Vogue…no wait, I mean Vague

My real life, slow. My online life? Taking off. I seem to be very popular. Ok, so maybe not on this blog, but my fellow roleplayers love me. I love nerdboys; they are so sweet. No, I really do. If I ever met one in real life, we’d have conversations worth having. Like….Superman is so over-rated…and what is Comic Book Man’s real name. (Louis Lane, so I’ve heard.)

Even if they like polar bear punching or taking Silver Age comic blurbs out of context. Well, I guess that’s not sweet. That’s comedy gold, people. And I love me some comedy gold.

As far as comics, it’s sooo sooo hard to keep up on what’s going on. I’d love to buy comics, and the guilt would drive me mad if I downloaded them, but the economy going the way it’s going…well, I can’t afford to right now. So I live vicariously through people like Chris.

How sad, huh?

But other than the economy, life’s pretty good. I have about a thousand books in my house to read, I have my trusty ol’ Xbox, and of course, my computer.

And you, my reader, to torment with vague posts.



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  1. I heard Comic Book Guy’s name on one episode, but did not remember it. However, it is retained at Wikipedia:

    A long-running gag on the show was never to reveal the character’s name, with other characters referring to him as “Comic Book Guy”. The writers had intended to name the character as early as his first episode, but they could not think of a name for him, and they called him “Comic Book Guy”, with the intention of naming the character the next time they used him.[17] However, they kept putting it off.[17] Finally, in the February 6, 2005 episode, “Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass,” Comic Book Guy nonchalantly told Ned Flanders: “My name is Jeff Albertson, but everyone calls me ‘Comic Book Guy'”.[1] Show runner Al Jean remarked: “That was specifically done to make people really mad. We just tried to pick a generic name. It was also the Super Bowl show. We did it so the most people possible would see it.” Groening stated that he had originally intended him to be called Louis Lane and be “obsessed and tormented by” Lois Lane, but was out of the room when the writers named him.[18] His name is also mentioned twice in The Simpsons Game.

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