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Simpsons Sunday…err Monday: Life on the Fast Lane

EDIT: Yeah, yeah. I know I said I’d post this yesterday, but I had some living to do.

Season 1, Episode 9

Synopis:   Homer, out of pure selfishness, gives Marge a bowling ball engraved with his name for her birthday. (He said so it was she knew the ball was from him. Yeah, right.) She refuses to let him use it and takes bowling lessons from a home-wrecking, smooth-talking lothario with a fake French accent named Jacques. Natch. As he tries to seduce Marge, knowing she’s married, her faithfulness to Homer (and her own set of morals) is tested.

My thoughts:  I like how this show portrays more adult problems and how generally the characters have the moral fortitude to fix the mistakes that were made.  I think the difference between the newer shows that are more Family Guy like in nature (Bleh!).

Favorite Quote:  Jacques:  I know, my mind says stop but my heart and my hips cry ‘Proceed’!

Donut rating: 4


Simpsons Sunday: The Telltale Head

Season 1  Episode 8

Synopsis:  The beloved statue of Springfield’s illustrious town founder was brutally vandalized by el Barto, who did it for the approval of some really rotten kids.  (Jimbo, who wears a Punisher shirt. Grrr.  As well as Dolph and Kearney. Bad eggs. The lot of them.)  It’s obviously a take on Poe’s–whom I adore, but he was sick and twisted–own tale,  A Telltale Heart.   Bart’s conscience torments him in pretty much the same fashion.  It’s also interesting to note that in a future episode featuring Lisa, A Telltale Heart is also referenced.    (Season six, episode titled Lisa’s Rival.  Yes, my knowledge of the Simpsons is quite extensive and it is quite scary!) 

My thoughts: This is one of the very first episodes that advocates morality and how important it is to be truthful, even  especially if mistakes were made.  It also makes a point of illustrating the effects of peer pressure and the basic need of humans to be liked and accepted.

Favorite Quote:  Sunday School Teacher:  Is a little blind faith too much to ask?

Donut Rating: 4

Simpsons Sunday: The Call of the Simpsons

I guess it would be Simpsons Monday.  I’m bringing back this blogging category so that I can have a certain structure on how I blog. Sort of give me a goal.

Season 1 Episode 7:  The Call of the Simpsons

Synopsis:  After seeing Flanders with a RV,  Homer chooses to buy one of his own to ostensibly go camping, but what it really is an attempt to keep up with the Jones.   Their RV falls off a cliff and so the Simpsons are stranded in the forest with nothing except their wits.  As usual, a wry sense of hilarity ensues.  Bart and Homer tumble down into a river and lose their clothes,  Maggie befriends some bears,  Lisa and Marge bond, and Homer gets bagged and tagged as Bigfoot.  Funny stuff, eh?

My thoughts:   I don’t know why Marge lets Maggie go off with Homer–or trusts that he is the experienced woodsman that he says he is.  I’d think she’d know better than that.  Especially after my favorite quote from the episode, listed below.

Favorite Quote:   Homer:  I’ve murdered us all….murdered us all…murdered us all.

Donut Rating:  3 1/2

Simpson Sunday: Moaning Lisa

Season 1, Episode 6

Synopsis: While at school, Lisa gets in trouble for not participating in dodge ball. Why? She is sad. She spends the episode, pondering the meaning of life and suffering. She makes a friend of Bleeding Gums Murphy, a “jazzman”.

My thoughts: Lisa is obviously sensitive and intelligent. Her sadness is brought on by feeling lost and alone. She needed only to be listened to and to have someone affirm that it is ok to feel sad. At the end, she’s smiling again because her mother told her that she isn’t alone and her family will support her.

Dont blow a gasket.

Don't blow a gasket.

Take note of that people. It is OK to feel sad, mad, or any other combo of emotions that are available.

Favorite Quote:  The blues isn’t about feeling better. It’s about making other people feel WORSE, and making a few bucks while you’re at it.

Donut Rating:

Simpsons Sunday: Bart The General

Season 1, Episode 5

Synopsis: Bart defended Lisa from a bully and his cronies, and paid the inevitable price–he got into a fight and landed a lucky blow. Eventually, he led his water ballooned army against the neighborhood menace to victory and good times.

My thoughts: Bart must be a lover not a fighter, but he’s not very good at self-defense. Also, Bart actually sticks up for his sister, indicating that there is more to their interpersonal dynamic than tormentor/tormentee. It must be a sibling quirk, they seem to take turns with those two roles.

In this episode, there are numerous references to war movies. Not sure which ones, though. Patton maybe? Apocolypse Now?

Favorite Quote: Nelson Muntz: You made me bleed my own blood!

Donut Rating:



Simpsons Sunday–There’s No Disgrace Like Home

Season 1 Episode 4

Synopsis: Due to how his family acts at his company picnic,Homer comes to the conclusion that his dysfunctional family needs intensive counseling. Hilarious results follow.

My thoughts: One of the few times, Homer is more responsible and aware than Marge—who gets drunk at the picnic. He actually tries to get the family to conform to traditional standards, after seeing a supposedly “perfect” (Not the Flanders) family at the company event.

Ironically, viewers see the “perfect” family looking upset while in the doctor’s office, when the Simpsons’ stroll past on their way to the appointment.

Favorite Quote: Homer: Be normal, be normal!

Donut Rating:

Simpsons Sunday—Homer’s Odyssey

Season 1, Episode 3
(Yes, it’s that time again. Time to dread going back to work!)

Synopsis: After acting like a dunderhead when Bart goes on a school tour of the plant, Homer gets fired. He, submersed in despression, searches for meaning to his life–and finds it as a crusader for safety.

My thoughts: I find it ironic that an incompetent klutz, who would go on to cause serious accidents, get hurt almost every episode—would stand up for safety. Of course, this is still the first season and character quirks are being worked out. I also find it touching, that although the family squabbles a lot, they come together when it counts. Usually when Homer is fired.



Also, it’s odd to know that Mr. Smithers was originally black. I don’t know why the producers of the series decided to make him white.

Favorite Quote: Homer: Beer. Now there’s a temporary solution.

Donut Rating: 



Bonus Trivia: First appearance of Blinky, the three eyed fish.

Simpsons Sunday! Bart the Genius

Bart fakes an I.Q test and gets placed in an advanced class, where he learns smart kids can be just as mean as regular bullies.

Season 1, Ep 2. (The first episode is a Christmas one. I think I’ll wait to do that one. Until, you guessed it, the holidays.) 

My thoughts: Compared to the latest season, the animation is primitive but the storytelling is still rich and compelling. I consider it a plus that it isn’t as outlandish as seasons 12+ tend to be. I like the older seasons because of the simple and earnest episodes.

It may be just me, but Homer is also not quite as dumb in Season One, and shows a type of insight that is rarely shown in later shows.

I like this episode because it has heart. It brings Homer and Bart together, however temporarily, with Bart being “smart”, he earns Homer’s respect and makes him proud of Bart. Of course, when Bart reveals that he stole Martin’s (A nerdy kid who, frankly, had it coming.) test, all the new found respect was lost as Homer chased Bart’s naked butt upstairs.

Favorite quote from episode: K-W-Y-J-I-B-O — a big, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin.

Donut rating:





I had this brilliant idea of putting my ten seasons of The Simpsons to good use. Every Sunday, I will do a review on one episode.   I figure with 200+ episodes, it will take me awhile to work through them.

I think I’ll work through the series in chronological fashion.  I hope you’ll like it and I also hope my interest in the Simpsons becomes contagious!

(I know it says Sunday, but I think WordPress runs on Eastern time, so it’s actually still Saturday over here.)