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Kinda Cool Superman Fan Made Video

I’m not a big Superman fan, though I really liked Superman Returns.  This fan made (whipped up by someone who works at Disney) video is so awesome in its retro-ness.  I’d pay about $15-17 bucks just because I like the style of it.  The video isn’t long enough!  I want more!



Fantasy Cast for a New Xmen Movie

Yeah, some of these people are older.  So this is just a ‘fantasy’ list.  Oh, and I think I’d hire some of you to actually write the movie.  Two of you–at least–could pull a better screenplay out of your butts than the last “script:

Jean Grey:  A young Nicole Kidman.  I think she could have easily pulled of Jean, especially during the Dark Phoenix.   She can do neurotic/crazy fairly well, which makes me wonder if it happens to come naturally to her.

Scott Summers:  John Barrowman.  Excellent actor and all around good guy.

Warren Worthington:  Brad Pitt.  I have a toy…errr action figure…yeah, that’s it….which is clearly modeled after this dude’s face.

Elizabeth Braddock:  I’d go with the English version of her and get Angelina Jolie to play her. The whole body switching is way too confusing. Besides, Brad and Angelina have on-screen chemistry.  And yeah, maybe I want to see her in something revealing.

Rogue:   Jessica Biel.  She’s sassy and tough enough to portray Rogue.  Not to mention her so hot it can melt spandex sex appeal—she’s definitely got Rogue’s body.

For villains? Hmm.  I’ve just got one off the top of my head…

Tobin Bell (From the Saw movies)  as Sinister. That chilling voice would be great for Sinny and he knows how to act his way out of a wet paper sack.  His whole premise might have to be retconned to fit the movies, but that’s doable..and doable in a believable way.  Maybe, if the part is written just so, there could be a way to bring in Apocalypse.


Why all the Jean Grey Hating?

Yeah, Jean Grey seems to either inspire fanatical loathing or fanatical fan worship. Me, I appreciate Jean Grey and detest that she’s been tossed in a fridge so much. (Follow link for explanation.)

Jean was created in a comic book era where women were either angelic, sickly sweet or pure evil like Jezebel. So I think that’s where a good deal of where her annoying ‘saintliness’ stems from. She was written by men who did not know how to portray a decent woman, other than the idealized version that has never existed–except in their delusional fantasies.

It is very, very hard for female characters to break out of that mold once they are established. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one character who has and that’s Lois Lane. Thank god, because she used to be Superman’s super stalker. Now, she’s a strong, fairly competent female archetype.

Claremont made her less sacchariny during the Dark Phoenix Saga. He made her strong, powerful and…ok…he also made her crazy. But…Jean, for the first time, showed growth and an interesting character. He made her awesome, instead of a weakling. He let her use her power, instead of hiding it away behind insecurity.

There’s the fact that Jean, unfortunately, has been defined by her romantic interests. Whether it be her unconsummated love for Logan, or the yawn inducing romance involving Cyclops,

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Just A Comics Post About My Fave Fashions

I adore Chris Sims, he’s a fantabolous writer, but he has some weird tastes and predilections. If you read any of his work for more than 3 minutes, you’ll know what I say isn’t hyperbole. It might be hypobole. *Did I just make up a word? Oh well, I’ll blame it on the copious amounts of caffeinated beverages that I imbibed today.

Wolverine does his best fashion sans a group issued uniform. I like him in a tank, jeans and maybe a leather jacket. The way I imagine all Marvel’s bad asses (except Frank) to dress.

The 80’s, and I say this as one of the oldest members of the group, were not a time of high fashion. I remember wearing rainbow colored high tops to school–how I loved those shoes. Unfortunately, I could imagine Kitty in them too. It wasn’t a good fashion time. For anyone. Particularly comic characters. Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of the black leotard, green bodice thingie look that sported Rogue for awhile. (Nor am I a fan of big hair). I prefer the green and white outfit that Rogue is wearing on the home page of the group. Practical and it protects everyone from an accidental touch.

I really like Jean’s Black Queen outfit and prefer the original version of Emma’s costume. It has not been lost on me that the more virtuous a female character becomes in Marvel, the more clothes they have on. It makes me roll my eyes and want more skin to be shown. I don’t like the unspoken theory that only bad women flaunt what they got.

Asian Psylocke is the best version…other than the numerous times she jumps into frays vagina first. Yeah, I know. I don’t mind nudity…and anyone that knows me understands that I lack the quality of prudishness, but…going into battle lady bits a-blazing does not seem a safe martial arts move. But maybe it’s the female equivalent of ….ahh…how to put this delicately?—when men engage in sword fighting? Who am I to judge?

All of Gambit’s outfits sucked ass. Pink? For a master thief? Gimme a break. I don’t like the one that Cyclops has…that goes over his head. Makes him look like a condom currently in use. Of course, I also think he’s a cheating prick, (argue with me on that point at your own risk.) so that could have something to do my view.

Storm’s black swimsuit outfit “suited” her. One of my favorites. Jean’s Dark Phoenix attire is my absolute favorite. It’s iconic, instantly recognizable. Black Cat has some cute duds. (Completely random moment: I wonder what would happen if she and the Black Panther got together? Black Kittens?)

Great Comic Book Villain Quotes

(Taken from both page and movie)

I got bored, and there is only so much of my life that I can stand, so I decided just to have fun today. Negativity begets negativity, and the same goes for the reverse. I want a little more positivity in my life. 

1) Am I always to be plagued by that accursed quartet?–Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four Villain.

2) Kneel before Zod!–General Zod.

3) Why so serious?– Joker

4) “For this new sensation,
the rapture of destruction
For the pleasure of the Phoenix
the unbound joy of evil.”

Jean Grey – Dark Phoenix –

5) “Never trust a beautiful woman, especcially one that is interested in you” (Magneto, X2)

Friday Fun

X-Chicks Unite!

C’mon. Tell me that this thought…

didn’t cross your mind when you first saw the image?    Ok, ok.  So I got bored.  😀  Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Tuesday is the new Thorsday

Too Awesome For Mere Words…

Posting again. Wow!

First, the abomination that is Frankencastle. I know there’s a few people that seem to like that…that…. Punisher wanna be, (I’m looking at Chris Sims from the ISB here) but the book doth bloweth and bloweth hard.

Judging from how I have my blog set up, you may assume that I like the character. And yes, I gave it a chance. Still, it bloweth and it’s disappointing that ol’ Frank has been hacked and slashed…reduced to a joke of himself. The concept would have been fine as a four parter, but not as a main comic book line.

This blog’s writer, that would be me, takes sociopathic vigilantes very seriously.

Probably too seriously, but hey, it’s all good when he punches zoo animals in the snout.  This is what he should look like:

Now…Marvel is about to continue the supernatural trend with vampires. I know. They done did that with Drac-baby in the late 70’s…So why do it now? Marvel has done vampires to (un)death—they don’t need to do it.


Oh. That’s right. Twilight. The vamps have a resurgence in popularity! Especially among girls and ..emo dudes. I don’t know about you, but I am blaming Stephanie Meyer!