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I have no Brain
I think It went down the drain
Or drowned in the Oregon rain
Perhaps it got hit by a train

All I know is that it’s gone
I can’t see it on the lawn
I’m so bored I have to yawn
Can you tell my brain is gone?

I simply want to entertain
With stories of my everyday pain
Nothing pressing me to complain
Everything I write sounds so inane.

I’ve been pretty apathetic lately as far as writing goes. The quality, I feel, has gone down hill. Also, I need to feel passionately about something in order to write well. That’s my opinion, anyhow. There’s a lack of direction in my life that isn’t helping. I need to think about what to do about my lack of that indefinable ‘something’.


Planning A Trip

So I’m planning a trip to go see my friend in …well… on the East Coast. I decided that I need to meet him, to realize any fears about him (at worst) or to discover if there is any true chemistry. (That’s the best outcome.)

Don’t worry. I’m going to play it safe, though I am tired of having a ‘safe’ life, afraid to risk my heart and feelings. Even if everything else is a complete wash and we end up only as friends, finding the willingness to step outside of my comfort zone will be worth the monetary price of flying across the country.

It will be worth it. I guess my main fear is the unknown. Afraid that I’ll feel for him, but he won’t. The “chemistry” has been there between us for nearly a year, from the instant that we “talked”. Silly, I know, but it’s there. We really do care about each other’s feelings. It’s great to connect to someone. (And to think I almost let my fears take over.) I no longer feel that sort of nervous excitement; I just experience calm and serenity. Well, ok, I want to smooch his face off too, but I am NOT afraid of him hurting me.

But I really am ready. I know it. And…with one click! The tickets to go there have been booked.

Been Bus–ay!

I am a contrary person by nature, so reverse psychology works pretty well on me. Unless I get told something by the folks, in which case I do nothing one way or the other as long as it’s personal advice and not really important.

Passive resistance is a great way to irritate your loved ones. The more you ignore your not so loved ones, the more desperate they’ll be to get your attention, which means even desperater (yes, I made that up) measures.

Anyhow, I find that proving someone or some idea wrong is a great motivator for me. Perhaps I should find a healthier (or at least more mature) method of getting my ass up and accomplishing something. Let me think about it for awhile.

Human Nature

Or would it best be called ‘male’ nature? Anyway, the public transportation busvan that I take to work has to pass by an adult store that has all sorts of female manniquins in scanty lingerie.

I always get a kick out of watching all the men on the vehicle turn to see what is in the display window. I don’t know why.

Vlog for the Day

I saw a dead body yesterday.

On my way to work, a couple hours earlier, a pedestrian got hit by a car. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

I didn’t see any blood or gore, thank god, but it was awful knowing that tarp covered object was a deceased person. A person who, but a few hours ago, was living, breathing and perhaps trying to get home to his family.

Now he is dead and I am sorry for it. I didn’t know him, but I still feel sorrow for the unknown man.

A Punisher Fan Site? Me?

The Punisher fansite I used to go to has been shutdown. I actually loved that site; it was full of information and pictures. Apparently, the owner had been so disgusted with Frankencastle that he sold EVERYTHING he had of the Punisher…and will never pick up another comic again. That’s just what I heard through the grapevine, so don’t take it as gospel.

So..since I didn’t have $5000 to spend on that domain name, I got a free website through Yeah, I have decided to open a fan site. Now, don’t get too excited. I seem to be the only member… I guess I can have scintilating conversations with myself…

Well, if any of you want to be members, let me know via email:

The website itself? It is : Punisher’s Lair.

I am such a fan geekgirl.

Yo! Customer Service, Get Outta My Grill

My laptop is in the shop and I keep on getting telephoned by ….the computer company. So I rang up the customer service department for my comp. Ain’t gonna give them no street cred, so they will remain nameless. I will not be representin’ them. The homies over there at the computer company have called me at my crib …twice… I’m like, “Yo, dudes, I’m at work shakin’ my moneymaker. I can’t be waitin’ for you to be giving me a call.”

Ok, enough of that. Too awkward. I’m the whitest of white girls. I don’t need to be talking like that.

Here’s the low down:

Me: (Politely returning the call) Ring ring

After a few moments listening to muzak, I am assigned to a dumb customer service rep.

CSR: Hello. This is Shawn, you have reached Mega Computer’s service department.

Me: Hi, my name is Val and I’m calling to see why you’ve called me. I did turn in a computer for repair…

CSR: (taking a deep, long suffering sigh) I’m sure it’s nothing.

Me: But you have been calling since Friday…it has to be something. My laptop is in the shop..

CSR: I’m pretty positive it’s nothing.. Maybe a sales call.

Me: But my laptop is being repaired. The calls might be about it. Could you at least look or ask around?

CSR: I wouldn’t worry about it. Try calling back in a few days.

Me: …..

I hate Dell errr…. Mega Computer.

Five Best Movie Fights

In my not-so-humble opinion! Also, in no particular order.

1. Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Maul. Probably the best thing about Phantom Menace. Ray Park made that fight with his awesome aerobatics and with his intense body movements. He didn’t need to talk; he let his lightsaber do it for him!

2. Jason vs Freddy. I actually liked the part toward the end-ish where Jason had broken free and went after Freddy’s burnt butt. Pretty savage stuff. Personally, I think the Wolverine/Sabertooth fights should have had that edge.

3. Ash vs Own Hand in Evil Dead 2. So…he’s in the middle of the woods with a bunch of demons. Evil bites him in the hand, so what is a man supposed to do? He cuts off his own hand. But it takes on a life of its own. With hilarious and gory results!

4. The Bride and O-Ren Ishii (Kill Bill). Women. Swords. Blood. Lucy Liu almost getting scalped. What’s not to like? (Hey, I’m a blood thirsty soul.)

5. Bruce Lee vs Anyone. Here is an awesome man with so much potential, it really was/is a shame that he left us when he did. I couldn’t narrow it down to one scene, so I included them all.

My blog, my rules. 🙂

New Year’s Resolutions

1. Maintain my control over my diabetes, by losing weight and taking my meds.

2. Move out of here. (Hopefully, by spring.)

3. Get finances under control.

4. Find love interests.

5. Learn to trust that love interest.

I know that I’m feeling ambitious this year. Normally, I eschew making any resolutions, but this year is different. This year is the time for change. It is a time to be free.