Let me ask you a question; would you believe everything you read in the National Enquirer? I don’t read it, but my eyes do scan the cover as I’m getting groceries. I think some of the stories have a grain of truth (0.00001%) in them*, but the articles are written by people of ‘dubious’ integrity with the intent of making a decent paycheck.

Another question: do you PERSONALLY know the people who wrote the Bible? I didn’t think so. How can you know their motives behind what they wrote? Just because they said God told them what to put down in words is not a valid excuse. If I wrote a book for the Bible and said it was inspired by God, would you believe me? I hope not. I hope you would question my INTENT and credentials before you’d blindly accept it.

People are corruptible. (Cough *David* Cough *Peter*) So how can we expect God to deliver his Truth through such ‘frail’ messengers?

I can’t live my life according to a hodge-podged, put together book but I respect the rights of those people that DO.

*Going with the even-a-legend-has-some-basis-in-truth theory.


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