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Posting again. Wow!

First, the abomination that is Frankencastle. I know there’s a few people that seem to like that…that…. Punisher wanna be, (I’m looking at Chris Sims from the ISB here) but the book doth bloweth and bloweth hard.

Judging from how I have my blog set up, you may assume that I like the character. And yes, I gave it a chance. Still, it bloweth and it’s disappointing that ol’ Frank has been hacked and slashed…reduced to a joke of himself. The concept would have been fine as a four parter, but not as a main comic book line.

This blog’s writer, that would be me, takes sociopathic vigilantes very seriously.

Probably too seriously, but hey, it’s all good when he punches zoo animals in the snout.  This is what he should look like:

Now…Marvel is about to continue the supernatural trend with vampires. I know. They done did that with Drac-baby in the late 70’s…So why do it now? Marvel has done vampires to (un)death—they don’t need to do it.


Oh. That’s right. Twilight. The vamps have a resurgence in popularity! Especially among girls and ..emo dudes. I don’t know about you, but I am blaming Stephanie Meyer!


Long Time No See

Yeah, it’s time to post. Time to bump the other posts down and time to move forward.

Ugh. I need to decide, and make a plan about what do with my blog. Structured posts–that’s what I need. I need topics. Such as comic books graphic novels. I need goals, and due to my RPG group taking up most of my writing time, I should focus what’s left of it into topics that I can think about and plop up here.


Look for more posts that give you a better idea of my interests and passions. And less of the same old crap.

I will never quit trying to write for this place. It’s mine and I have a certain attachment to it.

 Now, I will leave you with a positive video. Men, take note. And love big ladies.

Pray For Him

I don’t normally do this, but this kid’s story has kicked me in the heart.  He disappeared from school two weeks ago and NO ONE has seen him since.  No trace of the boy. Nothing.    I can’t describe how I ache for this family and I want him to go home.   I also want to do my part and try to help. (This happened like about fifteen miles away from my town, too.)

Been Busy

Parents are fighting. I hope, this sounds horrible, that they get divorced. Dad deserves better. Mom deserves to live with her brother.

Sorry. It’s harsh. It makes me sound like an ungrateful bitch to the woman who raised me, but she’s not a nice woman. She’s mean and heartless and downright cruel. Sure, she tries to be Christianly, but it’s phoney, she does it for the hope of salvation and not for just doing something decent.

It’s nothing but an act.

Dad wants the house, but Mom has been quoted as saying, “I’d rather burn down the house than let you have it.”

I MAY be a bitch, but in a good, stand up for myself and my friends way. She’s a mean, cold-hearted bitch.

So…if my parents get divorced, I will be singing a song of joy. Free at last. My dad will be free at last.

Hi There

Went outside today. Lived a life.  Portland has something called a Rose Festival.  And I snapped what I thought was a interesting picture of a waterfountain.

It’s got texture, light…everything that makes a picture intriguing.  At least to me.


Hope This Works…

Update on Diabetes

My journey living with diabetes has been filled with ups and downs. Last week, my blood sugars were 420, now they’re about 150-160. Not good, but better than they were. Now that I have my medication again, they’ll get back to normal levels. In time.

I gotta tell you the truth. I just stopped caring about myself. I stopped caring about my diabetes. I even stopped caring about my writing. I stopped caring about everything.

Bad mistake. Almost fatally bad.

I don’t know why I neglected myself. Maybe it’s because I see diabetes as a hopeless battle that is going to eventually kill me. Complications of diabetes have already killed my grandparents and quite possibly my dad will die of it too. I’ll probably die of it.   The odds are good that diabetes will catch up to me and I’ll die in horrific pain.

Did I ever mention I have an imagination? It is both a curse and a blessing.  I really do imagine myself dying in excruitating agony.

I need to take it easy on myself.

The M-Team

In honor of the A-Team movie that is coming out, I have decided to envision what the equivalent of it would be in the Marvel world….

Nick Fury, pretty much the Hannibal of the outlaw team. He even smokes a cigar and cracks wise.

Steve Rogers, pretty, charismatic. Everyone in Marvel likes the guy. (Except for the Red Skull. So he is the “Face” of the team.

Frank Castle (C’mon. You KNEW he had to be in this list somewhere.) is probably the bad ass of the team, deals with the heavy artillery, punches…that sort of macho thing. OK, so he’s not much of a team player. But neither is BA.

Deadpool. His role in the group is bulletcatcher. And quip shooter. It’s his merry form of insanity that makes him the perfect choice to take on the Murdock part of the M-Team. Plus, I could so see Frank shooting him every issue, trying to get him out of everyone’s misery.