Why do people take for granted those they love? Or are supposed to love? Get this done, get that done….no sex tonight, or for several months, for you. Some people treat their spouses, and I know of more than one couple like this, akin to indentured servants?  (I, by the way, would love to have someone to love. Well…maybe I do, but…it’s complicated and it’s not something I want to get into at this point.)

What happened to the love and tender feelings? What happened to being able to emotionally connect to the one person you are supposed to love forever and ever? Yeah, I realize there are times when people float adrift, but people can come back together.

I personally blame our society for encouraging disposable everything. Items, like love, aren’t disposable.

When a relationship dies, it isn’t always all at once. It dies slowly, until nothing is left but a hollowness that won’t go away. It’s sad when a relationship dies, or moves on. It is a dissolution of souls that have met for a reason, and it hurts me to see good couples drift away.

Don’t let your love die. Please.

And if you are in the phase of the relationship where it seems you are doing nothing but work, it’s time to sit down and talk. Try, at least. But if there is nothing there, go. As much as I don’t want to see divorce, neither do I think people should remain trapped in a loveless marriage.  If it’s truly dead and gone, nothing can bring love back.


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