Replay Buffet

Aunt Val is my cranky alter ego who just happens to be a valkryie!  Been a long time since I’ve felt the mood for this.  Enjoy!

Dear Aunt Val,

I’m a single, fun lovin’ party girl doing the club scene. Currently, I’m not searching for Mr. Right or even Mr. Right Now—but I do get drinks and dinners bought for me by guys all the time. Then I meld into the crowd. I don’t talk to them and never give out my number, and my friends say that I am a tease and that it’s wrong to accept those gifts. I believe it’s ok to take advantage…I mean they are offering, aren’t they?

—Party Girl Looking For Fun Only


Here’s what I hear from you: I’m so hot…blah, blah, blah… Just looking for handouts, blah, blah blah. Don’t want to get to know anyone, just use their generosity and get wasted on someone else’s dime.

It’s a good thing that there are thousands of miles between broiling-in-my-metal-brassiere me and self entitled whiny you. I just might toss you over the saddle of my pegasus, Pokey, and drop you off somewhere…say…in Rwanda. Or in the Congo.

Accepting a drink from a man indicates a willingness to open up a discussion. That’s what alcohol should be used for. Just to loosen up a little, not get toasted, mind you, but to relax a smidge. Taking a drink and cutting is a fine example of bad manners.   If you are not interested in talking, DON’T accept.  Be sincere and genuine and not be classified as a “user”.


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