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People Piss Me Off

People are so cold and mean, heartless even.  What happened to common courtesy? What happened to compassion and respect for others? It went down the goddamn crapper, that’s where those important traits of humanity disappeared to.  Down the crapper with civility and common sense. People are starting to irritate the bejebus out of me.  One of these days some moron is going to talk down about how they’re so right and I’ll let them have it–intellectually.   I’m currently arming myself with knowledge so that I can “inform” them.

No. People have to try to cram their beliefs and politics down everyone’s throat.  I’m right, you’re wrong so fuck off. What the hell?  What happened to polite discourse and intelligent conversation?  Why are people so panic stricken….and…stupid?  Why don’t people take the time to read?  No..we have to have all our opinions directly beamed into our heads by the idiots on news stations.  (Or by people on the podium at their church or other religious institution.)

NEVER BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE, READ OR HEAR FROM ONE SOURCE.  Wean yourself from depending on others for your day to day information.

Research, delve and question.  Don’t let your biggest asset go to waste…your brain.  Use it, exercise it, and don’t believe the hype.


Are you there, Blog? It’s me, Randi

Hey! How are ya?

Been busy. Yes. Same stuff, different day.

Oh, the Westboro Church? The very same people who say the gays are responsible for all our dead soldiers? (Of course, their logic is flawed. I mean, how would that account for all of the people that rest in Arlington cemetery?) Well they are in court over the First Amendment, because of their right to free speech.

The father of one of the slain soldiers is suing them, claiming harassment. I think he’s right, or at least has a point. He has the right to mourn his son properly, without being hounded by anyone–whether they be anti-gay or anti-war. Do I think he’s entitled to any money? No, but he deserves to get an apology out of the nutcases. But I would like to see them barred from crashing any more funerals.

Protests do NOT belong at a funeral. Period. If they want to protest on their own property or another property with the owner’s approval? Fine. At least their idiocy will be contained. But we need to weigh freedom of speech against other people’s freedom to not be subjected to more emotional distress.

Moron of the Week

I don’t know if you have all heard the story of Bethany Storro, otherwise known as the woman who, as it turned out, tossed acid in her OWN face. After she claimed a crazy black woman committed the deed–hmm. Why not claim a crazy white lady? Believe me, there are plenty of those running around….even in my own neighborhood. (Not me, though.)

She gave herself an acid facial because she wanted to a) off herself or b) get plastic surgery. I’m not buying the pathetic excuses she’s peddling. There are more effective ways to commit suicide than acid.

No. The lady wanted attention. This act was a cry for help–a rather poor one, but a cry nonetheless.

Oh, she got attention. Got it in the form of monetary donations. Until, that is, she was uncovered for the medically imbalanced liar she now is known to be. And, as soon as she is out of the hospital, law enforcement plans to arrest her on fraud.

Good for them, but I also hope the court makes her get the professional assistance she needs.

Oldie But a Goldie

(Recycled post.  I’m still alive but not up to writing original content at the moment.  Busy with personal writing.)

I have nothing against the ‘no ruler’ anarchists…and I’ve thought long and hard over someone’s suggestion that the President’s role be eliminated. I’m respectfully disagreeing with that possible solution.

I just see problems with people governing people. Logically speaking, a group of people could run the government without aid of a president. But then, people are rarely logical being influenced by things like corruption or emotion. In any sort of equation, you should factor in those two unknowns.

You also may have a bickering problem between political parties. Or if a particular party should have a majority in the ‘Council’…. Issues that shouldn’t take very long to resolve would take an eternity. It would be a disaster because potentially the ‘Council’ could get nothing done. Look at Congress. They don’t seem to get anything accomplished other than harass broadcasters by tacking an indecency fine bill onto a ‘Let’s give our troops more money’ bill.

Our founding fathers, far ahead of their time, set up the checks and balances system for a reason. Despite what I feel about our current President, there should still BE a President.

Here’s what I’d like to see:

  • A shifting away from politicial parties.
  • The realization that we have to save ourselves and that one man can not save our booties.

With all that said, I am firmly convinced that robots need to be our overlords.  At least they’ll be perfectly logical. Until their motherboard short circuits.

I Can’t Disrespect

No matter how much I may want to…. I can’t disrespect my step-mother.

Parents refi’d the house trailer without telling me to lower the payment. Wait…another gripe first. Our original agreement was to pay a flat amount and anything left over would be kept to repair the trailer. Or to help out if we couldn’t pay a month. Reasonable, right? And we paid faithfully.

We should have had well over $2000 dollars in the account–an account that we couldn’t access. We had to pay another bill and thought the house could wait another two weeks.

Meeeh.. Wrong.

Apparently Mom has been pocketing the money and didn’t give us a buffer. Now, if Mom needed some money, I wouldn’t have minded her getting some out. But seriously? Two THOUSAND dollars? Money I could use to…oh….Maybe get my electrical wiring checked out? Roof fixed, floor under toilet repaired.

Here’s where I’m really angry…The trailer was supposed to have been paid off in 2013. Because of the refi, it is now 2023. And MOM got the money from the refi AND all the extra I have been paying into the account, which was supposed to be used for repairs and emergencies.   I don’t mind if she needed the money, but she should have communicated that with me.  It kind of makes me angry.


I know. I need out. All the signs are there. Just need some more courage and help on the other side of the country…

The Bella From Hella

I really don’t understand why the Twilight saga is the epitome of what love is to so many young women…and their moms for that matter. It’s pure and utter bullshit. You’d think that older women would have the maturity and/or mental acuity to see that obsession is different than love. (Much, much different.)

Edward is a fucking crazy creep, Jacob is probably the character I like most, but Bella..she gives anyone with an ounce of estrogen a bad name. She’s nothing but a spineless, wet noodle that bitches about her life and how horrible it is. She is a pretty useless bitch of a character.

Now, I don’t mind bitchy female characters. Scarlett O’Hara is a good example. She’s not a pleasant character, but she is plenty interesting. She has something called: a strong will–a quality that Bella will never have.. Sure, Scarlett does lots of underhanded deeds, but..I find the character as a whole refreshing and different from the normal female in literature.

Have a bitchy lead character, but be interesting about it. Give the character good qualities, don’t just have the character be wimpy and a pushover…give the character something that readers can glom onto.

Anita Blake used to be excellent until she started needing sex to live every other chapter in her newer books. *Insert rolling eyes here* Her series used to be so so good, and now it’s pretty crappy.

(But if you do want to read Anita Blake, I recommend stopping at Obsidian Butterfly–the last great Blake book.)

Posting again. Wow!

First, the abomination that is Frankencastle. I know there’s a few people that seem to like that…that…. Punisher wanna be, (I’m looking at Chris Sims from the ISB here) but the book doth bloweth and bloweth hard.

Judging from how I have my blog set up, you may assume that I like the character. And yes, I gave it a chance. Still, it bloweth and it’s disappointing that ol’ Frank has been hacked and slashed…reduced to a joke of himself. The concept would have been fine as a four parter, but not as a main comic book line.

This blog’s writer, that would be me, takes sociopathic vigilantes very seriously.

Probably too seriously, but hey, it’s all good when he punches zoo animals in the snout.  This is what he should look like:

Now…Marvel is about to continue the supernatural trend with vampires. I know. They done did that with Drac-baby in the late 70’s…So why do it now? Marvel has done vampires to (un)death—they don’t need to do it.


Oh. That’s right. Twilight. The vamps have a resurgence in popularity! Especially among girls and ..emo dudes. I don’t know about you, but I am blaming Stephanie Meyer!

Born Under A Bad Sign

For once, I’ll be glad when the weekend is over. It’s been a bad one. Long story short, car got impounded by the police (NOT my fault, really. Roomie was driving it with a suspended license and got busted. He wouldn’t let me come and get it either. And now I have to pay them 100 bucks PLUS all the towing costs. I smell a scam. Seriously.) and I can’t get it out til tomorrow. Naturally, where it’s stored at costs an additional 40 bucks a day. I just hope it only takes the 300 dollars that I managed to scrounge up to get my car out.

In defense of my roomie, she DID pay the fine and the DMV did give her back her license…that’s why I even let her drive in the first place. Believe me, I respect authority, and I feel guilty for even coming close to doing something illegal.

Whew! I can’t wait to work!

Yippee Kay Yay Mudder Fu–

Friend…out of hospital. Yes!

We’ll worry about paying rent and getting food later .And medicine? Who needs that?

I am irked by friends who are telling us about the terrific vacations they’ll get to go on. Why, do you ask? Because we’re having a tough time finding our next meal, let alone pay for our rent and our utilities.

There’s a part of me that is frustrated by that, because I know the money spent on having fun could be used to help pay rent for some family or put food on the table. And it’s used to have fun? Maybe I’m being bitter, but I don’t see how a friend–who knows that we are having a difficult go of it– would brag about … Well, I don’t think the individual is rubbing it in our faces, but rather is sort of being thoughtless. Still…either way…it pisses me off.

I don’t know. Maybe I am bitter. Maybe I’m being driven to it by circumstances that are within my control. My emotions are mine to do with as I will, and right now, I feel like yelling at people who waste money on what I think are extravagances. I’m busy trying to live and someone can go pussyfoot in Italy.


Randi’s Rants

Brought to you by Mountain Dew….a proud sponsor of V for Valkyrie!

Please, if you are an adult, use the word probably. Do Not Use: prolly. It makes you sound like an idiot. A teenage idiot. Act your age and take the time to say (and spell for that matter) PROBABLY. If you don’t know how to spell it, get a dictionary—read it, love it, engage in a love affair with wordplay. You might think “prolly” sounds cute but it isn’t.

Drivers, I don’t care if you pass me. Just don’t slow down as soon as you get over into my lane—unless I can see a good reason for it. Such as getting a Mr. Impatient Pants off your own hiney. The primal side of me will see that as an act of passive-aggressiveness to make yourself feel as you’re better than someone else. Mainly me.

If you slow down so much that I have to pass you, please do not play vehicular leapfrog with me. In my mind, I’ll be imagining that I am playing Crash Bandicoot racing with you….and giving you a bowling ball bomb, making you bounce harmlessly to the side of the road. Then laugh maniacally as I drive past you.









 People who deny me my beloved Mountain Dew. ‘Nuff said. As an aside, don’t try to sneak up on me after I’ve had a 20 oz bottle. I tend to shriek like a banshee. I have a set of pipes that you wouldn’t believe. I really can scream.

This post was cheerfully powered by Mountain Dew. Can you tell? Huh? Huh? I’m full of ‘tude and caffeine…uh …uh here comes the crash…