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Meh. Another day, Another post

I have been so apathetic lately. Troubles at home, but mostly abroad, have just sapped every ounce of creativity out of me. I rise, only to work, exercise, laze about on WoW, hope people get on YIM to talk, hope there are messages in Marvel Uncensored (my sole RPG) to respond to, then wander off to sleep.

It’s a sad, pathetic little life with not much in the way of mental or social stimulation.  Or inspiration.  I’ve even neglected my little Punisher website that could.  But now that I’ve found that some people are responding to it, it makes me feel better.  Makes me feel like there is something good to be found.

What has happened in Japan is just too much for me to take in because if I did, I’d probably cry for a day.  I feel numb.  I’ll process the tradegy soon, but later.  After the shock has worn off.  It is just too horrible for me to spend too much time on.  Too much suffering for me to imagine.  Not only from the earthquake itself, but by the subsequent horrors of the tsunami and the nuclear plants being damaged.

Just. Too. Much.

I pray in my own way that as many people as possible are safe and united with their families, and that help brings them food and warmth.  I pray that the people of Japan know that the hearts of good people are thinking about them.


Unhappy Meals

Please people. Please stop having the government think for you. Like banning Happy Meals because they entice kids to eat craptacularily horrific food. That’s such utter b.s. What happened to parenting? What happened to common sense? Where are our brains? I know it is hard, but start exercising those few brain cells that haven’t been tainted by the sight of Snooki, or the latest pop culture phenomenon. Yes, I am ashamed that I have heard of the orange troll, though I’ve not seen the show. Thank god.

I’m starting to lose track of my original thought and diverge onto other topics. This is the land of Freedom. Well, it used to be. I’m beginning to doubt it. It seems to be shifting into the Land of the Stoopid. Believe me, we do not want bureaucratic idiots making most of the big decisions regarding our life.

Here’s a few things I want people to do right now:

  • Stop buying crap for your kids if you don’t want them to get tubby.
  • Take accountability for your own damn actions and stop foisting it off onto a corporation.
  • STOP whining!

I am now off my soapbox and off to have some fun.

Thou Shalt Not Gloat

For it doth annoyeth me.

Gloating is one of the many, many irritating qualities that mankind possesses. It is one of my many, many pet peeves. (Yes, I have a lot. People just tick me off on a regular basis because of a) thoughtlessness b) outright selfishness or c) not raised right.) Gloating is unattractive and speaks ill of your character. Gloating to me means that you are reveling in the misfortune or defeat of another. It is not precisely ethically wrong, but it is wrong on a personal, I-want-you-to-leave-me-the-heck-alone. It really is a major turn off for me.

That’s why it irks me to no end when people whoop and holler when their politicial adversaries falter and fall. It isn’t just the gloating (whenever I write that word, I see Rush Limbaugh’s fat bloated face in my mind.)–it is the disturbing notion that they are celebrating the downfall of people that are working for us and doing what they see is in our best interest.

Let’s face it: if our leaders do not succeed in turning our country around, we will all pay the price. So instead of glorying at humbling them, why don’t we try working with them? Why don’t we roll up our own sleeves and get to work? Instead of munching on our chemical laden snack treats and letting pop culture shows like Entertainment Tonight rot our brains and take away our determination.

Update: I LIVE

I’m doing fine, more or less. Adrift in a sea of discontent with only my myriad number of thoughts as company, but it’s probably just a phase I’m going through. I know that I’ll be ok, one day at a time. That’s one of the many key elements to finding happiness; just accepting one moment as it comes. Happiness is something you have to work at. Funny how no one tells you that. Maybe it’s one of the great truths that you have to discover for yourself.

The kind of writing that I’ve been doing seems to require a different frame of mind. Being able to see another character, how they live and breathe, motivations, tends to shove my own narcissism to the back of my mind. It’s difficult, for me, to switch gears.

So…a brief run down on what’s going on in my life:

I’m having difficulty NOT over eating. It’s really tempting to munch away at whatever’s at hand.

Working at home is a dream come true. I love it. I don’t miss my co-workers much.

Diabetes? Meh. My control of it could be better. Could be a lot worse.

Yeah, that’s how I’m doing. I’ll see if I can write more later on…I gotta get to bed.

Moron of the Week

I don’t know if you have all heard the story of Bethany Storro, otherwise known as the woman who, as it turned out, tossed acid in her OWN face. After she claimed a crazy black woman committed the deed–hmm. Why not claim a crazy white lady? Believe me, there are plenty of those running around….even in my own neighborhood. (Not me, though.)

She gave herself an acid facial because she wanted to a) off herself or b) get plastic surgery. I’m not buying the pathetic excuses she’s peddling. There are more effective ways to commit suicide than acid.

No. The lady wanted attention. This act was a cry for help–a rather poor one, but a cry nonetheless.

Oh, she got attention. Got it in the form of monetary donations. Until, that is, she was uncovered for the medically imbalanced liar she now is known to be. And, as soon as she is out of the hospital, law enforcement plans to arrest her on fraud.

Good for them, but I also hope the court makes her get the professional assistance she needs.

Oldie But a Goldie

(Recycled post.  I’m still alive but not up to writing original content at the moment.  Busy with personal writing.)

I have nothing against the ‘no ruler’ anarchists…and I’ve thought long and hard over someone’s suggestion that the President’s role be eliminated. I’m respectfully disagreeing with that possible solution.

I just see problems with people governing people. Logically speaking, a group of people could run the government without aid of a president. But then, people are rarely logical being influenced by things like corruption or emotion. In any sort of equation, you should factor in those two unknowns.

You also may have a bickering problem between political parties. Or if a particular party should have a majority in the ‘Council’…. Issues that shouldn’t take very long to resolve would take an eternity. It would be a disaster because potentially the ‘Council’ could get nothing done. Look at Congress. They don’t seem to get anything accomplished other than harass broadcasters by tacking an indecency fine bill onto a ‘Let’s give our troops more money’ bill.

Our founding fathers, far ahead of their time, set up the checks and balances system for a reason. Despite what I feel about our current President, there should still BE a President.

Here’s what I’d like to see:

  • A shifting away from politicial parties.
  • The realization that we have to save ourselves and that one man can not save our booties.

With all that said, I am firmly convinced that robots need to be our overlords.  At least they’ll be perfectly logical. Until their motherboard short circuits.

People Are People

Bi-yatch, please. Just because someone has an Muslim sounding name, doesn’t follow suit that he is, in fact, a Muslim. Americans, I swear, are getting stupider by the day. Wait, I’ll elaborate on that a little later in my essay/blog post.

Our President goes to a Christian church, talks more or less openly about his faith (not that it is any of our business what he believes in) and observes the Christian holidays.

He would NOT be able to do that if he were, indeed, a follower of Islam. That faith believes very strongly against apostates. There is no way he could lead a double life, religion wise. Ever hear of the phrase: Cannot serve two masters? That’s applicable here.

Whatever is causing this irrational fear that our Pres may not be a Christian, I say, suck it up. This country was founded on religious freedom. No, that doesn’t mean just you can choose which demonination of Christianity you can go to. It means complete freedom of choice, whether it be Wicca or Buddism or having the lack of religion in your life at all.

(Of course, I also believe you have the right to believe what you want to. Just don’t interfere in my right to refuse to be pestered. That’s a right, too.)

So, even if Obama WERE a Muslim, he’d have the right to be so under our Constitution.

I’ve got a theory that fear over the economy and the potential loss of our way of life, is leaking over onto other issues. Such as demonizing the Islam faith, seeing it as a terrorist religion. Fear turns people into cattle. Dumb, panicky, running on the plains of Texas like a bunch of dangerously horned idiots, cattle.

Fear is turning us on each other. It’s up to us to stop it, if we even can.

Went out to dinner

It’s good to live and just take in a small part of the juicyness of life. It’s nice to get out and let someone cook and otherwise pamper you. It doesn’t happen very often for me, as I tend to shy away from making new friends. I shouldn’t be such a mega wuss, I know.

Yeah, I went out for dinner. I was actually invited out to dinner by my roomie’s mom. I so loved not having to cook or do dishes, grateful for the chance to leave the house. It was nice of her to pay for MY dinner. (She knows we’re poor. We have ten bucks to spend on groceries for this week.) Of course, it helped that she had a gift certificate. But still, it’s the thought that counts in this instance.

Small things restore one’s soul and piece of mind, even help to maintain some faith in humanity. Tonight helped. The roomie’s mom has been more like a real mom to me than my father’s wife.

I feel relaxed and calm.

Pray For Him

I don’t normally do this, but this kid’s story has kicked me in the heart.  He disappeared from school two weeks ago and NO ONE has seen him since.  No trace of the boy. Nothing.    I can’t describe how I ache for this family and I want him to go home.   I also want to do my part and try to help. (This happened like about fifteen miles away from my town, too.)