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Working Out Does Not, In Fact, Kill Me

I’m sorry that I haven’t been interesting in a while. I just got caught in a blah post phase. Like every subject and every idea I thought up wasn’t good or developed enough for posting material. Pick, pick, pick…that’s what I do. I pick on this and that. I criticize my weight, the lack of excitement, too much excitement. Ugh. I drive myself crazy, you could say that’s how I roll.

But other than still being sore, I think I like working out. Sure, I can only do 20 minutes in the gym at a time. (I do about 30 minutes of walking to and from the bus stop, too.) But at least I got off my plump butt and am currently in the process of doing something. I’m not whining about how I need to lose this baggage, without making any effort to do it.

I have been noticing, aside from my normal snarky observations, that I’ve been more positive. I have more energy and it’s great. I’m losing weight at a healthy clip, not too fast or too slow.

Working out just has one negative side effect. Not as much time to update the blog. I think I’ll shoot for every other day to post.


Sore. So sore.

Been working out all week. I am sore from my toenails to my scalp.

I weigh 245 now. Thank god. One hundred pounds left. Yay. Go me

I just hope I don’t keel over.

I have strength training two times a week, and I hop on the stationary bike for the other three.

Update on Weight Loss

This is going to sound, well, odd, but one of the problems with losing weight is learning to think smaller. Not only in portions, but clothing as well.

My clothes are starting to hang off me. Really, one good puff of wind is all that would take to make them go *poof*! I suppose know it’s a good thing I’m down from a size 28 to 22. I walk easier and I’m more energetic. I don’t get depressed nearly as often, and so I’m more hopeful about the future. (Unless I read the news.)

It’s hard for me to let go of the fat clothes. I always thought I’d be happy to shed them, but I’m kind of scared now. I don’t know to articulate my feelings. Maybe because it’s change…and I fear it? Maybe I’m afraid to become attractive. (Or maybe I just think too much.)

It does feel good to shed pounds. I know I have to do it and I do hate being a fatso.

Over Eater Non-Anonymous

One of the toughest issues I need to overcome is the desire to overeat–especially the dreaded “j” food—the destroyer of every well intentioned diet. I nibble on stuff that isn’t what I’d call good for me, my junk food of choice is mostly chocolate, and justify it by saying, “Oh, it’s only a couple of Hershey’s Kisses. It won’t hurt if I have only three or four or five…right?”

The answer to that is, “Wrong! Suck it up, admit a temporary defeat and move on.” I refuse to beat myself over a set back. Believe me, I’ve done enough beating myself up for a life time.

For the majority of my personal daily cuisine, I do make healthier choices now, incorporating more lean meats and veggies to my meals. But there is just something so …incredibly comforting about junk food. I don’t know why, but I feel “safe” when I eat alot–I especially relish the tastiness of Swiss Cake Rolls. Yummy. Read the rest of this entry

5 Pounds Gone

I lost 5 pounds in two weeks.  So what did I do to celebrate?  I had a grilled cheese sandwich with curly spicy fries.  It was great, but I probably over did it.  Here I thought I wanted to lose weight.

Yes. I know.  I blew it.  Blew my diet and clean livin’ right out of the water.  Clean living is boring anyhow.  Right?

Honestly, I’m not beating myself too much over my diet blunder.  I still eat a lot of veggies and fruit when I get a chance.  I eat red meat, but it’s not as heavily processed.  I lay off the salt too, as much as I can,  and flavor my meals with herbs.

In other words,  I pretty much gave up fast food.  I had to.  The grease and preservatives make my intestines rebel. Even that grilled cheese was almost too much for me to tolerate–ok, it WAS too much for me to digest. I know it isn’t lactose intolerance, I’m fine with milk and cottage cheese, so I’ve narrowed it down as not being able to deal with grease anymore.

I’ll not get into the details of the inner workings of my delicate and choosy digestive system.

But I am happy to announce I’m on my way to a slimmer me!

Hell is for….Fat People

I fight every day. I scratch, gnaw, bite, gouge and kick my way just to make it through with my sanity intact on a daily basis.

I am a fighter. I hate giving up, though I may occasionally just take a break from a project/activity. Still, that’s not the same as actually giving up. It may be a fine line between the two, but it’s there. I just realized how much of a struggle I’m in to lose a hundred (or so) pounds. It’s actually pretty scary–more so than any horror movie. (Except those with *shudder* slugs in them.)

It’s hard to get and stay motivated. I have to find some sort of carrot to dangle in front of my nose… I know. When I lose 25 pounds, I’ll get some new clothes. 50? More new clothes–and maybe a bigger MP3 player. At 75, I’ll undergo a complete makeover. When I reach that golden “100”, I’ll treat myself to a trip to Disneyland. Or something like that. It might be nice just to go someplace warm and become one with the sand and the piercing aqua blue water. It’d be sweet to have a good looking cabana boy offer me a margarita with one of those tiny little parasols.

This exercise/incentive program is going to have to be on hold until November, though, because of training. It’s just too chaotic right now (and I’d be setting myself up for failure) to start it. My workplace has a gym…and I’m going to sign up again. I quit last time because I was too self conscious.

This time, I resolve not to care if people stare at me as I lava lamp my way to fitness on the treadmill.

Gyms are for fat people too, after all.