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Replay Buffet: Girl vs. Boy World

(Originally published a few years ago, but good enough for my new readers to enjoy.)

Girl: Oh my gosh. We had such a good date! I clicked with him instantly. He said he’d call. (Squeal of glee.)

Guy: She seems like a cool chick. I’ll probably call her in a few days.

Girl: I wonder why he hasn’t called yet. It’s been 3 hours. Does he have a girlfriend? Did he lie to me just to get to first base?

Guy: Time to have some brewskies with my bros!

Girl: It’s been 24 hours. He doesn’t like me! Did I just imagine our chemistry? Did he meet someone better?

Guy: (Groans) I had way too many beers…..

Girl: Maybe I should call Sheryl…she knows everything about men.

Guy: Hmm. I think I’ll call that girl tomorrow. Maybe we can go hang out at a bar or see a movie.

Girl: (Sniffs) There must be something wrong with me! It’s been three days and no phone call.

(Phone rings)

Guy: Hey, wanna go see a movie? Or get a beer at the Pirates’ Cove?

Girl: Sure! (Secretly harboring resentment at him not calling earlier.)

That conversation is a generalization, I know, but I did it to illustrate the social differences between gals and fellas. I’ll start with the ladies.

First of all, *most* women like to know where they stand with potential mates, we need to know whether or not he is going to be worth the investment in time. Women, at least the ones I know and that includes me, tend to be VERY territorial, especially around their male friends, even if they are in a relationship.That’s a very primal part of us. It also drives us to looking good, always perfecting what we have in order to attract a mate.

The beginning of a possibly romantic friendship is always fraught with danger; a lady can easily scare away a good partner. Neediness isn’t attractive to a man and most men see that behavior as “needy”. Yet, I think most women aren’t needy. As I’ve said before, women just like to know where they stand. We internalize too much; In short, we over analyze every little detail to death. We see actions, or lack thereof, as rejection far too often.

I’m guilty of that and of being needy as well. I’ve scared off many a person with being intense—I’ve always wanted to be loved so badly and I know I’m not the only woman like that. I’ve always believed men are by far the gentler sex. I prefer their, “take things as they come” outlook on life.

It would be a nice way to live…if I could calm the thoughts that pop up to disturb that mental tranquility. I’ve noticed a lot of guys saying, “I’ll call you.” and never call back. That is exceptionally frustrating to women. I realize that guys don’t really want to hurt women, but being tactfully honest is a better way to go. If a woman isn’t a guy’s particular cup of tea, do NOT say, I’ll call you. Just say, “Let’s be friends and see where it goes.”

“I’ll call you”, generates interest and hope that this first date could turn into something special. I believe society places too much emphasis is put on finding that “someone”. Sure, relationships are good. If they happen organically. So…ladies, take life and love easy. Don’t worry if he neglects calling you. It wasn’t meant to be. Guys, man up and gently guide her thinking into that of becoming friends, if you find you are unattracted to her. Don’t promise to call then disappear.

As for me, I’m happily dating. Perhaps even engaged, but I am certainly off the market. Thank goodness.


Site Views…

They have certainly gone up…most of the time, I was lucky to get twenty…but now?  It’s gone to 70 and up to 90.  Wish I knew what I did, and I‘m not objecting.  Maybe it was the pictures of Battery Russell?  Maybe I should put more pictures up in general?

Or talk more comics?

Hmmm.  What to do, what to do.

I certainly do like the fact more people are reading my blog.  That’s what bloggers do; churn out mini essays for the world to read and quite possibly reject.  My greatest online fear is to have my blog ridiculed with harsh and bitter words on other blogs.  There’s one thing that I feel I do great and that is writing.  The crafting of words in the forge that is my mind.  I’m in love with wordplay.

Sometimes, though, I lose my way.  It’s so easy to start off with good intentions…then fall flat on the floor of laziness.  Usually compounded with the loss of imagination, and mired in the pool of self pity.  I’m sure you’ve got the point by now.

Well, I’d like to leave you all with an invitation to comment.  I don’t bite and I am generally quite nice.  So feel free!

Ten Things You May Not Know about Me

1) My tongue can touch the tip of my nose.  Gross, but true.

2) I think men are a lot easier to be around.  I like chilling with men more than ladies.

3) My favorite toys have always been more masculine in nature:  i.e my beloved Evil Knievel motorcycle and my Knight Rider car.  I had to BEG for that one.  I’m pretty sure that    they thought I was rather odd.  They liked to foist Barbies off on me.

4)  I have about 800 books.  I know! I have a lot.

5)  I didn’t get into comic books until 1993, and for a long time, the only ones I read were X-Men.

6)  One time at band camp… no! I didn’t do *that*, but I was always too shy to do the band finals which consisted of performing a piece of music in front of our instructor.  Yet, I got A’s anyway.

7)  I know that Grease is THE teen musical.  The High School  Musical one is just a poor knockoff.

8)  I get vertigo when I’m looking down a medium to long flight of stairs.

9)  I pity my crazy half-sister.

10)   If I had any superpower, it’d be shape shifting…so I wouldn’t be pleasantly plump.

My Birthday!

It’s my Birthday!

And I have been blogging since about 2002, so no wonder it seems that I have run out of energy.  I’m trying. Lord knows that I am.  Eleven years of almost non stop creativity and bitching.  Huh.

Going to TRY to post something more tomorrow…..

But I had a good birthday.  I didn’t get presents–I don’t need them—but I got the best wishes from those people who mean the most to me and that’s what matters to me.  I don’t want money spent on gifts that I’ll forget, I just want good times and comaderie.




People Can Be Clumsy Idiots

We are who we are.  We can’t help it.  We have misunderstandings and hurt each others feelings without meaning to.  People can be emotionally clumsy, to put it in the most succinct terms.  I, personally, am clumsy in both the physical and emotional sense.  I don’t try to run around and hurt people; it just happens. It’s life.  Life is inconvenient and messy sometimes.

Communication is key.  Trust is key.  Friendship is the glue that not only holds individuals together, but is also necessary to our very civilization.  When camaraderie and common courtesy begin to break down, so too does law and order.   No one wants that.

So, when you find that you do hurt someone, and if you didn’t mean too, take a deep breath and  tell yourself it’ll be ok.  Try not to make the same mistake and be easy on both yourself and the other person.

Forgive. Forget.  Breath, and let go.

This is me and my cat having a conversation.

Well, not really.  But it is pretty cute.  And it is short.   

What sexy is and is NOT

This is NOT sexy. This is trashy.  I hear a lot of girls they proclaim that they want to be like this singer, Ke$sha, and it is scary.











Nicole Kidman is still pretty, but she has had work done.  She would be more beautiful if she let herself age naturally.










This is classy. And sexy.  Helen Mirren looks both elegant and natural.  I heart her and I want to be like her when I mature.

Unhappy Meals

Please people. Please stop having the government think for you. Like banning Happy Meals because they entice kids to eat craptacularily horrific food. That’s such utter b.s. What happened to parenting? What happened to common sense? Where are our brains? I know it is hard, but start exercising those few brain cells that haven’t been tainted by the sight of Snooki, or the latest pop culture phenomenon. Yes, I am ashamed that I have heard of the orange troll, though I’ve not seen the show. Thank god.

I’m starting to lose track of my original thought and diverge onto other topics. This is the land of Freedom. Well, it used to be. I’m beginning to doubt it. It seems to be shifting into the Land of the Stoopid. Believe me, we do not want bureaucratic idiots making most of the big decisions regarding our life.

Here’s a few things I want people to do right now:

  • Stop buying crap for your kids if you don’t want them to get tubby.
  • Take accountability for your own damn actions and stop foisting it off onto a corporation.
  • STOP whining!

I am now off my soapbox and off to have some fun.

No. Oh Hell No.

I don’t want to drink anything from this.   I find this mug highly offensive and hilarious!  *snicker*.

(More original content…tomorrow!)

Thou Shalt Not Gloat

For it doth annoyeth me.

Gloating is one of the many, many irritating qualities that mankind possesses. It is one of my many, many pet peeves. (Yes, I have a lot. People just tick me off on a regular basis because of a) thoughtlessness b) outright selfishness or c) not raised right.) Gloating is unattractive and speaks ill of your character. Gloating to me means that you are reveling in the misfortune or defeat of another. It is not precisely ethically wrong, but it is wrong on a personal, I-want-you-to-leave-me-the-heck-alone. It really is a major turn off for me.

That’s why it irks me to no end when people whoop and holler when their politicial adversaries falter and fall. It isn’t just the gloating (whenever I write that word, I see Rush Limbaugh’s fat bloated face in my mind.)–it is the disturbing notion that they are celebrating the downfall of people that are working for us and doing what they see is in our best interest.

Let’s face it: if our leaders do not succeed in turning our country around, we will all pay the price. So instead of glorying at humbling them, why don’t we try working with them? Why don’t we roll up our own sleeves and get to work? Instead of munching on our chemical laden snack treats and letting pop culture shows like Entertainment Tonight rot our brains and take away our determination.