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Quick Post

When I need the creative juices to get going, whether it be writing for an RPG or my own more intimate stuff, I find it handy to turn on the tunes. My personal musical tastes are pretty diverse, actually. I do like SOME rap (as long as its about something more than smackin up some booty aka toot it and boot it. Eminem is great. He tells a story through his rap, even if it isn’t a particularly NICE’s pretty interesting), I like metal/alternative music more, but when I need something more mellow, I pop in some Sarah McLachlin in my computer.

However, when I find it hard to locate that nasty demon known to all writers as…motivation…putting in the correct music seems to enable me to channel that particular character easier. It just greases the wheel of my creativity.

When I sit down to do something with Frank Castle, for example, Disturbed’s Indestructible works wonders. Or Five Finger Death Punch’s version of Bad Company. That’s a definite Frank tune. And I happen to really like that song. I need to get it for my Ipod. 😀

Rogue? Southern rock like Lynyrd Skynrd does the trick. Tom Petty, too. I know he isn’t strictly Southern rock, but he is influenced by it, I can hear it in the chords and riffs he uses in his guitar work.

Music inspires me, what can I say? Now, time to put in some Weird Al and make some people laugh!


Five Characters in Litature that are Unforgettable (To me)

1. Anne of Green Gables. Her head always in the clouds, reading some fanciful tale of Arthurian romance and acting out the parts with her best friend. Yeah, I did that a lot when I was growing up too, and I was just about as melodramatic. Various family members can attest to that. Honestly, reading the book was like knowing what I’d have been like if I had grown up in that time period. I very readily identified with the spirited and tender-hearted Anne. The whole series is wonderful for a young, impressionable girl to read.

Here’s an synopsis, since I don’t think my male readers will pick up the book: Anne, an orphan, has been adopted out numerous times, but returned because she is ‘improper’. (Aka always reading) She eventually gets shipped out to a brother and sister who wanted a boy to help with the farm. She, of course, finds the family she has always needed, and they find that they love her too. All the while, she’s having adventures due to her imagination that can’t be contained.

Yeah, a feel good story all the way around, with a chuckle here and there. But…it’s pretty much chick lit. That surprises me, because I usually don’t go for chick oriented anything. (Give me explosions and mayhem!!)

2. Claire Fraser of Outlander. Feisty, moderately quick tempered, but with more than a dollop of compassion. She’s unforgettable because she is utterly unique. The character pops from the paper, she is believable. She reads as if she is a real person, and that is a sign of a good storyteller.

3. Lestat. Yum! Like Keifer in Lost Boys. Who could forget the arrogant vampire prince in Anne Rice’s novels? And….he’s a true vampire. He doesn’t sparkle like Tinkerbell.

4. Roland Deschain of King’s Dark Tower series. Possibly one of the most interesting character out in literature. He’s not a nice guy, but he’s interesting in the fact he is so single minded in his determination to get to his goal.

5. Harry Potter. Bright, likeable and also well written. Despite some fundies’s claims that he is an evil character that promotes Satanism, he fights against evil incarnate. Seriously? Harry Potter promotes witchery? Get real, fools.

Sucky and Unsucky Vampire Movies

By sucky, I mean good.  That’s what vampires are supposed to do, right?  Suck?  So the opposite of that would be unsucky. That, by my new definition, means that a sucky vampire movie is excellent, two fangs up if you are into that, and an unsucky one is bad, a sacriliege of vampiredom.   The movies listed before are in order, from MY favorite to my least favorite…still a good movie, but not quite up to snuff.  I have judged each movie on their beauty, the actors’ skill at portraying their characters, what they add to the mythos of the vampire…that kind of thing. 

Unsucky movies are a combined effort of craptitude and everything that makes a movie…awful.    In the case of one movie on my unsucky list, it’s simply portraying vampires as one-sided villains.    So …enjoy my list!


  1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  This has to be one of the most visually stunning movies, I’ve ever seen.  The acting is wonderful, especially from Gary Oldman, and even Winona did pretty good in it.  It is lavish and seductive and incredibly romantic.  Plus, I like a few of the historical touches of the real Vlad that Francis Ford Coppola put in the movie.  The real Vlad the Impaler’s (One historical figure I am FASCINATED by) did toss herself out of the castle wall, though the reason she did that is a tad unclear. My favorite vampire movie ever.
  2. Interview with the Vampire.  Tom Cruise? As Lestat?  Brad Pitt as the whiny, but handsome, vampire Louis  I could understand,  but Cruise? As Lestat? I was dubious at first, but I watched the movie.  Like the movie mentioned above, it was made with much love and attention to the book…in fact IWTV is a very good adaptation of it.  Wonderful, beautiful vamp flick.
  3. Lost Boys.   Mmmmmm. A young Kiefer Sutherland. Hot. Wild. Untamable.  But also acted his ass off in this tale of vampires trying to survive in a rural setting. Lol.  No, it’s more of a tale of a young man being seduced into a tribe of uncivilized ruffians.  Yeah, like IWTV, this has some homo-erotic undertones, but it’s still a movie worth watching, especially when you want to get the bad taste of wanna-be vampires …like…say ….Robert Pattinson out of your mouth.
  4. The Hamiltons.  I happen to really like this movie.  It’s a story of a family of rather disturbed siblings trying to survive.  It might not be everyone’s pint of blood, though.  I just happen to enjoy the twist.
  5. The Wisdom of Crocodiles.   I’m not a big Jude Law fan, but I have to admit his acting was on par with the villian/victim of this film.  I don’t know how a villain can be a victim also, but he pulls it off.

Unsucky Vampire Movies

  1. Twilight.  Who else saw that coming? Huh?  Read about 1/3 of the book before I tossed it to the ground in disgust.  So I know the movie will unsuck. Yeah, I haven’t seen it all, but I have seen enough to know that it unsucks for all eternity.
  2. Dracula 3000.  If you value your sanity, do not waste your money on this piece of garbage.  It has a 1.8 rating on IMDB.  It unsucks so much, it blows.  Casper Van Dien, you should be ashamed of your hot self. Oh, and fire your agent/manager for letting you star in this.  You are capable of so much more, hottie.
  3. Van Helsing.    Love Hugh Jackman.  The dude who plays Dracula,  who is obviously trying to channel Gary Oldman’s performance? Not so much.  It’s a glossy, shiny movie with lots of special effects and not much sense.  Good for a Saturday night with nothing else to do…as long as you pick it apart ala Mystery Science Fiction 3000.
  4. Underworld.  Another pretty movie.  It’s not a bad movie, but it really doesn’t explore the vampires in depth, other than to make them look bad.  Lycans rule, vamps drool seems to be the motto of this flick.
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   The movie blew.  It sucked.  So laughably bad….  If you need to see a Buffy in action, go see the TV series, which shouldn’t even bear the name because it is so incredibly better.

Well, that’s all for now.  My hands are tired.   Comments always welcomed!

Frank: South of the Border…

Frank drove from New York down to Maryland, where it was loaded into a friend’s plane, to be dropped off in Mexico at the place he had specified. He had about a hundred reasons why he had shipped his car ahead of him….and they were all secured in his trunk. He didn’t want to cross too many state lines with all that ammo and other implements of destruction. Not a good idea in this day and age. Meanwhile, he took the bus. He had a layover in Mississippi…and he was going to do some snooping of his own while there.

He would be picked up in Texas, after having throughly studying the intel his “friend” had supplied him with. Shouldn’t be too hard, he thought to himself, to get rid of fifteen men. But rescuing those girls…that might be a little more difficult. He decided to save them before he began to use the guerilla tactics.

In the compound, there were fifteen men…heavily armed, some with military experience, not as extensive as his, but he’d be wary nonetheless. Four girls, all American, being held for sale. Highest bidder got the lot of them; American girls were quite popular overseas. They’d go fast and for a lot of dinero Frank scowled.
Human trafficking disgusted him and he thought it should enrage any decent person. Especially the super powers.

Frank’s mind pondered over the fate of the girls, how they were faring. He didn’t think they would be “touched” as verified virginity would bring the seller more money….and these kind of scum were all about the money. At least that’s what Frank told himself, to feel better. He did wonder about the fathers of the girls, thinking of how panicked and rage-filled they must be. If it were Lisa, the world would be in flames until he got her back.

He made his plans on the detailed map he had been supplied with. X’s marked key locations that he needed to secure. O’s indicated good sniper spots.

The bus stopped and he put his plans away. It was time to stretch his legs.


The cab dropped him off where the old county records were held. He needed to give Rogue some information about her father…to give her some answers about her past. Well, answers to questions she was afraid to ask. She needed to find out what happened to him, and even if she had any half siblings.

Rogue needed a family. Frank knew that. She needed to center herself firmly in life to be as healthy as she could be. He had been brought up with the notion that family, that familial blood, was everything.

He went in and was assaulted by the smell of staleness, as if these records had been purposely sent there to rot, to be forgotten. A sort of melancholy haunted them; every file represented a person, a life lost or ruined. There was an woman at the desk who wore bitterness like a shroud around her face. He came to a stop in front of her. “I need the file on a Lorelai Williams. Birthdate…May 5, 1984.”

Her head jerked up from the book she was reading as if to yell at him for disturbing her….the expression on his face convinced her that HE wasn’t the man to mouth off to. Sometimes, it was good to look so foreboding. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think…”

He gave her a more serious look that basically said: “I’m not fooling around. I WILL find it if I have to.” Frank leaned just a little on the desk. His shoulders blocked out what natural light came in through the front door.

The woman, who was in her mid-thirties, paled then scurried to do his business. He waited until she came back with the file. The woman was gone for a long time, obstenstially to research and make sure she grabbed the correct file. “After Lorelai..disappeared, everything was put in this file. Her case notes, everything.”

Frank noted that the seal was broken on the files. “Yes, I read enough of it to make sure it was the same lady. Is she OK?”

The Punisher nodded. “I’m trying to help her find whatever family she might have left. I’m not committing a federal crime for shits and giggles.” He said, dryly.

To their surprise, she laughed. “I hope you can help her find some peace, because what happened to her was a tragedy… I read about so many horrible things..but what happened to that little girl has to be one of the worst.” Lorelai’s story had lifted the bitterness from her, at least temporarily.

Frank gave her a long appraising look. “She’s a strong woman.” He added, uncharacteristically giving advice. “You’re unhappy here. Maybe you ought to think of doing a career that doesn’t eat you up inside.” There was a flash in his deep blue eyes that let her know that his chosen path was consuming his humanity, slowly.

Then he turned and left her to think.

By Request…

1) This is really, really long.  You might want to skip this. It has strong language in it, too.

2) In the MAX series, Frank does have an illegitmate daughter. I just re-named her to Faith. Read the rest of this entry

Since I’ve Been Gone

It feels like forever since I’ve posted. Been busy. Here are the reasons:

1) WoW has eaten up a lot of my computer time. Just kicked a dragon’s (Keristrasza) booty last weekend. THAT was fun. My group died like 4 times before we brought that monster down.

I Did It!

I Did It!

2) I am enjoying writing the character Frank Castle–I also write for Rogue–in an RPG. Don’t worry. He hasn’t gone emo and still destroys crap. Yes, women CAN write a good vigilante given enough caffeine and NIN. I portray more in Ennis style…but I show a bit more emotion. (Not too much. I don’t want my version to go the Jane route!) I would imagine his fictional (thank god) lifestyle is very self-destructive, very isolating.



3) In addition to writing for the group, I’m also working on two different projects. One is a story about a woman unable to cope with the disappearance of her husband…she refused to believe he is actually dead because the body hasn’t been discovered. I’m still slaving away on my undead cowboy who kills evil bad dudes project, but it is at a standstill right now. That’s a damn shame. I think I’m too afraid of offending people.  I need to get over that, especially if I’m going to continue to write vigilantes….I am sensing a theme here….

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” MLK Jr.

I keep walking past that quote every day on my way to work, engraved on the side of a federal courthouse. I think about it every time I see it, turning the words over and over in my mind.

Justice has different meanings to different people. Some people think it’s G-d’s justice that soldiers die because our country allows the gays to live. (I personally believe it would be “justice” to sterilize those people. They are either crazy or mean or a hybrid of both: crazymean. And that’s a quality I’d like removed from the gene pool. Stoopidity, also, although that all probably ties into each other.)

To some, it’s justice to persecute other races/religions, to impose their will on others.

Yet others believe it is justice to execute condemned murderers (I endorse the death penalty in heinous cases) and others say it has nothing to do with justice, just revenge. I respectfully disagree with those folks. It’s not only about justice for the victims, it’s about getting those individuals out of all forms of human society–even prison society. It’s my deeply held opinion that when someone kills in cold blood, they forfeit their right to be called human and to have a soul. (I truly believe more than anything, you have to earn your soul. But that’s a story for another time. If I remember to tell it.)

This is a land of that stands for liberty and justice for all, not just certain faiths or proclivities.

I’m going to try posting tomorrow.  I’ve been trying to work through writer’s block.   Well, blogger writer’s block.  My fiction stuff is going along just fine.  Go fig.

Every Blog Is A Person

Well…not those blogs that write reviews for products, without adding any personal “ummph” to the mix. (Sir Jorge is an exception.) Those blogs are heartless and soulless cyber space fillers. I don’t like them and my eyes glaze over whenever I run across them. Here’s a helpful note from me: If you’re going to hock a product, please do it in a entertaining way.

I’m cruising BlogMad even as I type this out and I enjoy reading WELL written blogs. However, some of them make me want to say, “Go take some English classes and learn how to a) Spell and b) Learn how to construct a sentence properly. I’m all for creating unusual sentences, but I prefer to understand what is being discussed. I don’t want to be a meanie, but please! For everyone who is intelligent and sane, if you have something to say, say it coherently!

It astounds me that there are so many people coming from so many backgrounds. Most of them do have a story to tell, sometimes it’s fuzzy and unclear, but some of them are bright and sharp and intriguing. Some of them, I just can’t get into—what they have to say doesn’t compel me. Sad, but true. Some make me mad with their rants against people who can’t help being who they are. Sorry, but “praying away the gay” doesn’t work. Still others make me sad; either they are dying of cancer or struggling with inner demons that threaten to overwhelm them.   I want to help, but right now, I’m having trouble helping myself!

Despite my misgiving with the Christian religion, (Actually, I fault individuals, not the whole faith as a whole.) I throughly relish blogs like Ask Sister Mary Martha and Deb’s. Because they are GOOD blogs and have content that make me think and dare to believe that I can hope again. Well, and maybe come to a resolution about my lack of faith. I think my faith is still there, although it is buried by all the idealogical garbage that some Christians want to impose on everyone.

In all my years of blog wandering, I’ve found that most personal blogs DO have an unique insight to offer. There IS something human about most blogs that intrigues me. I may not agree with them, but this is still America, right?

Oh, and to all of you that come by my blog? Thanks for hearing what I have to say!


Replay Buffet: 299 A.A.B


(Note: I feel too lazy to post but here is a short story previously published on my defunct blog. Enjoy.)299 A.A.B (After Ascension of Bush) or 2305 A.D

She unlocked her front door and stepped inside with her bag of groceries. It was one of those days Clare was glad to be home from work. Not that the day was particularly stressful, but Clare liked being home, and the security she felt being in her beloved home. It was all she had left after her husband died and her daughter left for college.

“Computer, turn on the lights for the living room and kitchen.” She added as a forethought. “Please.” Clare had grown up with good manners pounded into her head.

“As you wish, Mrs. Fredon, although you do not need to thank me.” The CPU that ran the minute and mundane details of the household had a soft dulcet tone, per her request. She was grateful to the government that had supplied household computers to every single registered resident. It helped make her life so easy.

The living room was suddenly lit with a warming glow that brought to life the coziness of the decor. Well decorated, it shone with the personal touches that showed off Clare’s interests. A picture of Jesus drew the eye – it was lovingly painted and lovely to gaze at. Clare wouldn’t allow any crucifixes or anything that portrayed the pain Jesus went through. She considered it disrespectful.

However helpful the computer was, it couldn’t put the food away. Clare sighed, thinking of her husband and how he’d make her laugh as she did her business in the kitchen. She knew she’d never remarry even if she could…marriage was only for those who could reproduce. It was in the Neo-Constitution, after all. Read the rest of this entry