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Friday the 13th

Yes, it is Friday the thirteenth. Not only that, but the new “vision” of the Jason Voorhees saga came out today also.

It wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. I liked it, actually, as I didn’t go in expecting the Citizen Kane of horror movies. As per usual, it is a morality story that fundamentalists would love : Have sex, do drugs, be sinful and be chopped up by a zombie like killer with mommy issues.

There was much nudity. Much proliferate use of the word bro, and some pretty good acting from the hapless teens. Oh, and marijuana should have gotten a credit in the end title….it was mentioned. A lot. Even got some screen time as a walk on.










It was a good addition to the Jason series, really, it brought a Jason that could run (!!!) and think…He wasn’t nearly as wooden as he was in the second movie and up. (Spoiler alert: His mother was the killer in the first movie. She was loony.)

And, best of all, there were no annoying teenagers in the theater. Just a bunch of couples. A weird date movie, I’d think, but hey, they kept their yapping to a minimum.


What is Your Favorite Zombie Movie?

That is, out of the ones on the poll.  I’m sure there are some great ones I haven’t seen yet, so feel free to put the suggestions in the comments.  Also, due to me not wanting a huge long poll, I’m only putting the first movie out of a series up.

Oh and here’s a little zombie propoganda for you!