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Replay Buffet: Girl vs. Boy World

(Originally published a few years ago, but good enough for my new readers to enjoy.)

Girl: Oh my gosh. We had such a good date! I clicked with him instantly. He said he’d call. (Squeal of glee.)

Guy: She seems like a cool chick. I’ll probably call her in a few days.

Girl: I wonder why he hasn’t called yet. It’s been 3 hours. Does he have a girlfriend? Did he lie to me just to get to first base?

Guy: Time to have some brewskies with my bros!

Girl: It’s been 24 hours. He doesn’t like me! Did I just imagine our chemistry? Did he meet someone better?

Guy: (Groans) I had way too many beers…..

Girl: Maybe I should call Sheryl…she knows everything about men.

Guy: Hmm. I think I’ll call that girl tomorrow. Maybe we can go hang out at a bar or see a movie.

Girl: (Sniffs) There must be something wrong with me! It’s been three days and no phone call.

(Phone rings)

Guy: Hey, wanna go see a movie? Or get a beer at the Pirates’ Cove?

Girl: Sure! (Secretly harboring resentment at him not calling earlier.)

That conversation is a generalization, I know, but I did it to illustrate the social differences between gals and fellas. I’ll start with the ladies.

First of all, *most* women like to know where they stand with potential mates, we need to know whether or not he is going to be worth the investment in time. Women, at least the ones I know and that includes me, tend to be VERY territorial, especially around their male friends, even if they are in a relationship.That’s a very primal part of us. It also drives us to looking good, always perfecting what we have in order to attract a mate.

The beginning of a possibly romantic friendship is always fraught with danger; a lady can easily scare away a good partner. Neediness isn’t attractive to a man and most men see that behavior as “needy”. Yet, I think most women aren’t needy. As I’ve said before, women just like to know where they stand. We internalize too much; In short, we over analyze every little detail to death. We see actions, or lack thereof, as rejection far too often.

I’m guilty of that and of being needy as well. I’ve scared off many a person with being intense—I’ve always wanted to be loved so badly and I know I’m not the only woman like that. I’ve always believed men are by far the gentler sex. I prefer their, “take things as they come” outlook on life.

It would be a nice way to live…if I could calm the thoughts that pop up to disturb that mental tranquility. I’ve noticed a lot of guys saying, “I’ll call you.” and never call back. That is exceptionally frustrating to women. I realize that guys don’t really want to hurt women, but being tactfully honest is a better way to go. If a woman isn’t a guy’s particular cup of tea, do NOT say, I’ll call you. Just say, “Let’s be friends and see where it goes.”

“I’ll call you”, generates interest and hope that this first date could turn into something special. I believe society places too much emphasis is put on finding that “someone”. Sure, relationships are good. If they happen organically. So…ladies, take life and love easy. Don’t worry if he neglects calling you. It wasn’t meant to be. Guys, man up and gently guide her thinking into that of becoming friends, if you find you are unattracted to her. Don’t promise to call then disappear.

As for me, I’m happily dating. Perhaps even engaged, but I am certainly off the market. Thank goodness.


Scream 4

This isn’t a bad movie.  Not the most resounding endorsement, I know, but it is a good, solid movie with believable characters and a fairly coherent plot.  Well, for a horror movie.  Plus, the beginning sequence was just awesome.  You’ll need to have a decent attention span to not get lost, but it is GREAT.

It got me thinking as to what makes a horror movie good:

A social message.  All the classic horror ones do.  Friday the 13th advocated no sex or drugs, for example.

Interesting characters (so you care if something happens to them, makes the movie more powerful).

A genuine scary ass villain.

It’s interesting to see Sidney finally be her own person, this generation’s Laurie Stroud.  She’s not paranoid, like Laurie, but she’s a strong character nevertheless.  My favorite characters are Dewey and Gale Riley.  They seem like such an odd, but good couple.  And even though they may be separated in real life, there is an obvious amount of affection between them.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the movie.  There was gore, there were a few chills (I’m pretty desensitized to it now) and  just a well made film for its kind.












As you can see by my expertly drawn (on my good ol’ Paint program) stick figures,  my social life has either blown up or I have finally blown my psychological gasket. Maybe both. People actually seem to like me, for some reason.

I’ve been called what I take to be good adjectives:  “sweet” and the more puzzling term “angelic”. Did I sprout a halo and wings while I was asleep? Do I have some sort of weird, neurotic charm?  I do seem able to make people laugh.  Anyway, I marvel at being called something GOOD, with all the wistfulness that only someone with low self esteem can muster.  And I like people, well, individuals anyhow, more and more.

It feels good, and intoxicating, to be referred to in a positive way. Seriously, I could get addicted to being treated like a human.   It feels nice to be part of the human race.

Why do people take for granted those they love? Or are supposed to love? Get this done, get that done….no sex tonight, or for several months, for you. Some people treat their spouses, and I know of more than one couple like this, akin to indentured servants?  (I, by the way, would love to have someone to love. Well…maybe I do, but…it’s complicated and it’s not something I want to get into at this point.)

What happened to the love and tender feelings? What happened to being able to emotionally connect to the one person you are supposed to love forever and ever? Yeah, I realize there are times when people float adrift, but people can come back together.

I personally blame our society for encouraging disposable everything. Items, like love, aren’t disposable.

When a relationship dies, it isn’t always all at once. It dies slowly, until nothing is left but a hollowness that won’t go away. It’s sad when a relationship dies, or moves on. It is a dissolution of souls that have met for a reason, and it hurts me to see good couples drift away.

Don’t let your love die. Please.

And if you are in the phase of the relationship where it seems you are doing nothing but work, it’s time to sit down and talk. Try, at least. But if there is nothing there, go. As much as I don’t want to see divorce, neither do I think people should remain trapped in a loveless marriage.  If it’s truly dead and gone, nothing can bring love back.

Bonus Post



Site Views…

They have certainly gone up…most of the time, I was lucky to get twenty…but now?  It’s gone to 70 and up to 90.  Wish I knew what I did, and I‘m not objecting.  Maybe it was the pictures of Battery Russell?  Maybe I should put more pictures up in general?

Or talk more comics?

Hmmm.  What to do, what to do.

I certainly do like the fact more people are reading my blog.  That’s what bloggers do; churn out mini essays for the world to read and quite possibly reject.  My greatest online fear is to have my blog ridiculed with harsh and bitter words on other blogs.  There’s one thing that I feel I do great and that is writing.  The crafting of words in the forge that is my mind.  I’m in love with wordplay.

Sometimes, though, I lose my way.  It’s so easy to start off with good intentions…then fall flat on the floor of laziness.  Usually compounded with the loss of imagination, and mired in the pool of self pity.  I’m sure you’ve got the point by now.

Well, I’d like to leave you all with an invitation to comment.  I don’t bite and I am generally quite nice.  So feel free!

Ten Things You May Not Know about Me

1) My tongue can touch the tip of my nose.  Gross, but true.

2) I think men are a lot easier to be around.  I like chilling with men more than ladies.

3) My favorite toys have always been more masculine in nature:  i.e my beloved Evil Knievel motorcycle and my Knight Rider car.  I had to BEG for that one.  I’m pretty sure that    they thought I was rather odd.  They liked to foist Barbies off on me.

4)  I have about 800 books.  I know! I have a lot.

5)  I didn’t get into comic books until 1993, and for a long time, the only ones I read were X-Men.

6)  One time at band camp… no! I didn’t do *that*, but I was always too shy to do the band finals which consisted of performing a piece of music in front of our instructor.  Yet, I got A’s anyway.

7)  I know that Grease is THE teen musical.  The High School  Musical one is just a poor knockoff.

8)  I get vertigo when I’m looking down a medium to long flight of stairs.

9)  I pity my crazy half-sister.

10)   If I had any superpower, it’d be shape shifting…so I wouldn’t be pleasantly plump.

Last Saturday

Last Saturday..

Well. I got my new car on Thursday, and by Saturday…I KNEW that I had to take it on an extended trip.

So we (Saunya and I) went to the coast.  Specifically, Fort Stevens.  Mainly for the clean beaches and the oddly sad Battery Russell.  For some reason, I’m drawn to that place.  It’s very melancholy.  Very hollow.  Very photogenic.

Here they are:
























(This would be Saunya.)








































Yeah, we had loads of fun at the beach.  I like going to Fort Stevens because it is so beautiful and not so much of a tourist trap as Seaside or Cannon Beach.  🙂









Ah! That’s how the beach is supposed to look.  Pristine.  Natural.  Unpolluted.