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Homicidal Purring Machines

Cats. I love my cats. But sometimes I wonder about those balls of fluff and claw.

Example, my cat Queenie. Normally, I don’t let cats in my room because I have breakable stuff. I changed my mind because we still have a mouse or two running around. Anyway, I was sleeping when she apparently caught one and jumped up on my bed with it.. She wanted to give me a gift. A gift of a dead mouse. When I noticed it, I just about jumped on a chair and squealed in terror. Yeah, on occasion I act like the girl I am.

Eww. At least I didn’t lay over or sit on it. Thank the heaven for little blessings, I guess.

As much speed as I could muster at 12 in the morning, I stripped everything off my bed. I am washing every single bed item I can.

Note to cats: If you want to give your human a gift, we prefer chocolate.