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Here is my new blog..



Has eaten the last four postings…I don’t know where they’ve gone. I might migrate back to Typepad.  The ONLY reason I had moved was because WordPress was free and good.  Now it’s just free. Argh.

Five Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I can perform weddings. Ok, so I got a license for it online through a Unitarian church. But hey, need a quick and free ceremony, I’m your girl. As long as I know you are sincere in your desire to get married. No fake marriages performed on MY watch.
  2. I hate slugs. Ok, more of an irrational fear. A phobia, really.
  3. Red used to be my favorite color until I discovered how awesome purple was.
  4. Electric Blue by Icehouse is my favorite song in the whole wide world. Youtube it.
  5. I have no sense of direction, nor do I care to develop it.

Washington D.C

I am back, safe and more or less sound, from my trip.  It was fun!  Washington D.C didn’t really look like I expected it to, but I got some great pictures of the Vietnam Memorial.  (I write for the Punisher in a Marvel RPG and was thinking it might help clarify some of the character’s anger. Boy, did it.  I just about cried and was haunted by the names….and there were a lot of them…written in stone.)

I got pictures of the Lincoln Memorial when it was overcast and then when it was sunny.  Beautiful, either way, but it shone a brilliant white when it was sunny.  I ended up walking a lot.  Got exhausted.  It was a long trip….fourteen hours of driving,  four hours of looking around, and not much sleep was obtained at the hotel. Had a weird vibe.  Plus, Julie snores.  I kid, I kid.

When we went to Washington D.C, we met up with some WoW friends and partook of some Thai cuisine.  Not only was it beautifully presented, it was delicious.  Unfortunately, Thai food doesn’t agree with my diabetes, so I ended up not feeling so hot. (258!!!) BUT….so good….  Well, ok, I really oinked out too.  Couldn’t help it. Wanted to try everything .  My favorite dish? Fried rice with shrimp and assorted spices. Yummers!   Oh and the sweet and sour veggie platter? DEE-LICIOUS.

I had such a great time.  🙂

Now to get caught up on my Marvel Uncensored writing duties…. Oi vey!

South Carolina Trip…

Day 1  07-02-09  (Portland to Phoenix)

Getting through airport security wasn’t so bad.  Not as extensive as I thought  it would be.  I think I was expecting a strip search….Or at least hoping for one!  🙂

The actual getting into the air is slightly discombulating.  I’m not that great of a writer that I can accurately describe what I was experiencing at the time.  It IS cool, though, the sensation of being hurled into the atmosphere by an enormous machine that shouldn’t be able to lift itself off the ground—let alone sixty or so other people and all their luggage.  It’s quite amazin, if you stop and think about it. My butt is currently residing in an aisle seat near the escape hatch. So—if something goes wrong, guess who is going to be numero uno out that hatch?  That’s right, baby.   Me!  Nyah, I think I’ll let the screaming baby behind me out first.  Hey, I’m all about the children.  Or at least about keeping them quiet and happy.

Also, note that airplanes are not really fat friendly.  I’m not too big to NOT fit in them, but I need a belt extender.  Yippee Skippee!   And the bathrooms are miniscule!  I don’t see how anyone can do a mile high anything! I can barely get my rear in there.

So why am I going to go to South Carolina?  To go see my World of Warcraft sister, Julie aka Rivermyst.  This trip is going to be beneficial for me. It will. I can feel it in my stank bone, as Cletus from the Simpsons would say. 

Anyhow, I’m about to land in Phoenix and this is the first leg in my 12 hour journey across the country….and I have to say—so far so good.

(Adapted from my travel journey)


Some Tidbits Before I Go…

My blood sugar tests out between 130-140.  Better, but not where it should be.  It’ll take a couple more months.

Glad people seemed to enjoy my Unsucky Vampire Post, even if there was some disagreement.

I will respond to e-mail. I will do a better job of it!

I will respond to comments and also comment MORE on my friends’ blogs.  I’m pretty opinionated in real life, but shy in my online life. Go fig.

Oh, this just in from a latest scientific research project :  Women are most likely to recoil in horror from ugly babies, even their own.  Guess the old axiom about having a face only a mother could love is wrong.

(I’ll talk about Michael Jackson, but not right now. I am still bummed.  A major part of my childhood has gone.  I loved his music, and pitied him, rather than hate him.)

Finally, in dumb ass criminal news…

Clackamas, OR—

A  man, who shall remain nameless—well, ok, I’ll call him Doofus McGee— called 911 for having been shorted money by a McDonald’s. Said he was robbed.  The dispatcher told him that he could be arrested for dialing in an non emergency call and hung up.  The idiot called twice more before they sent an officer to pick the moron up.  Apparently, the dispatchers had realized that A) the caller was mentally deficient or B) they didn’t want to waste an officer’s time.  I’m going with the latter explanation.

Well, I’m off!  To South Carolina!  Expect photos when I get back.