Monthly Archives: December 2010

I AM: Generous

I WANT: To be left in peace (occasionally) so I can finish writing my book!

I WISH: For everyone to have a full belly, a decent place to call their own, and as much prosperity as they work for.

I HATE: It hurts my stomach when I actually hate, so I try not to, but I would have to say disloyal people.

I MISS: My innocence.

I FEAR: Slugs and heights.

I HEAR: My cat clamoring for food.

I WONDER: What it feels like to not worry.

I REGRET: I think regrets can be used to help you learn from a situation. My regret is taking for granted a certain someone would always be there.

I AM NOT: A wuss. (Right now, anyway)

I DANCE: Like Jerry Lewis spazzing out.

I SING: Hardly ever.

I CRY: When I feel hurt, lost and alone. I cry at buddy movies. I cry when I break a nail. I cry to relieve interal pressure.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: Easy to reason with.

I MAKE: characters come to life. I breathe life into words.

I WRITE: Because it tears me up inside when I don’t. I have no choice. Writing is a double edged sword.

I CONFUSE: Everyone around me with my rambling rants about everything.

I NEED: Rest. Books, chocolate, wine, and a massage. Oh, and ambrosia salad would be nice about now.

I SHOULD: Make myself some dinner.

I START: Uhhh…”debates”.

I FINISH: Fights.


People Piss Me Off

People are so cold and mean, heartless even.  What happened to common courtesy? What happened to compassion and respect for others? It went down the goddamn crapper, that’s where those important traits of humanity disappeared to.  Down the crapper with civility and common sense. People are starting to irritate the bejebus out of me.  One of these days some moron is going to talk down about how they’re so right and I’ll let them have it–intellectually.   I’m currently arming myself with knowledge so that I can “inform” them.

No. People have to try to cram their beliefs and politics down everyone’s throat.  I’m right, you’re wrong so fuck off. What the hell?  What happened to polite discourse and intelligent conversation?  Why are people so panic stricken….and…stupid?  Why don’t people take the time to read?  No..we have to have all our opinions directly beamed into our heads by the idiots on news stations.  (Or by people on the podium at their church or other religious institution.)

NEVER BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE, READ OR HEAR FROM ONE SOURCE.  Wean yourself from depending on others for your day to day information.

Research, delve and question.  Don’t let your biggest asset go to waste…your brain.  Use it, exercise it, and don’t believe the hype.

Merry Christmas

The Best Of Intentions

Keep on blogging
Keep on trying
Never give up
Never surrender

Having a blog is rather self indulgent.  It’s sort of saying, “My thoughts are important enough to be read in cyber space.  Read me, read me, read me!”  Well, I make no pretense about that.  We’re all the same and I’m so flattered and respectful of the fact anyone would choose to read what I write.

It’s not that I don’t want to post. It’s just that I’ve lost my voice and what problems I’ve had to bitch about are slowly going away.  Life resolves any and all issues, given enough hard work and dedication.  I feel richer for having as many friends as I do, and I feel wiser and more sensitive to the needs of others because of my difficulties.

I’ve done this for about seven years. It seems a shame to give it up.  I’m going to try to put myself on a schedule, give myself themes.  Maybe that will help.

See you tomorrow!

What sexy is and is NOT

This is NOT sexy. This is trashy.  I hear a lot of girls they proclaim that they want to be like this singer, Ke$sha, and it is scary.











Nicole Kidman is still pretty, but she has had work done.  She would be more beautiful if she let herself age naturally.










This is classy. And sexy.  Helen Mirren looks both elegant and natural.  I heart her and I want to be like her when I mature.

I try but words won’t come
My mouth is silenced
My heart refuses to be undone

It’s easy to be pessimistic
It’s hard to be positive
Don’t settle for middle of the road.

All the bad things come back to haunt me
When my working day is done
I’m supposed to make mistakes, supposed to grow

I’m sorry for not being able to love you
I’m sorry for not letting go when it was time
I’m sorry for all of my transgressions.

Please forgive me for every lie I’ve told.
Just a few but I killed the honesty of my soul.

I’ve loved /still love/ you as much as you’d let me.
Tears brighten my eyes as I try to comprehend
Your leaving.