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Marvel Zombies Vs The Army of Darkness

Yes. You read that right. The Marvel Undead Universe against Ash and the Necronomicon.

Normally, I’m rather dubious about seemingly unrelated cross-overs, but since I love both Marvel and Ash (This is one “King” I would definitely hail) Williams, I thought I’d give it a go.

The art is pretty darn good. Gory, but good. The writer captured the essence of Ash (all mouth, no brain, but well meaning heart) as he ran amok, trying to warn the heroes of the impending un-doom.

It didn’t work.

Carnage and dark humor ensued. Beloved heroes got Zombified then ate. And ate. And made smart remarks.

I was satisfied with the ending; it really smacked of complete Ash assery. It IS good, though. As some major credit card company would say: priceless. (Sorry, ain’t gonna tell ya.)

Go get it and devour it!


Graphic Monday?

Yeah, I still love comic books.  That hasn’t changed.  Nothing will take away my love of the graphic novel. I’m still going to read ‘n’ review them.   I just don’t have the dinero (money) to do it.

So…I’ll probably just pull out some old issues of X-men for awhile until I get some scratch.