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The Montagues and Capulets of the Middle East

If the Israelis and the Muslims can’t share land, I think the UN should take it over and make it so no one can live there. It’s darn ridiculous that they can’t think beyond their own greedy, land grabbing, religious zealotry and just get along.

I am not a big fan of religion. I am, however, a fan of true faith. But I’m sure my readers know that by now.

That goes for both sides and yes, I’m sure Israel has played a big part in this escalation. They feel as if they are fighting for their lives, they probably are, as they are surrounded by people that hate them. What can they do? It’s not like they can buy a good sized island and turn it into their country. They do deserve their own sovereign nation.

The Palestians protest because it became their land. They–understandably so–don’t want to leave it. It’s not like they have anywhere to go either. And before people get their noses in a bunch, let me say that I don’t see America giving the country completely back to the Native Americans. Conquest used to be a part of our society. (Manifest Destiny, anyone? ) Trouble is, other societies haven’t the problem we have with it now.

They hate each other. They can’t see that they can share the holy ground in peace.

Wish someone would bonk their heads together.



This is our country

One of the phrases that springs to my mind when it comes to politics (or organized religion for that matter) is: “Do not pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.” I call that kind of line a distraction statement. Sometimes, it’s futile (as it was in the Wizard of Oz) but they have been known to work on a gullible public.

I’ll translate what that means to me: “Just listen to what I tell you to do, and not look at what I do.” I hear that a lot from our so called leaders that we’re to blindly follow. Well, that’s what they’d like us to do. But I’m not the kind to meekly follow anyone and I certainly do not blindly trust anyone. That, my dearest readers, is a quality I am not capable of.

What gets me is that our “patriotic” leaders want us to simply let them do everything and get in a snit when some of the sharper eyed citizens call them out on a misdeed. We have people imploring us to be patriotic, and have outright said that to question authority indicates that we aren’t. If it weren’t for some of our forefathers having the courage to stand up to the British, there would be no America as we know it. Questioning authority is our heritage. Questioning our president and other leaders is what we’re supposed to do–it is our duty in fact—and we shouldn’t let anyone convince us otherwise.

I guess that people would think that this is a call to arms, a call to begin positive changes in our country. They would be correct. This is our country. Go and change it for the better.

Strong Women in History

I decided to just have some fun and share my love of history on this blog. Note, these will not be truly in-depth essays on some of my favorite women, but I hope it will be enough to generate a discussion.

Part I

Queen Elizabeth I of England–Having been traumatized as a child by her father’s “habit” of discarding wives, or possibly not wanting to share power at all, she remained unmarried and alone. She resisted marriage wholeheartedly, despite pressure and schemes to get her married off.

It took a lot of strength for a woman to refuse to get married and even more for a woman to rule–and rule well at that. She dealt with so much politics, her cousin trying to get her throne, (whom she had to execute) Spain wanting to claim England….I could write a 500 page book just on her early trials as Queen.

Yet, her personal charisma and political astuteness, got her through the rough patches of her reign. Her strength enabled her to rule and protect England and she was loved by *most* of her subjects.

She loved to hunt and dance. The Queen surrounded herself with youth and wit.

The Queen, like her father (Henry the 8th), had a capricious, mean spirited streak–although she had it in a lesser degree than he. She could be ruthless when it came to using people in the game of keeping her throne She rewarded loyalty, but if one of her nobles married without her permission…he/she could expect to spend some time in the Tower of London.

I admire her because of her great fortitude and ability to lead: I think she was truly a great woman. She proved to me that women do not need a relationship to succeed.