the kid had the proper medication. Which, isn’t true. They do take drugs (for serious conditions) and the like. They just prefer more natural remedies. So what if they like to know where meds come from? More people should question what their doctor prescribes them. (Hey, as much as that religion bugs me, I do have to defend it when it’s been picked on.) Heck, there’s plenty of Christians who doubt in medications and psychatric conditions.

First of all, who are they to say how the Travoltas let their physician treat their son? Were they there in the office, listening in? No. So it’s terribly judgemental of them to say. “Oh, it’s their fault for not giving Jett his seizure medicine. They’re bad parents….bleh bleh bleh.”

No words of condolence. Just blasting at their religion. Sad. Really sad.

Just let the parents mourn their son.

Sore. So sore.

Been working out all week. I am sore from my toenails to my scalp.

I weigh 245 now. Thank god. One hundred pounds left. Yay. Go me

I just hope I don’t keel over.

I have strength training two times a week, and I hop on the stationary bike for the other three.