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I swear I’m alive!

Just a Few Words

Before I amble off to finish putting my clothes away and get ready for work.  (I like to procrastinate and put all my clothes away at once.)  I am so sorry I haven’t been blogging lately as often as I’d like, but I’ve been trying to do activities that don’t involve a lot of self examination….mostly just mindless cyber swashbuckling and fiction writing.

I have vacation next week.  Can hardly believe that in a few days, I’m heading off to the South.  Woot!  Then Washington D.C.  I am really excited about that.  Blogging will definitely be sporadic, at best.

Dagnabit. I was hoping to get back to a regular schedule!  C’est la vie.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out how to get the photos from my phone to my computer when I get back.

I need a break.  This one coming up will do just fine, though I’m a tad nervous about flying by myself.  But hey, I think I’m a big girl.  Operative word being think!

Take care and kick ass for me.


Portrait of a Loser

Forty bucks short of rent that was due the 1st. No money for food. No money for my medicine. No money for gas to get to the bus station so I can get to work.

No money for hope. 

I’m going on a downward spiral.

Sucky and Unsucky Vampire Movies

By sucky, I mean good.  That’s what vampires are supposed to do, right?  Suck?  So the opposite of that would be unsucky. That, by my new definition, means that a sucky vampire movie is excellent, two fangs up if you are into that, and an unsucky one is bad, a sacriliege of vampiredom.   The movies listed before are in order, from MY favorite to my least favorite…still a good movie, but not quite up to snuff.  I have judged each movie on their beauty, the actors’ skill at portraying their characters, what they add to the mythos of the vampire…that kind of thing. 

Unsucky movies are a combined effort of craptitude and everything that makes a movie…awful.    In the case of one movie on my unsucky list, it’s simply portraying vampires as one-sided villains.    So …enjoy my list!


  1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  This has to be one of the most visually stunning movies, I’ve ever seen.  The acting is wonderful, especially from Gary Oldman, and even Winona did pretty good in it.  It is lavish and seductive and incredibly romantic.  Plus, I like a few of the historical touches of the real Vlad that Francis Ford Coppola put in the movie.  The real Vlad the Impaler’s (One historical figure I am FASCINATED by) did toss herself out of the castle wall, though the reason she did that is a tad unclear. My favorite vampire movie ever.
  2. Interview with the Vampire.  Tom Cruise? As Lestat?  Brad Pitt as the whiny, but handsome, vampire Louis  I could understand,  but Cruise? As Lestat? I was dubious at first, but I watched the movie.  Like the movie mentioned above, it was made with much love and attention to the book…in fact IWTV is a very good adaptation of it.  Wonderful, beautiful vamp flick.
  3. Lost Boys.   Mmmmmm. A young Kiefer Sutherland. Hot. Wild. Untamable.  But also acted his ass off in this tale of vampires trying to survive in a rural setting. Lol.  No, it’s more of a tale of a young man being seduced into a tribe of uncivilized ruffians.  Yeah, like IWTV, this has some homo-erotic undertones, but it’s still a movie worth watching, especially when you want to get the bad taste of wanna-be vampires …like…say ….Robert Pattinson out of your mouth.
  4. The Hamiltons.  I happen to really like this movie.  It’s a story of a family of rather disturbed siblings trying to survive.  It might not be everyone’s pint of blood, though.  I just happen to enjoy the twist.
  5. The Wisdom of Crocodiles.   I’m not a big Jude Law fan, but I have to admit his acting was on par with the villian/victim of this film.  I don’t know how a villain can be a victim also, but he pulls it off.

Unsucky Vampire Movies

  1. Twilight.  Who else saw that coming? Huh?  Read about 1/3 of the book before I tossed it to the ground in disgust.  So I know the movie will unsuck. Yeah, I haven’t seen it all, but I have seen enough to know that it unsucks for all eternity.
  2. Dracula 3000.  If you value your sanity, do not waste your money on this piece of garbage.  It has a 1.8 rating on IMDB.  It unsucks so much, it blows.  Casper Van Dien, you should be ashamed of your hot self. Oh, and fire your agent/manager for letting you star in this.  You are capable of so much more, hottie.
  3. Van Helsing.    Love Hugh Jackman.  The dude who plays Dracula,  who is obviously trying to channel Gary Oldman’s performance? Not so much.  It’s a glossy, shiny movie with lots of special effects and not much sense.  Good for a Saturday night with nothing else to do…as long as you pick it apart ala Mystery Science Fiction 3000.
  4. Underworld.  Another pretty movie.  It’s not a bad movie, but it really doesn’t explore the vampires in depth, other than to make them look bad.  Lycans rule, vamps drool seems to be the motto of this flick.
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   The movie blew.  It sucked.  So laughably bad….  If you need to see a Buffy in action, go see the TV series, which shouldn’t even bear the name because it is so incredibly better.

Well, that’s all for now.  My hands are tired.   Comments always welcomed!

I really do plan to post on a regular basis when the house calms down some.  Work is laying off more people, and because the government wants a single payer healthcare system…(Ha! That won’t work.  We can’t even pay for medicare.)….the feeling that our jobs are secure is at an all time low.  Really people, Medicare’s about to run out of funds and the governments thinks it can handle more of the health insurance biz?  I don’t think so.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without my job.  Probably curl up and die.

Gotta Love Her!

140373-3812-mike-mayhew_superTo be or not to be….God, I hate Shakespeare.

Simpsons Sunday…err Monday: Life on the Fast Lane

EDIT: Yeah, yeah. I know I said I’d post this yesterday, but I had some living to do.

Season 1, Episode 9

Synopis:   Homer, out of pure selfishness, gives Marge a bowling ball engraved with his name for her birthday. (He said so it was she knew the ball was from him. Yeah, right.) She refuses to let him use it and takes bowling lessons from a home-wrecking, smooth-talking lothario with a fake French accent named Jacques. Natch. As he tries to seduce Marge, knowing she’s married, her faithfulness to Homer (and her own set of morals) is tested.

My thoughts:  I like how this show portrays more adult problems and how generally the characters have the moral fortitude to fix the mistakes that were made.  I think the difference between the newer shows that are more Family Guy like in nature (Bleh!).

Favorite Quote:  Jacques:  I know, my mind says stop but my heart and my hips cry ‘Proceed’!

Donut rating: 4

Update: I live!

Ugh.  I hate it when real life gets in the way of my blogging.  Good news!  My blood sugar levels have been consistently going down.  Today? It was 134.  Still too high, but it’s getting to where It needs to be.  Unfortunately, diarrhea has been a side effect, but it’s been going away. Too much information, I know, but I like to keep it real.  Good and bad.  It only happens when I up my dosage (according to doc’s directions, of course) or take it too close to my meal.  I usually like to wait ten minutes. Then I take my metformin.

One thing I do miss is having a glass of wine.  Alcohol is a definite no-no with the meds I’m on.

Last week, though, when I started feeling shaky, I took my blood sugar and it was 166.  I believe that my body has been at such a high blood sugar level for so long, it wasn’t used to it being so low.  That’s just my thought and I’m not a doctor, just a lowly medical assistant who works for a major health insurance company. (Can’t say, clowns will eat me.)

Simpsons Sunday will be posted later today. I just wanted to give my friends an update on how I was dealing with my diabetes. (Still seems weird to type that.)

Three more weeks and I will be winging my way to South Carolina! Woot! Gonna have so much fun going to the beach and Washington DC…..on July
5th.  It’d be awesome if I could have been there for the fourth of July, but hey….at least I am going!  Double Woot!

I’m meeting my true blue WoW sister and her kids. (Actually, I’m staying at her house.  Don’t worry. I’ve known her for ages, so I am relatively sure
she won’t murderize* me in my sleep. Note the relatively sure part.)  She has internet, yay!, so I should be able to post pics and stuff from there.

Also, did you know the Benny Hill theme makes everything hilarious? Even the Punisher? Follow the links (Here’s the Tom Jane and here’s the Ray Stevenson version) and see for yourself. And PLEASE comment on it on my site!  Really, it is so funny.

WoW—or I ain’t got Nuthing





Simpsons Sunday: The Telltale Head

Season 1  Episode 8

Synopsis:  The beloved statue of Springfield’s illustrious town founder was brutally vandalized by el Barto, who did it for the approval of some really rotten kids.  (Jimbo, who wears a Punisher shirt. Grrr.  As well as Dolph and Kearney. Bad eggs. The lot of them.)  It’s obviously a take on Poe’s–whom I adore, but he was sick and twisted–own tale,  A Telltale Heart.   Bart’s conscience torments him in pretty much the same fashion.  It’s also interesting to note that in a future episode featuring Lisa, A Telltale Heart is also referenced.    (Season six, episode titled Lisa’s Rival.  Yes, my knowledge of the Simpsons is quite extensive and it is quite scary!) 

My thoughts: This is one of the very first episodes that advocates morality and how important it is to be truthful, even  especially if mistakes were made.  It also makes a point of illustrating the effects of peer pressure and the basic need of humans to be liked and accepted.

Favorite Quote:  Sunday School Teacher:  Is a little blind faith too much to ask?

Donut Rating: 4