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Yippee Kay Yay Mudder Fu–

Friend…out of hospital. Yes!

We’ll worry about paying rent and getting food later .And medicine? Who needs that?

I am irked by friends who are telling us about the terrific vacations they’ll get to go on. Why, do you ask? Because we’re having a tough time finding our next meal, let alone pay for our rent and our utilities.

There’s a part of me that is frustrated by that, because I know the money spent on having fun could be used to help pay rent for some family or put food on the table. And it’s used to have fun? Maybe I’m being bitter, but I don’t see how a friend–who knows that we are having a difficult go of it– would brag about … Well, I don’t think the individual is rubbing it in our faces, but rather is sort of being thoughtless. Still…either way…it pisses me off.

I don’t know. Maybe I am bitter. Maybe I’m being driven to it by circumstances that are within my control. My emotions are mine to do with as I will, and right now, I feel like yelling at people who waste money on what I think are extravagances. I’m busy trying to live and someone can go pussyfoot in Italy.



Yay. Holiday Cheer. Get me a Beer.

My best friend in the world had an asthma attack at her mother’s house on Christmas. Severe enough for them to call the paramedics and have them drive her to the hospital. If she had the attack alone, it probably would have killed her.

She’s been there since Friday. It’s Saturday now. I HOPE that she’ll be out tomorrow, but I am not sure. [UPDATE: She sounds much better and probably will be out of the infirmary of the health impaired tomorrow. ‘Bout damn time, I say.]

I found out a couple of hours after I wrote the note below. *sigh*

Worst. Christmas. Ever.

Merry X-mas!

I’m discovering as I get older, that getting presents isn’t a big deal. I’d much rather go out and buy what I need or want, rather than hope other people will get it for me. Also, I would prefer people to spend money on themselves, on what they need. However, I do like spending money on other people. I’m not a Scrooge by any means.

However, as a diabetic, I’m questioning the gift choices my parents gave me. A box of sugar-free chocolate and a HUGE tray of sugar laden cookies. What the —-? Those I will have to parcel out for…oh, I don’t know…the next year. They’re very good but very BAD for me. So I packaged them up in two’s and three’s, and shoved the baggies of sugar bombs into my freezer.

If it’s the thought that counts, what does the thought say about the tray of goodies that could hurt me if I ate too many of them? Hmmm. My folks care about me, I know that, but still. Not wise, and almost MEAN to give me all that sugar.  Kind of makes me think.

Enjoy the video!

Well. Five months has passed since I’ve been here. Glad I kept the old blog. I thought I might return someday. That someday is here.

I’ve tried and liked Typepad in the past, but WordPress is da bomb. I’m back, babies.

As for posting, I am beginning to feel the urge to write again.