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I’m back. You may all rejoice. 😀 The swelling in my ankles has gone down….since I re-cut back on my soda intake. (I’d been drinking tea and non soda beverages…but the Soda Monkey jumped on my back again.) Which means I feel better and am less moody.

That’s a good thing for anyone who lives with me. Grumpy Randi = Bad Randi.

My birthday is next Saturday, March 7th. I’m the big 3-4. Not old, but not a spring chicken. So I guess this would be a good time for reflection… (March 5th will mark my sixth year of blogging. Sixth!)

I feel as if I have made improvements in my life.

I realize that I want to be healthy.

I found out that I do like most of me.

Life is WORTH living…and living well. If I could make people believe, it would be that.

People are not as hurtful as I once thought they were.

Kindness and goodness still flourish in people

I’ve also learned that religious people can have both common sense and a sense of humor, which is refreshing. It also makes it easier to relate to them. (Such as my favorite…Sister Mary Martha. You don’t have to be a Catholic to like her writing or point of view.)

I still have weird dreams of being a nun, not every night, mind you, but every once in a blue moon. I don’t think it’s a call to become Catholic, but rather to be more spiritual. I have my belief system..which is neglected due to a lack of lazitude,

Bad me. Bad, bad me.

I’m back and ready to rock the blogging world.


Thank you!

Thank you to all who read this blog! But I need to take a few more days off. My health isn’t so hot right now…my ankles are pretty swollen…and I want to bring fresh content to this blog. Which means re-charging the old noggin.

I can’t help but think that I am too late for a real life. That I’ve thrown away my formerly good health because of depression I’ve never been kissed by someone I truly love. Or felt my daughter (I’ve already named her Deborah Rose) touch my face…I know that I would be a good mother. I do want children. Forget the winning the lottery, I want real wealth; a family. I want something worth defending; a child’s feathery kiss on my cheek and the knowledge that my child is not a surprise, but born out of love.

But I think I’m too late. Yes, I am trying hard to lose weight, but the damage has been done. There is so much I haven’t seen or got a chance to do.

Forgive me, for I’m maudlin tonight.

Lately, I’ve found that the topics I really want to discuss are ones not suitable for young ears. Or, for that matter, even suitable for people I don’t know.

I don’t want to talk about safe subjects, like the weather or what’s going on in my life. (Which is nothing.) Nor do I want to talk about religion or politics…the opinions of both should be kept private.

I don’t know. I don’t want to sound whiny, but I am unsure of what to do with this blog. I don’t think I have the energy or willpower to blog anymore. Maybe I should retire, and hang up my keyboard.

I’m not sure yet.

My thoughts about tidbits from the Celeb World

It seems like Chris Brown did knock Rihanna around and that the DA is eyeing an attempted murder charge. Good. I hope they get that jerk. There is no excuse to hit someone like that. Ever.

His career should be over and he should do some jail time for the assault on her.

What does he say about the incident? He’s ‘saddened’.

Sorry. That ain’t going to cut it. Horrified would be a better word.

Beating up on a person physically weaker than you are (no matter the gender) is the act of a bully, of someone who needs to take his frustration out on another person.

Go to jail. Then get some counseling.

Rihanna needs counseling too.

I feel bad for her.

Chimps Scare Me

I hope everyone has heard about the “pet” chimpanzee going crazy and attacking his owner’s friend. A shame. A real shame for everyone concerned, especially the mauled human and the dead animal.

Chimpanzees are evil. Seriously, they creep me out. They share many of the same behavioral tendencies of homo sapiens, really, and people tend to creep me out too. I’ve watched far too many nature documentaries of chimps forming what could basically be called a gang and then warring against other chimps for territories and mates. Those critters are quite savage and not cute or cuddly. ( I do like gorillas, though. They’re dangerous too, but less …less spasmodic bbout it. Hey, I never claimed I was consistent,) I don’t want chimps dead, mind, they have their place in this world. Which is far away from me.

I would never ever have one as a pet. They aren’t “pets”, they are animals, like we are. (Got a few words for you, if you don’t believe we’re animals, you haven’t seen people at a buffet place. Or a clearance sale. Eeesh.)

Bad Education

I hesitate to write about this because it is rather embarrassing and involves a really mean old teacher who should have never entered the profession.

He was my fifth grade teacher, who often grumbled and yelled at the worse students. (Of which I was one.) He often put the three worse homework assignments on the board for everyone to see. And yes, my work usually had “pride of place” on the chalkboard.

I didn’t care. Even having him tell me to my face that I did not do good failed to get me to care more. Forbidding me to not read in class didn’t do the trick either. I’m not (and never have been) the kind of person to force into anything. Either I’ll do it or I won’t. Note to other people: Generally, if you ask nice, I will do it. Give me attitude, and I never will. Without good reason, that is. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Valentine’s Day

Friday the 13th

Yes, it is Friday the thirteenth. Not only that, but the new “vision” of the Jason Voorhees saga came out today also.

It wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. I liked it, actually, as I didn’t go in expecting the Citizen Kane of horror movies. As per usual, it is a morality story that fundamentalists would love : Have sex, do drugs, be sinful and be chopped up by a zombie like killer with mommy issues.

There was much nudity. Much proliferate use of the word bro, and some pretty good acting from the hapless teens. Oh, and marijuana should have gotten a credit in the end title….it was mentioned. A lot. Even got some screen time as a walk on.










It was a good addition to the Jason series, really, it brought a Jason that could run (!!!) and think…He wasn’t nearly as wooden as he was in the second movie and up. (Spoiler alert: His mother was the killer in the first movie. She was loony.)

And, best of all, there were no annoying teenagers in the theater. Just a bunch of couples. A weird date movie, I’d think, but hey, they kept their yapping to a minimum.

I’m gettting better. Think I’m over the worst of it, but I am extremely tired. Since I have the next five days off, I will post again. Probably involving a mean teacher and the most embarrassing moment ever.

Damn, this bug took a lot out of me.

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