I was feeling girly and by girly, I mean “insecure”.  So I was joking around with my phone—it has a handy dandy application that lets me make a video postcard.  I took a picture of a goofy face….and said, “Seriously, do you think I’m cute?”  Then I accidentally sent it to everyone in my phone book.

Now, I tend to use my cell phone as an address/phone book. One of my friends gave his cell number and I gave him my home phone number. I may have a slight crush on him. (Seems he doesn’t like to talk. He likes to text. A red flag, maybe? Or perhaps he’s insecure like me.)  I didn’t give him my cell number, and that may save me.

So I felt bad enough to get off my ass to do something to improve my looks. I had my hair colored red and cut.  Truly, it’s hot. I love it.  It came out to be $120, which was more than I had anticipated; definitely a kick to the ol’ pocket book.

  1. But if he did…. I will hang my head in shame.

Maybe I’ll take a nice picture of me out and about tomorrow so that people can see the new me.  🙂


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  1. Sounds like a good solution to me! And I’d do the second photo and send it too… A before and after is fun. And if you feel good, which sounds right, then it was worth every penny.

    I have never colored my hair, ever. But I have delicate skin and allergies up the wazoo… would not want it to fall out or something else horrible.

  2. I would like to email you. We have much in common. Is that okay with you?

  3. Sure! I think I’ll add you to my blogroll! Whether you like it or not! 😀

  4. My email address is : Please put something in the subject line, or I might delete it. 🙂

  5. I will… my name, so you know. Thanks… and on the blog roll is good.

  6. Cool! I hope it works out with the crush. Let’s see the hair.

  7. I’ll probably put it up tomorrow. Not feeling so hot. As for the crush, NONE of my romantic dealings have been successful, so I don’t hold out hope of much of anything happening.

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