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Star Wars Marathon

So…there is a Star Wars marathon playing in the background, thanks to some cable network.  Possibly Spike.  (Checks the TV. Yes, it’s Spike.)   You’ve got some splainin’ to do, Mr. Lucas.   Here are my questions:

1. Why did he think “hiding” Luke on the same planet his pops came from was a wise thing for Obi to do?

2. Why Jar Jar!!! WHYYYYYYYY!

3. Why did you make Luke such a whiny brat? He’s supposed to be the HERO! (OK, so he’s matured by the last film, but still…)

4. Darth Vader’s infamous NOOOOOOO in Revenge of the Sith. Very emasculating. Why did you turn my hero into a wussy?

5. Darth Maul had so much potential. So why kill him off in the first movie?


Let me ask you a question; would you believe everything you read in the National Enquirer? I don’t read it, but my eyes do scan the cover as I’m getting groceries. I think some of the stories have a grain of truth (0.00001%) in them*, but the articles are written by people of ‘dubious’ integrity with the intent of making a decent paycheck.

Another question: do you PERSONALLY know the people who wrote the Bible? I didn’t think so. How can you know their motives behind what they wrote? Just because they said God told them what to put down in words is not a valid excuse. If I wrote a book for the Bible and said it was inspired by God, would you believe me? I hope not. I hope you would question my INTENT and credentials before you’d blindly accept it.

People are corruptible. (Cough *David* Cough *Peter*) So how can we expect God to deliver his Truth through such ‘frail’ messengers?

I can’t live my life according to a hodge-podged, put together book but I respect the rights of those people that DO.

*Going with the even-a-legend-has-some-basis-in-truth theory.


  Captain America Versus Superman

Who is the most iconic American comic book character?

In one corner, we have the blond haired and blue eyed Steve Rogers. Served in World War II, obtained many a Nazi scalp …errr probably not. He is idealistic, charismatic and possesses old world charm. He is capable of devising intricate tactics and is widely known for his bravery on the field. He is strong, not Hulk strong, but just under superhuman. His agility comes in handy when dodging bullets, and his shield takes care of the rest.

In this corner, we have Superman–a known illegal alien. His sense of honor and duty are similar to Steve’s. They are both the quintenssial “good” guy. They take their roles as heroes very seriously. His powers include: the ability to hide behind glasses, super rays, flight, strength and whatever the writers come up with for the storyline. It irritates me that his powers fluctuate.* 

You know, it might be interesting to see Superman get deported…or have to deport himself, since he is an illegal.

 I digress. Who is the most iconic? Who most deeply represents the ideals of America?  I ask, you decide!

 **Yeah, I know that Rogue’s abilities can shift, but that’s excusable due to the nature of them. Superman’s writers, though, have no such excuse—other than to get him through the current crisis.



**Yeah, I know that Rogue’s abilities can shift, but that’s excusable due to the nature of them. Superman’s writers, though, have no such excuse—other than to get him through the current crisis.

Too Funny NOT to share..

One of the inspiration suckers was the Sims 3. Sorry. Got addicted to it, got addicted to building digital dynasties…. Like the Summers family and the Castle family. Yeah, I had an entire Marvel neighborhood. Maybe an Osborn or two–no Ozzy’s though. Well, still do. 🙂

I’m doing more kind things for other people. I try to smile more and bring light into other people’s lives. I had a former co-worker, in another place say: She smiles, but sometimes it doesn’t reach her eyes. She looks so sad and lonely.
Well, I’m glad that someone noticed…but if I’m lonely, why wouldn’t you say hi? I’m a fairly approachable and amiable person; I LIKE having people come up and just smile. It makes me feel like I am a part of things. You know, as if someone gives a flip about me. Being treated as if I’m in the human race is always appreciated.


I kept on meaning to post. I’m here. I’m alive. Well, the previous post seems sort of ominious, so I think I’ll do my first post for May to try to shove it down some.

I guess I shut the one or two blog readers out of my life. For that, I’m sorry. I really do mean to write for the blog, to feed it my ideas and feelings, but I’ve been starved of that myself. Hard to give what I don’t have at the moment.

I’m getting ready for many things. Most of which I can’t speak of because most of it involves changes regarding work—and making it so that my work day isn’t too long. They are good changes. Really.