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The M-Team

In honor of the A-Team movie that is coming out, I have decided to envision what the equivalent of it would be in the Marvel world….

Nick Fury, pretty much the Hannibal of the outlaw team. He even smokes a cigar and cracks wise.

Steve Rogers, pretty, charismatic. Everyone in Marvel likes the guy. (Except for the Red Skull. So he is the “Face” of the team.

Frank Castle (C’mon. You KNEW he had to be in this list somewhere.) is probably the bad ass of the team, deals with the heavy artillery, punches…that sort of macho thing. OK, so he’s not much of a team player. But neither is BA.

Deadpool. His role in the group is bulletcatcher. And quip shooter. It’s his merry form of insanity that makes him the perfect choice to take on the Murdock part of the M-Team. Plus, I could so see Frank shooting him every issue, trying to get him out of everyone’s misery.


Reading Materials

For some reason, I’ve been drawn to the darker side of reading. I went budget crazy at the good ol’ Barnes and Noble yesterday.  I was just starving for a different kind of reading material than I could find at my library.  Check out my reading list: 
  • The Punisher: From First to Last
  • Preacher: Until The End of The World
  • Blaze, by Richard Bachman/Stephen King
  • Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
  • Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
  • Full Moon (The second book of the Dresden files) by Jim Butcher. 


The first two are really graphic graphic novels. They are extremely controversial worthwhile reading, the Preacher more so than The Punisher. At least Frank just kills bad guys…..the main character in Preacher wants to go off ‘God’. That series (Preacher) is considerably more sacriligious. But sacriligious isn’t necessarily bad, to my way of thinking.

Blaze is about a dumb, down-on-his-luck criminal. It’s by Stephen King, so it should be good.

The Dexter books are the source material for the “Dexter” series. You know, that show about the likeable serial killer? I read a chapter in the store and I was hooked. But then, I’m fascinated by stories about killers. Don’t know why.

The Dresden files series, ok, so I only read one, is good popcorn/bus reading material. If this book is anything like the first, it’ll go by fast. If you like sarcastic, crime-solving, gentlemanly wizards who are in constant trouble with their “supervisors”, get and read the first book.  Storm Front.

What Dreams May Come

I love the lyrical beauty of the title, so simple and elegant. So I had to pick up the book. I watched the movie with Robin Williams sometime ago and had liked it.

The book is, like so many others, much better. Thick. Meater. More philosophical. I loved it and it should be a must read on everyone’s list. I like how Richard Matheson invisions the afterlife, which accomodates people’s differing tastes.

My heaven would be quiet and filled with books. And horses. And free WoW. I digress.

At the heart of this story is the author’s philosophy on what happens after we bite the big one, the love story seems like an after thought, as a way to delve into the workings of how the afterlife works. I guess that’s ok, because there are moments of such clarity into the main characters’ relationship that the love they share almost feels geniune.

This is a novel whose themes of hope and love and to live life without fear are important to take in and absorp.   Read it.  It’s great.

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