Posting again. Wow!

First, the abomination that is Frankencastle. I know there’s a few people that seem to like that…that…. Punisher wanna be, (I’m looking at Chris Sims from the ISB here) but the book doth bloweth and bloweth hard.

Judging from how I have my blog set up, you may assume that I like the character. And yes, I gave it a chance. Still, it bloweth and it’s disappointing that ol’ Frank has been hacked and slashed…reduced to a joke of himself. The concept would have been fine as a four parter, but not as a main comic book line.

This blog’s writer, that would be me, takes sociopathic vigilantes very seriously.

Probably too seriously, but hey, it’s all good when he punches zoo animals in the snout.  This is what he should look like:

Now…Marvel is about to continue the supernatural trend with vampires. I know. They done did that with Drac-baby in the late 70’s…So why do it now? Marvel has done vampires to (un)death—they don’t need to do it.


Oh. That’s right. Twilight. The vamps have a resurgence in popularity! Especially among girls and ..emo dudes. I don’t know about you, but I am blaming Stephanie Meyer!


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  1. Frankencastle just sounds so bad. I am not sure what they were thibnking.

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